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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Today was a glorious day, the weather could not have been better.  The company was wonderful. Everyone had a great time, ate too much and it was all good!
The morning started out with finding Lon finding his Easter basket.
Lon taking in all the lovely thing in his basket.  Grandma' basket is in the background. Grandma and Grandpa Andy came up to help us celebrate Easter. It was good to see them!! We will be sad when they have to leave.
There were LEGOS in there.  The Lego store Easter Lego. This year was a rabbit, last year' was a basket.   The Easter bunny brought Lon some city Legos and a Chima lego packet.  It was amazing. Lon was so excited about seeing if the Easter Bunny came, he forgot to put on pants.
Then we got busy, setting the table, getting the food ready for our wonderful feast!!
Greg and Brandy came over early to help.  Greg and Daddy hid the eggs for the kids to find.
Imagine a ham and a tray of scalloped potatoes on that big empty tray. The Kulich was a braid this year. I need to find a proper Kulich mold for next year or find a couple clean 1 pound coffee cans.
The pashka came out pretty.
The babka was beautiful. Lon arranged the peeps on a tray
The rest of our feast. The last can of smoked salmon from Christmas was eaten up really fast. Thank you, Miss Lindsay! It was so good.
The bunny cakes were for Chong's birthday. We lit an egg candle and sang happy birthday to him after the egg hunt
Lining up by age for the egg hunt.
Drew was so happy to be the oldest of the group!

FINALLY!! It was time to gather the eggs
This year Reyansh was old enough to go on the hunt. He was so thrilled to gather up the eggs. He got a good share. All the kids were having a ton of fun getting their eggs. Everyone pretty much got the same amount. We did one hunt and were done, and that was good for everyone.
Examining all the eggs
Daddy and Uncle Chong pulled the wagon full of all the kids, then they tried to do it themselves. There was much laughter, since it did not work too well.
Lon told lots of stories and Rochelle was wonderful when Lon made it her turn to listen to him.
Then I put the camera down and continued to enjoy the party.
We did send everyone home with some leftovers, but not too much. :)
It was a wonderful day!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Having Fun Coloring Eggs!

Today was our day to color eggs.  We had several boxes of egg dye, as I bought a bunch after Easter last year, so we thought it would be fun to see if we could make custom colors. I let Lon mix up some of the dye colors. He made some great colors
First we had to wait while the dye tablets dissolved. Waiting can be goofy
Grandma was there to help check the colors
Lon did the work of taking out the eggs. We added glitter to some of the cups. Glitter is fun!
The eggs turned out well. It is going to be hard for me to wait till tomorrow to eat them.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Art and Culture Night

This year was the first time we have had an Art and Culture Night at school.  I helped with the cookies, and I helped with the Totem pole making station.
There were several stations where kids could try crafts from all over the globe. African masks, Mexican tin art, Tlinget Totem poles, Korean year of the snake projects, and a few  other things I will have to fill in once I get my notes.  It went from 6:30 to 8pm.  
Since Lon has been doing so well in school lately, I took him to Dairy Queen for dinner before we had to be there.  I forgot my camera, so we had to run back to get it after we finished eating.  Even though they normally do not dip the cones for the kids meal, they did for Lon!  Such a charmer
Lon showing off his latest piece of art. He will have to explain to me what it is again.
Making totem poles. The picture behind Lon's head was of Totem Bight. Lon recognized the long house and would tell everyone that he has been there!
I was then there for the rest of the night, I helped kids get started, and tape on their totem elements. Then I stamped their passports. If you got all the stamps you could get a pass on homework.   There were alot of kids !
One of the performances of the night were Tlinget Dancers.  They were wonderful. Sounded like home.  I was teaching the kids the only word I know in Tlinget, which is Thank you. Gunalcheesh.
There were performances representing egypt, some ballet dancers too, and I something else fun, but I was so busy helping the kids do the totem poles I missed most of it.
Lon was off getting all his passport stamps and having a great time
Lon was helping me clean up, and then it was time to go. The QFC grocery store donated a bunch of bags so the kids could carry all their art treasures around. Very nice of them.
Everyone had their heritage posters on display. Lon wanted to go home, not take any more pictures.
It was fun. We enjoyed ourselves. I hope they do it again next year.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Sunny Saturday

We decided to see what all the fuss was about with 5 Guys Burgers. We went Saturday for lunch.
The peanuts were lots of fun.  We ate the whole tray. Glad  all three of us split the soda, it was a lot of soda.  The food was okay, not anything that I thought was super special. I think next time I want a burger, I will go to Burgermaster!
 On the way home we stopped at Fred Meyer to find Mommy a cane. They do not have canes at Fred Meyer, so we got three new chairs instead.
The boys were enjoying themselves in the sun
It was tough work washing the cars, which they did very well.
Now the boys are being boys. Daddy is showing Lon how it is done.
It was finally time to smash the gingerbread house. Lon tried to shoot it first, but nerf bullets do not do any damage at all.  As a club, the nerf gun works well.
Getting smaller
A good job of destroying the house. Now it is up to the raccoons and the crows to finish it off.

