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Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's All Happening at the Zoo

Thursday, after we got things settled, Lon and I went to the zoo! The Sacramento Zoo is small, it is Lon sized. They have Lions, Tigers, but no Bears, oh my! We walked all over the zoo and looked at all the animals. There were a very large number of school groups, preschool groups all over the place! It was crowded! Lon liked the lions, we watched the mommy and daddy lion for a while. The daddy lion just sat on the big rock looking around while the mommy lion paced, looked restless and tried to get into the door to get something to eat! We saw flamingos too. I told Lon why they were pink. Baby flamingos are white, but over time all the shrimp they eat turns them pink. The little girl and her mother beside me did not believe me, and told us so. We blew it off cause we know we are correct. We saw baby ducks, swimming in the flamingo lagoon. They were so cute! We had lunch at the zoo, which was expensive and not so good. The good side is that Lon got a new animal head lunch box! He chose the monkey one. I will put it next to his Panda lunch box from the National Zoo. Lon liked his hot dog and he did eat about 1/2 my onion rings. We also saw giraffes, they are rebuilding the giraffe habitat, they are building an eye level platform so we can see eye to eye with the giraffes. We looked at them for a while, until all three of them went inside.
Across the street from the Zoo is something called Fairy Tale Land. It was built in 1959. I got a brochure on it, and it looked really super cheesy. However, we had to park behind Fairy Tale Land when we went to the zoo. Lon looked through the fence, and he wants to go. They have a tractor to climb on, and a COW. A real live cow, sheep and all sorts of other animals to pet. This was lacking at the zoo. So I am thinking that we will be going there next week. It is also inexpensive, only 4 dollars each to get in. I will keep you posted

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere!

Lon and I are having fun in the heat! It is hot for us, 86 today! Yesterday we put more water in the hot tub, and we both got soaking wet in the process. Lon sprayed me, I sprayed him. It was great fun, but without photos. I was not taking the camera out with all the water we were throwing around.
Today, Lon wanted to play on the deck, and I needed some vitamin D therapy! I took my book, wore my sunglasses and watched Lon while I read my book. It was wonderful. Lon got out some toys and proceeded to move them across the deck with the hose. I did get some photos of him playing with the hose, watering his head. We made some coke popsicles, the root beer ones are now in the freezer!
Tomorrow, Mom comes home! Once everyone is up, Lon and I are going to Target to get a little pool! We both are going to use it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old Town Sacremento

Easter Monday, Mark, Lon and I got up early and took Daddy to the airport. It was sad.( Lon and I are unsure when we are leaving ~ since we are helping out while Grandma Phis recovers from hip surgery.) After a few tears and figuring out the garmin, Lon and I went to Old Sacramento. Mainly for the train museum. We walked around a played for 2 hours before anything opened. The coffee shop was open, Mommy got a coffee and Lon got a sprinkle cupcake. We had fun looking around at things.
The California State Train Museum was wonderful! The trains were HUGE. I guess I never thought about how big they are close up. They had some cars, and lots of locomotives. They had some of the history of California trains. The steam train will start running again on the 25th of April. They are working on the line, so the train is temporarily shut down. Upstairs, they have a section of toy trains, heavy on Lionel. Which I liked. They also had a section of Thomas The Tank Engine that the little ones could play with. We played with that ALOT. Lon had a blast with them.
After our fill of trains, we walked around looking for a sweatshirt for Grandmother, but we could not find one we thought she would like. We did get some postcards, I got myself a silver charm and Lon got a t-shirt, a book and a Thomas train car. Which he is playing with now, and loves it.
After that we found our way home, via the grocery store and the post office.
It was a great day.

Easter 2009

We made it to Mom's place in good time. We just got on 5 and kept the car pointed south!
We had all the usual foods, this year I helped make sausage, we made 27 pounds. I will be bringing some home. Next year, I am in charge of making the sausage.
NOTE: due to technical difficulties, photos will have to be added at a later time.
The weather was perfect. Sunshine, about 78 degrees and a slight breeze. We had a small group of people, but the small group was wonderful.
Lon found his Easter Basket early in the morning. He got more toys than candy, there was PLENTY of candy though. The Easter Bunny also hid eggs out in the front yard. These eggs were also mainly filled with toys! Little characters, like Linny, Tuck, Ming Ming, (the wonder pets) and the characters from Little Einsteins. We did not get Annie though. She is missing. (they did not have the Annie egg at the store when Mommy went Easter Bunny shopping)
It was a very fun day. Perhaps next year at my house?

Friday, April 10, 2009

601 Posts

This makes the 601st post ! Wow! We will be getting pictures together soon, we are having a grand adventure right now!
Happy Easter