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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Legos in the Library

  Our neighbor Julie told us about a lego build they were having at our library. It started at 2.

At first there were not very many kids there.
You could play with their legos or you could bring your own. We opted to play with what they had there.

More kids started showing up
The lady who was in charge wanted the kids to come up and show off their creations.  Lon was the first up showing off his double boat. Two hulls connected in the middle. He had lots of details!

Lon and Ty. Just before I took my phone out they were doing something that was a much better snap, but once I was ready for them, they had moved on!

Julie and I were asked to help make the cards for the kids. If the parent wanted, the child could get a Lego punch card.  Every time they have a lego build they get a punch, after 8 punches they get a lego prize!  Lon is looking forward to that.

Julie typed their names on the label maker, I attached them to the card and gave them their fist punch. There were 32 kids who signed up for cards!

Lon was working on another project just before time ended for the afternoon.

I am really happy we found out about this, it was fun and Lon had a great time!

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