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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ketchikan, Day 3

Sunday was our last day in Ketchikan.  It was a very short trip! We had to be at the airport on the 3:45 ferry.
But in the meantime, we were going to have a great time!
We dropped Grandma and Grandpa Andy off at the dock so they could go fishing! We hoped they would be catching alot of fish!
We had the car! I took Lon out to Ward Lake. I know the road is not new, but it is still new to me, and the Lake sort of snuck up on me. I am not used to coming to it from the opposite direction.  It is a pretty lake.
Misty day
Lon counting the dead salmon on the shore.  He got to 64 before he stopped.
I heard some loud crashing of brush and a rukus of birds. I thought it would be a good idea if Lon and I went back to the car. Not sure what that was, but did not want to wait to find out!
One last quick picture
Out a little farther north to Totem Bight.  I think I have a photograph of my mother, grandmother and me as a baby in this same spot.
A tiny history bit
Looking up to the halibut on top of the pole. Thinking hard that Grandma should catch him a halibut of his own to eat
Top of the Halibut Pole
One of my favorite Totems
Running up to see what a Totem looks like up close
Standing tall
Reading about the Poles. He wants to know more, so I am going to dig out my copy of The Wolf and The Raven. That books tells the stories on all the poles.  I used to remember more than I do now.
Trying to find Grandma's boat
A salmonberry bush that does not know it is fall! Two tiny blooms
Everyone has this photo taken at Totem Bight. Now we have one of Lon!
Inside the preservation shed. We took the photos through the windows.  Without a flash.
Watchman totem
Leaving Totem Bight
Back to town, still nothing open. So we took some beauty shots.
Art is everywhere! Even the piling caps
Each cap has a different sea creature. We loved the octopus
The Welcome Sign
The other side of the rock.
Getting goofy inside Tongass Dock Store.
We did not buy the hat.
We went out to Saxman to see more Totem Poles!
Lon found the one frog with his tongue out and mimicked him
Oyster Boy Totem. One of my favorites.
That story I remember and told Lon. It basically boils down to a greedy boy who died for his greed.
The long house
It was time to go back up to the house and have some breakfast with everyone.
Lon was entertaining everyone. He later took out his book on Balto and read it to everyone. Grandma thought he had read it before,but he had not.  Grandma was impressed
We went back to town to try and find a Christmas ornament, but did not find that. Instead we found Shauna!  It was good to see her even for the brief amount of time we had.
Lon impressed Uncle David with his mad Lego skills.
I got a phone call from Grandma, they had limited out and were back at the dock.  Uncle David said he would really like it if Lon stayed with him while I went to pick up Grandma, Grandpa Andy and Scott.  So I did.
Sea life on the pilings. Lots of salmon fry
We were on the airplane. Going back to Seattle. It was a good visit, we had a great time.  Maybe we will go back this summer.

Rachel and Nick Get Married

Ketchikan, Day 2, part 2
 Wuv, Trwo, Wuv, the weson we are gawood here toodayyyy.

Lon all ready to go. His white shirt stayed in Ketchikan.  I just grabbed it out of his closet and did not realize it was a size 4.  The sleeves were up to his elbows.  We will get him a new white shirt soon, but in a bigger size
The inside of the Lutheran Church. Lon loved the boat inside. How cool is that Mom?
The bridesmaids
Nick, waiting for his bride.
Here she comes on the arm of her father.
The vows.

Mr and Mrs. Pilch!
Off to the reception.
Lon found the foosball table right away! He was thrilled to play against anyone he could find. Scott is playing against him first. He beat Scott.  Three times

The view from the Crow's Nest. The reception was held at the Coast Guard Base. The view is so pretty!
Mark and I had our reception there too!
Having a great time!
Signing the quilt. I made a signature quilt for Rachel and Nick. I tried to put in fabrics with things they both liked on it.  It seemed to be a hit.
The walk of sweets! Not only were there sweets, there was a huge salad bar and a fish taco bar. With both salmon and halibut done out on the grill. There were three (four?) going full time out there ! It was all good!
The cake. One of the bridesmaids made the cake!
Mom and Rachel
Lon's dinner. I think he had a couple bites of halibut, but then went straight for everything chocolate.
Lon getting back to foosball. He talked Graham into playing him. Graham told him he was all Canada Champ for 2002. Not sure if Lon really believed that or not, but he went with it!
Then it was time for us to get back to our rooms. Grandma and Lon were starting to fade.  Grandma and Grandpa Andy had a date with some fish early the next morning.