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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Super Cute on a Horse

This is a cute photo. However, not the super cute one.
Isn't this the cutest ever? Love that picture. I would have kicked myself if I did not get this one.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home Grown Fun!

The Evergreen State Fair started on Thursday and today we went. 
Mark got a turkey leg again this year! MMMM, turkey leg!

After we ate, Lon spotted the pony rides.  Of course he went on them.  Most years the photos they take I can live without, but this years was SO cute! I will post it later.

Waving at Mom

He takes such cute pictures!

Look Mom, no hands!

Ice cream break! Lopez Island Creamery. Chocolate Chip is the flavor Lon got. I tried Lemon raspberry swirl. I think that would have been better as a sorbet. Lemon ice cream is not something I think I am going to try again.

The Lego display! Lon loved looking at them

Lon rode the tractors again this year.  Mark ran into someone he knew ! It was nice

This gave Mark someone to chat with while Lon was in the kid area. Getting eggs, picking apples, milking the cow and digging a potato.  Then he would put his items in the right baskets and do it again. Over and over.  After about 7 times, he was done this year.

He wanted to go pet the baby animals, first he went to see the ponies.

He said Hi! to the sleeping piglets

Talking to the baby goats

Lon said the goat told him it was okay to pet him.

Lon had his picture taken with some local news celebrities.They took his photo too. KIRO Channel 7. (if you want to look they said it was be on the web site under community pages)

RIDES!! Lon  LOVES LOVES LOVES rides! I have no idea who the other person is in the car with him but they were goofing off together and having fun

I got ride tickets! WooHOOo!

This car ride is not so much fun. It is SLOW and it does NOTHING. We are not doing this again. EVER.

Mom! Listen to me! We are going on MORE rides! Am I clear?? Gee, I wonder where he got that....

We rode the carousel together. Lon wanted to be on the cat, but another little boy got there first. drat. Maybe next time

We put Lon in the banana suit and had his picture taken. He then got a banana crown to wear later. We had to give back the suit.  He was not exactly thrilled to dress up like a banana. 

We went into the walking with Dinosaurs Exhibit.  Mechanically moving dinosaurs with noise. Lots of noise. The little ones did not upset Lon. The very large T-rex, who was attacking the Triceratops upset Lon. Lon's favorite dinosaur is the Triceratops

At then end there were some games to play and a souvenir station (we passed) and a place to dig up bones. The bones looked very much like cow bones. Lon had fun with it. I left Lon and Daddy there and went back to the pony ride place and got the super cute photo of Lon (I will post that soon, promise)

On our way back to the car we watched as seven Clydesdale horses were loaded into one trailer.  That was one big heavy duty trailer pulled by one heavy duty truck!

The view of the fair from where we parked the car.

As we were leaving, we drove by the fair.  Lon told us he wants to ride on all the big rides as soon as he can.
We had a great time at the fair. The Evergreen State Fair is becoming our favorite fair.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Uncle Chong ROCKS!

Today Uncle Chong, Auntie Michelle, Brian and Kayla joined us for dinner! It was great. The kids had fun playing. Uncle Chong took a look at Daddy's seemingly dead laptop. Seems it was only mostly dead.  Uncle Chong had a miracle pill that made it all better. And we did not even have to wait 15 minutes for full potency

Uncle Chong brought back the laptop. Which is now MINE. Complete with Windows 7. Kayla was helping.

Lon was dancing to the chicken dance button. Kayla still like pressing that button.

Brian was really enjoying playing with Lon's toys.

Auntie Michelle and Kayla!

Brian, junior Jedi
It was a very fun day. The Ropa Veja turned out yummy. And I have a new laptop! Nice!
Thank you Uncle Chong!

August 26!

What a busy day we had! First it was Daddy's birthday
The night before, after Daddy went up to bed. I put on the happy birthday table cloth, put out his present, party hats, streamers and the fake cake. Lon is helping Daddy read the card he made for him

Daddy did not want a cake, so I found this board cake. He had to have some kind of cake! Lon decorated Daddy's wrapping paper

Carefully unwrapping the package. It makes Lon crazy. Just unwrap it already!!

It was cat litter! No, it was jammies for Daddy. But no one really needs to be seeing those. I did a good job sewing them, and would love to show them off, but no.

After breakfast, we got ready to go to the Juanita El School Meet and Greet! We found Lon's class room, where he will be sitting. Next to some nice kids.  We filled out some paper work. How we are going to get him home, things like that

Of course, the toys that Lon goes to check out first is the kitchen. The little boys were more interested in the kitchen than the little girls

Lon built those gears all by himself, and they all turned. Lon found the box with the parts and put it together how he thought it would work. Pretty cool

The picnic ! The picnic was put on with help from Albertsons across the street. Lon is talking to Terri one of the cashiers we know.

Sadly, the day was cold and rainy. (62) I did not want to be out in the rain on the playground. We went back to the house after that. Lon was not happy about it. He was upset about not being able to play, and it being rainy.  Sorry little one.  That is the way it goes.
I think Daddy had a good birthday. Lon had fun meeting alot of this classmates and his new teacher.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lon's Second Wedding

This is the second wedding Lon has been to, the first one was Grandma's!  When we first got there, I let Lon have the camera. He needed something to do. He took some great photos!
After he took the photo of the daisy, he picked it and gave it to me. What a sweet boy!

Lon took this photo of the harpist. Nice photo, little one!

He did not need the camera for very long before he made friends with the other children there. I did not get this child's name. They ran and played very well together. She was 3. Lon told me that.

We sat in the back, in case Lon was going to talk. We were waiting for a while before the ceremony started. Lon does not like waiting.

The Groom waiting for his Bride

The short beautiful ceremony

ta da! They are married now!

The happy couple

Kelly. I have not seen him in 15 years, but I would know him anywhere

Lon got a *real* coke.  In a bottle, made with cane sugar. He loved them. He is getting to be such a big boy he did not spill or drop his bottle. He did have two cokes and some grapes and cake. Yep, he ate well at the wedding.

Ralph. I still can not spell his last name properly. I would never dream of calling him Ralph. Ever. Mr. V...

The boys.

The kids played out in the front yard. They all knew the blacktop was off limits as were the flowers. They were very good about it. No one went out into the street or out of the grass in the front yard. They ran through the house, front to back, but they never left the confines of the house and yard. Good kids!
Lynn and the Bride
Boys play rough. They had such a good time

Nice job on the cake. No smooshed cake in either face.  I like that
Sadly, it is time to go home
Even if he did not want to. He did leave, and was good about it. No screams or fits. I think he might be growing out of that, at least in public.
It was a beautiful wedding. I am so glad we got the invitation and were able to go. Thank you!