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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Now That I Can See

I am almost recovered from a case of double pink eye. Some of the worst viral pink eye that my doctor has ever seen! I know, you are jealous! My vision was very weird. Like being in a car with a rain covered windsheild and you could not use the wipers. Large colored blobs without defination. Those small details just went away!
We should do something fun this weekend, so I will post something with photos this time!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Two Updates

First update: Uncle Vasu has NOT bought a house. I have had lots of people ask about that. We went to inspect the house. HE will let you know when and IF he buys a house. Right now, he is learning about houses. Perhaps one day he will buy one.

Update Two: Lon is a sick little man. He has croup. He feels about as bad as a little man can right now. We had to go to the ER on friday night/saturday morning. He is just laying low and all he wants is mamma to hold him, so that is what mamma is doing. He is asleep on the fold out sofa now so I could write these quick updates. I am sure he will feel better soon, but until then, we really are sleepless in babyland.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Meeting More Family!

We have some family that live a little ways south of us. Her children and grandchildren were visiting here from where they live! How much fun! A house full of little ones!

Lon enjoys his snack time with Haley! Lon thought she was the best!

The children have found a pocketbook! A bag full of treasures! They are the absolute best things to dig through!

Lon is learning the magic of 4. He had a lot of fun just filling up all the holes with the chips.

Sophia Marie is up from her nap and getting a snack of broccoli and cheese from Grammy!
So many new toys and new friends to play with! It was such a fun day! Lon babbled all the way home, telling me all about the great things he did and the wonderful people he met. As soon as we pulled into our driveway, he was quiet. He fell asleep! I put him to bed in his clothes, he woke up about an hour later, I put him in jammies and he slept the rest of the night. He had a terrific day!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Uncle Vasu's House Inspection

This morning we went to be with Uncle Vasu as he had his NEW HOME inspected! Well, it is not really his yet. Contingent on inspection, but he has made an offer and they accepted. It is a nice home, with a HUGE back yard!

The photo is Uncle Vasu, Ragu and Lon. I am sure I am spelling Ragu's name incorrectly.

Come ON Uncle Vasu, I am a great inspector! Let's GO IN NOW!

This is the more formal living room. Lon is showing me he has successfully found my keys,inspected them and they are damage free.

Lon wanted to inspect the play area! He hopes that Uncle Vasu keeps that, but probably not as the owners have kids.

Lon helps Uncle Vasu with some paperwork.

Listening to the inspector! He had some good things to say. Nothing wrong with the structure, there are some things that need work. I think Vasu can be happy in this house. It is only about a mile away! It will be nice to have Vasu for a *neighbor*!

Friday, March 09, 2007

In Like A Lion

March! The old saying seems to be true. In like a lion, I am just hoping it is out like a lamb!

We got a little over three inches of snow! I had to walk home from my meeting! It was only a mile, of course I was wearing the *cutest* little flats. (They no longer exist!) I was not afraid of my car's performance, it was other people jumping around cars, cars not moving, running red lights! I just found a parking lot and left my car there till the next afternoon. I felt that parking the car in a safe spot was going to be better for the car and me. The snow was so pretty. The next day it did not melt off till later in the afternoon. Lon's Baby Gym was cancelled, they cancel if kindergarten is canceled and the schools are on late shift. They did not cancel school this time, it was just two hours late, due to all the canceled school earlier.

Tonight they are predicting major rain and floods. Woohooo!


Chocolate cupcake, with chocolate frosting. We are doing the preliminary testing for Birthday Cupcakes.

Friday, March 02, 2007


The next day we went to Seaside. It was such a nice day. A little cold, but nice.

Look, Mom, water! I will meet you there!

This is more than fun!

After playing on the beach, we went to the little, but super fun, Seaside Aquarium. It is small, but they have harbor seals, and all sorts of things to touch. They have things to color, and an octopus to watch ooze its way around the tank.

This is the seal tank! You can get herring and feed the seals for a dollar. I thought Lon would eat the herring, so we just watched all the other people feeding the seals.

After playing with the seals, we went to the carousel.

The carousel was fun, and they had a smashed penny machine there too! Lon was able to get three smashed pennies on this trip!

On our way back to Babcias's we saw a double rainbow. I just had to take a picture through the windshield. It was so pretty. Lon got pretty happy when he saw it. The next day we went back to Kirkland. We had such a fun time.


We were then headed to Tillamook for the day, for cheese.
Lon slept most of the way down there. Part of 101 is down to one lane, it is partially washed out. They are working hard to get it fixed. While we were stopped in *traffic* I took some pictures of the scenery.
These pictures are a little ways down the road, a trail head called Oswald West. Is there anything prettier than the Oregon Coast, even when the sun is not shining?

Meeting the cow at the Tillamook Creamery

In the car on the way back. Lon enjoyed some Rocky Road Ice Cream, and best of all, he had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich on sourdough. I was unaware that the little man liked sourdough. He LOVES sourdough! You would think he was part Alaskan.

We stopped at a scenic turnout, it was certainly scenic! One of Lon's favorite words is cheese, also one of his favorite things is cheese. Lon tried all the cheese at the Creamery, he liked the squeaky cheese, the cheddar, but there was also a new flavor they are testing, white cheddar with garlic. Things with garlic can be hit or miss. This cheese is definitely a hit. I really enjoyed it on a roast beef sandwich! I hope it is in stores soon.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mini Vacation to the Coast

Lon looked at me and said Momma, let's go to the Coast. I said, hmmm, that is a wonderful idea! We got in the car, and when the car stopped, we were at the coast! How fun is that!

Posing at Babcias!
We stopped off at Sue's Coffee Shop in Astoria. Lon really wanted to hide from the rain

The rain storm was brief, and we headed out on a walking tour of Astoria. We were really looking at the used bookstores!
We did not find many treasures, but we did enjoy the views!

Welcoming the Lunar New Year

The family went to the Crossroads Lunar New Year Festival, the Year of the Pig.

They had lots of booths. The stage was occupied all day with dancers, martial arts expert demonstrations, the bamboo dancers from the Philippines. Very fun. I remember we tried to learn how to do that dancing in grade school.

They also had a Coast Guard Auxiliary Booth, for boating safety. Lon was so cute they had him pose for the Seattle Chinese Newspaper wearing a life vest.

We also looked at the shops in Crossroads, and Lon was looking smart!