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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lon's Birthday!

Today was Lon's actual birthday! We wanted to do something fun, something we had not done before.  We thought that going to lunch in Myrtle Beach would be fun!  So that is what we did.
A question arose on why it was called Myrtle Beach.  The answer is a nice lady came up with the name for a contest. She called it Myrtle Beach because of the wax myrtle trees growing wild along the shore.

Not as far away as it seemed on the map

The main street was too crowded to go down, but it looks like lots of fun

The Hollywood Wax Museum.
We drove by 12 different mini golf courses. We decided when we come back we will go to the Montezuma mini golf

We found the Disney Store!  There were lots of princess things.  We did not get much, but Lon did discover Tsum Tsums.  Silly little squishy things


Lon had been looking forward to it!

Our first table.  Once we got our food, we noticed a lot of empty tables next to the water.  So we moved

Jr. Cheeseburger in Paradise. Lon really did like it. He ate it all with a big dill pickle!

We ordered special drinks that were supposed to come in souvenir cups, but when they were served, they were in plain cups. I asked and she said they were out.  But she mentioned it to us when we were ordering! I was a bit annoyed.

A lady on stilts! She was blowing up balloons for the kids

This is what she made for Lon for his birthday. Um, okay. It was rather odd.

Looking at the fish in the pond. there were lots o big fish!

The desserts were chocolate bread pudding, key lime pie and a HUGE thing called a chocolate hurricane. That looked good, but it was way too big, and it was 17 dollars. We passed.

I was hoping they would do something for his birthday, but they did not. Even though I said something to the wait staff four different times!
The food was good, but the service was odd

Good news was there was a Cold Stone Creamery next door!!

Lon with his ice cream and sprinkles!

When we got home, Lon wanted pizza and ice cream cake for dinner. We took a little trip to Harris Teeter, and got a pizza there. The ice cream cake was fun.

The boys enjoying ice cream!

It was a really fun birthday day!

Cub Scout Pack in June!

Last night was our summer cub scout pack meeting.  It was good to see people!

Racing around before the meeting

Listening to Mr. John

Sack Races!

It was fun, we had a great time being with the pack

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lon's TENTH Birthday Party

Yes, it's that time of year again.   These birthdays are coming much to fast for me.   This year's theme was SCIENCE!
The cake all decorated. The candles were supposed to be sparkler candles.

Chocolate cake, chocolate covered popcorn lava rocks, and cherry filling. Lon thought have "lava" inside was a cool idea. I made a hollow in the center of the cone and filled it with cherry filling. Really fun.
Just waiting on the boys !

The food we served. Deviled eggs, carrots and ranch, fruit and fruit dip,  pasta salad, sweet and sour meatballs, chicken fingers and dipping sauces, chocolate covered popcorn. yoda punch and iced tea. and of course the cake!

The boys have arrived!

Our first experiment was mentos in diet cola.  Each boy got two bottles of soda.

Geysers! I wanted to do this before it rained!

The  boys were loving this !

Time for some food !

Blowing up balloons with vinegar and baking soda
At another break in the rain, we tried exploding bags of color.  The cheap zippy bags I got at walmart were really tough!   I think next time we add even MORE vinegar and more baking soda!  We made snow too, equal parts of baking soda and shaving cream.  Then we made a snowball out of it, and poured vinegar on top!  Lots of bubbles!

Time for Cake!

The thin candles never really did spark well
Present time!
Lon got some wonderful gifts. This is his very own hammer! Dad got him a tool box and some tools of his very own.
Thank you notes get started tomorrow!

Our last experiment was breaking apart geodes!

Everyone was having a hard time with the rocks !

They are inside some old socks of Lon's so the pieces do not fly around

Daddy had to help with the geodes. They were all solid crystals in the center. None were really exciting.

Lon had a great party and a great time with his friends!

Thank you all!

The last part of Father's Day

Seasoning his steak

He even cooked his own steak

But we did decorate it

Fun Father's Day

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Today was a busy day
Ranger was sleeping in

Scout was waiting to play trains

Daddy was checking his mail.

Bacon, it's whats for breakfast

Then it was time for church.   We made it just barely on time!

After church we went to the Endless Yard Sale. It was sponsored by the HGTV show.

The talent. I recognized the host. He used to have his own show and auction house in Atalanta. Gallery 63. I enjoyed that show. I did not go and talk to him since he was busy and by the time he was not busy he was gone out of the heat!

We had been looking for a small desk for Lon. He had it in his head he wanted a roll top.  We saw one a few weeks ago at a consignment store, but it was very expensive and the wood was coming apart. It was not solid wood.
This is solid wood, nothing falling apart and 45 dollars!  Lon won the yard sale!

We spotted one of the birds installations!

We tried a couple places downtown, but the waits were so long!  We chose not to stay.  We went to Graze and got right in.  We had not been there before. It was a little dark in there but not super gloomy
Mark got the burger and loved it. Lon got fried chicken and enjoyed it. I had the French toast and they forgot the syrup, but it was not bad.

Lon ate his entire lunch, so he got dessert. They said this was as souffle. It was not a souffle. It was a molten carmel cake. It was still good, well, Lon said it was good, he ate it all.

So far it has been a good day!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

5 Loaves

There is a new place to eat in Summerville, well okay, it has been here a few months.  We have heard good things about it.  Every time we tried to go there it was always packed! Today, we got lucky! No waiting at lunch time. As an added bonus, 10% of all the proceeds will go to the Emanuel  AME Church families fund.

The menu!

Mark got the cornmeal trout sandwich. I had she crab soup and the chicken cobb salad. But they were out of avocados.  Lon got the grilled chicken strips.  I am not sure he noticed that they were grilled.  He tried them and loved them!  Yay for Lon!

We were happy it was air conditioned inside!

The wait was not long, but the boys used their time playing the word search and tic tac toe!

Lon ate his chicken, broccoli and grapes, so chocolate cake!  Well, chocolate raspberry hazelnut cake.  The cake was not bad.

We enjoyed 5 loaves and will be back again.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Third Thursday in June!

Tonight we decided to go out into the heat! It topped out at 103 on my porch today!  It was Third Thursday.   Earlier in the day, Lon and I went to the quilt store, People Places and Quilts,  and looked for happy birthday fabric. They had sold out of the fabric I saw earlier, but as usual I got to talking to the owner and we talked about Lon's upcoming science party.  I told her I just finished up the booklets for the kids. She asked if I could make her one for her granddaughter. So I did.  We dropped that off, and she asked me if she could pay me for it. I said, nah, it's all good, just give Lon a fat quarter next time we come in to buy something.  She handed Lon a 10 dollar gift certificate! That was so nice!

Lon with one of the new Bird sculptures!

Cooling off

We stopped and got some new mojito balsamic vinegar! mmm Yummy!

Lon at Guerin's Pharmacy. In line for ice cream. The line was long but the building was air conditioned!

I took another picture of Lon in the pharmacy so I could get a picture of that great antique Whitman candy refrigerator.  I am not sure it works anymore but it is still beautiful.

Lon enjoying his ice cream. Yes, those are vintage cars behind him!  Every third Thursday they have a group of different vintage cars.

We stopped in at Four Green Fields. Mark got the Banana Pudding Pop and I got a fresh peach pop.  Yummy stuff!

I spotted the World Record Breaking Tea Cup!
We did not get to see it at the record breaking event, it was our anniversary and we just did not have time before our dinner reservations

Lon was getting a little thirsty

 It was fun and we did not melt!