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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Whirlin' Waters

Today was Scout Day at Whirlin' Waters.  We bought our tickets in advance, this made them reasonable for all three of us to go!
We went to early Mass and got to the water park just a few minutes before the safety demonstration.

There was a good turn out for the demonstration.

Lon's patch for attending the demonstration

Lazy River.  My favorite

Big Kahuna wave pool. I went in a played with the boys too.

Getting doused by the giant water bucket

All three of us on the lazy river

Lon is having a great time!

We got there at 10:30 and did not leave till 4.

At Church this morning we found out they were having a movie tonight. McFarland, USA.
 Lon invited Jack and we all had a great time

I highly recommend McFarland, USA.   We all liked it.

The movie started at 6 and we left a little after 8.

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