My friend came over and dropped off some farm fresh eggs, and while she was here, Q came from China to drop off some presents for Lon and I!!  Ty went to Hong Kong Disneyland and got Lon a new shirt.  We will get Ty a shirt from Walt Disney World Florida when we go there!
It was a fun and busy day in the sun.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

One Saturday, Two Parties

Lon was invited to two parties for this Saturday.  He wanted to go to both, I looked at the times of the parties. If we left one a bit early and got to the next one a little late, it was do able.  Lon did not want to have to chose between his friends.
The first party was at Traxx. Kids. In Go carts. Not so sure about this when I read it.  It turned out to be a ton of fun
We were upstairs, in the kid zone.  The big kids/adults could go super fast down stairs on a much bigger track.
Lon found the air hockey and played that for a bit. There was too much fun happening
Group 2 waiting to tear it up
Here he comes! He was a little timid to start with but once he got it, ZOOM!! Lon went around corners fishtailing.  Yes, I am scared for when he gets his driver's license!
While waiting for round two, there were unlimited video games to play. No quarters required!
Round two. Faster times, and more fishtails from Lon as he was even more confident in his abilities to drive.
Yes, that is Lon riding a toilet. The boys LOVED this.  They had a ton of fun doing that.  Lon was starting to get a little hungry
It was hot dog time.
Lon had a wonderful time, but it was time to go so we could make it to the next party!!
No, I am not sure why this photo is sideways. I have tried to make it not sideways, and failed. I will keep working on it
Thank goodness for the garmin. I would not have found the Mount Lake Terrace Pool without it. What a fun place for kids!
Lon jumped right into his swim suit and was in the water quick!! It is not a deep pool, just deep enough to be fun.
Playing in the water!
Then it was time for Pizza!! Yummy. Lon had two slices.
Beautiful cake! From Hoffman's Bakery, so you know it was as yummy as it looked

The kids being goofy, marriage proposals were being issued and giggled about.
Singing Happy Birthday
Blowing out the candles. The kids played a little bit more then it was time to leave.
Lon missed Daddy time with Batman, but he was home in time for Lost in Space and Star Trek.
It was a busy party day and we had a ton of fun. So nice we got invited to both parties!
Thank you!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Time for Bunny Pictures!

Today we had a day off school! Why, I am not entirely clear. We had lots and lots of plans. First off, we got to sleep in. Then we tried on Lon's Easter outfit and after 4 years it was finally too small.  Now we had another thing to do!  We went to the mall to get Lon his new outfit. I had a gift card at Nordstroms, so we used it!
This shirt was a little small, being a size 6, but the look is good
This look is even better with the right size shirt and shades
Lon in his secret agent pose. He is all set!
On our way to see Mr. Bunny, we saw these tables all set up. With LEGOS!! I told Lon we would be back after seeing the bunny and getting his photo taken.  Cutest picture yet!  The people who run the photo booth remember Lon and even call him by name.  It is nice to keep going back to the same place twice a year
Then Lon ran over to the Lego tables. Seems this is a nationwide Lego building thing.  The kids build something and they get to tell the helpers where to put the creation and what it is.
Lon built a small version of the Lincoln Memorial. He was so happy with it. He did tell them to put it in Washington DC, since it belonged there.  We got a coupon for the Lego store, so we HAD to go there.  Lon got a certificate that he participated in this nation wide event. He wants to hang it in his room, and we will.
With the coupon and the points I had, we were able to get Lon a Star Wars Lego he wanted.
Then we went to the Y and signed Lon up for Lego camp! TWO of them for the summer!

Saturday, March 09, 2013


We learned that one of Lon's friends was in the hospital. She could have visitors, so after the play we went over to see her. She will be there for at least another week, so we will go back again!
Lon was very kind, we brought some coloring books and a toy. Lon made her a card.
We hope she gets better faster than they think.

All School Play 2013

This year's all school play was called The Mystery of Who-Do Island.  Lon wanted to be in it, so we made that happen!!
Try outs on pj day!
The rehearsals last one week. It was one long week, Lon was now in the big kid group, so he stayed later than last year. 7:15 or 8:30pm.  It made for some long days, but it was mainly fun for him.  He got the part of a Viking. There were Egyptians, Myans, Celts and Vikings. and the other Who-dos. The circus cast from the ship wreck too.
During the first performance on Friday night.  I did his make up for this show.

Warm ups behind stage
Lon has some wild dance moves in part of the play
After the play photo op
ARG! Fierce Viking
After the play on Friday night, we went to Dairy Queen to have a treat! Lon got a mini blizzard.  I got a Buster bar and we shared an Orange Julius.  We had some friends join us at the table, they were in the play too.  That was fun
Getting ready for Saturday's performance!
Serious Viking.
Lon got some mis information to go change as soon as the play was over, and he missed the last photo session. That was okay, we were pretty much done by then. It was good we did it, but it is also good it is over and done with.