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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Quilt for the Twins!

The quilt for the new twins is now done! I made one larger quilt for both girls. Lon wanted to show you how big it was, so he is standing on it!
The quilt is pretty heavily quilted. The edges have hearts, and the center is all grid quilted and then the zodiac symbols are all done too. The back has two little China dolls on the back. I think it turned out well.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Everett Aqua Sox Ball Game

This morning we met up with Ty and family and went up to the Everett Aqua Sox baseball game. It was kids day, so they had bouncey houses set up for us to enjoy! And enjoy them we did!
The boys tried their hand at Fast Pitch, they did not even hit the batter. They had fun!
The bouncey house is so much fun!!!

Thinking about things
Lon tried the bouncey basket ball too.
Finally! Lunch! I bought snacks to bring in, lots of water, yummy things, but we could not bring them in to the park (ugh!) so I got Lon a hot dog, chips and an apple juice for 6 dollars. Ty brought this lunch over too, and we were all just sitting around, the boys ran over to see something and a little girl who was sitting on the other side of the pole stole Lon's chips. Seriously! I saw her again in the park and she gave me a little smirk. I don't see good things for this child!
Playing with their shadows
Frank, the hot dog

Watching the game. Even though we did not stay through the whole game, it was very fun. I found out later that the Aqua Sox won, 11 to 4 over the Tri City Dust Devils. When we left, Everett had 10, Tri City had 1.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pool Flips

Today was HOT and it is supposed to be getting even hotter. The high here at my house was 93 today. By Tuesday it is supposed to be over 100. This afternoon Lon and Daddy developed a new game to keep Lon cool. POOL FLIPS! Get on the hammock and have Daddy flip you into the pool! Super fun. Lon and Daddy did this for a very long time this afternoon.

A good flip! Lon is fearless.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shelving for the New Shed

Today we went out and got some shelves for our new shed! Mark thought there was an awful lot of wasted space under the deck and we needed a shed, this would be the ideal place for it. The boys are going to build the shelves!
First the safety lecture
Then onto the fun stuff. Lon is really using the drill!
Setting the screws!
More fun with the drill
Testing how sturdy the shelves are with the monkey hang

Which led to sitting on the shelves.
After the build, we all moved them to the shed and took alot of stuff out of the garage and put it where it really belonged! The gardening stuff, the lawn mower and paint. Now we have a little more room in the garage to help get it more organized! I can dream...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hot Wheels!

Today I found this giant mega pack of Hot Wheels track at a ridiculously low price and could not pass it up! I figured Daddy would have fun with it too. The boys are hard at work setting it up.
Does this go here, Daddy?
Ohh Look at this!

I can do this one! This is fun for the boys. .

The New Deck!

This is the old deck.
This is the best contractor ever! Mr. Heyde!
Taking the deck down
Safety bars across the slider
Delivering the *wood*

Lon calls it our plastic wood

The new stuff
The deck is done! And LEVEL! There is no sag, not tilt and it doesn't wobble when anyone walks on it!
All set up again to use. Now we have to have a party!

PS Level 2

Lon passed into Preschool Level 2 Swim Lessons! Lon is having lots of fun in the pool and learning so much!
Hanging out on the wall, where he should be when he is not doing his stuff!
Like his star fish

Can you see him, underwater? COOL!

Yep, he's cute!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Graduation Quilt for Sean

The last of this year's graduation quilts. (I think) This one was for the neighbor boy who LOVES football and is going to the University of Washington in the fall. Lon and I delivered it this afternoon. Sean seemed to be very pleased.

Robo Lon!

The last time we got groceries Mark got a few paper bags! He wanted to show Lon how to make himself in to a Robot! Lon and Daddy drew the face together. Daddy cut out the eyes. It was a fun Daddy and Lon game!
Look Mom! Don't be scared Mom, it is Lon inside
Do Robots roar? Well, this one does!
It is getting kinda warm in there..

Can you see me? I can see you!