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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Golfing in Myrtle Beach

June 19, Monday, Lon and I went up to Myrtle Beach to do a little mini golf!

We were able to meet up with some friends.  We drove through Myrtle Beach looking for the mini golf we had seen before, we could not find it, but we did find this one that looked cool.
Mt. Atlanticus! They had two courses, one that went over the lakes near the road and one that made it's way through caves. I chose the one that was through the caves.  It looked like it was going to rain, that was the reason.

After a rough start and a little attitude adjustment, Lon went from last place to actually winning by two.
We found a pizza place for lunch, Lon got a pizza and I got a Gyro. I should have had the pizza

We had a ton of fun in Myrtle Beach.
But my foot was giving me fits, still. I called the Dr. on the way home. They said they could not see me for at least a week and I should go to the Urgent Care.  Which is what we did.  All our plans for the next week were put on hold while my foot rests.   I am trying to be good about staying off my foot so it does not get worse.   Lon has been a great sport about hanging out at the house.

Old Salem

On the 15th of June, Lon, one of his buddies and I went up to Old Salem for the day!  It was a fun trip!

It was not worked out in advance to be colored matching!
We went to the museum, there was so much to see.  The kids and I explained to the docent at the museum about the Haint Blue in the South Carolina room. She had not heard about why the ceilings were painted that shade of blue.  The boys and I did.  Mosquito and spirit control.

We did a little walking.  However, my foot was starting to hurt pretty bad.  We drove up to the bakery and got some wonderful stuff. The sugar bread is did not make it home. We are going to make some soon!

They said this teapot had been in Old Salem for a very very long time

Even though we did not get to walk everywhere, it was a good day!

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Surprise Visit!

We LOVE surprise visits! No really we do.    It is so much fun to have guests.  This weekend, Bill came to visit.   We are so happy he did.
We hung out, and talked. On Monday we went for a ride to Folly Beach down the Ashley River Road.

Lon brought his kite and had fun flying it on the beach.  We are planning on coming back to do that again!

We then drove through Charleston.   It is always a fun thing to do

On Wednesday, we drove up to Fayetteville to deliver Bill to my brudder, Adam.  It is always good seeing him.

 We hope it is not so long between visits the next time.

I got a duck, a hand carved beauty.  I am so happy. I have always wanted a duck! Lon will eventually get it, but not anytime soon. I love my duck!

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Turtle Release!

On Tuesday I found out the Charleston Aquarium was going to release seven rehabilitated turtles back into the wild.  This was going to happen on Wednesday.  We did not have anything else scheduled that day, and this sounded amazing!   We packed up the car with beach stuff and off we went. We left two hours before the event. We should have left three.  There was a big bottle neck at the paypoint to get into Folly Beach County Park.  We did make it in time to see the turtles, but we were pretty far back in the crowd.
The weather was looking like it was going to rain.

Shrimp boat on the horizon

The pelicans were flying over, in straight lines.

Dolphins came to play right up close to the shore! It was so fun to watch them

It looks like this is about to get started!

The Coast Guard even did a fly over.

The tide is starting to come in.  My pants are not longer dry.

Can you spot him? the big loggerhead turtle ? He is making his way to the water!

I did not take this photo. It was taken by a friend of a friend.  He did not have far to walk to get into the water, they might move slowly on land, but in water, they are quick and graceful.

Isn't he beautiful?

I got a much better shot of this little guy. He seems so happy to get to the water!  The next wave that washed over him, he was gone.
The last three turtles to be released

They just let them go plop into the water!

The turtle van

Lon had a great time, watching the turtles

He blew up his 4 foot donut, he was having lots of fun with it until it started raining.  We decided to head for home.  Sort of, we stopped at a few places I just don't get to very often.
We stopped by Sweet Belgium, for waffles! So good, and the Belgian Iced Coffee is amazing!
Our next stop was Euro Foods, for some yummy Eastern European treats.  Our last stop before home was Easterby's seafood place. It was good, well the shrimp were very good, the sides, eh, not so much.

It was a fun day. I am glad we got to go see the Turtle release.  They are going to do this again! Just not sure when!