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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Heading North to Home

All good things must come to an end.  This weekend trip was no different.
On our last morning, we decided to go to church at the Cathedral.  We left early, in case parking was a huge hassle. But it was fairly easy.
The early morning light.
We were about 45 minutes early, but they let us in to take photos

We took Lon over to the square to have some running time.

Remains of a wedding. Seems they were all over Savannah yesterday!

The hotel's breakfast bar was not open when we left, and Lon was starting to get very hungry. Since we had time,  Daddy took Lon in search of a breakfast snack. They found an ooey gooey cinnamon roll.  Lon was a much happier boy after that.
  I went in and found a pew.
Since Mass was not going to start for a little while I could take some photos.
Mass was nice. There was no singing, no processional. Mass took 45 minutes.   We went back to the hotel, got breakfast, loaded up the car, and headed out. After a little hiccup with the garmin, we finally found the right road.  Next time, paper maps.

We took Route 17.
A stretch of our legs stop.
I did give him a penny to toss

Alligator statue
history bit

Another Carolina Cider Company Store. Mark had me try the Sweet Fire Pickles. I usually think they are okay, but I got a jalapeno !  Lon wanted a moon pie, as they were out of whoppie pies. I had to get a small bottle of cider!
We drove through the Great Swamp.  There is a nature center for it in Walterboro that Lon and I are going to check out
The last photo of our trip. Cows.  We were near our house.
Our fun mini vacation is over. Back to work and school for us tomorrow.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Historic District

This morning, Saturday, we got up and decided to see City Market, we missed a ton of it yesterday!

A little bit more casual today

I keep teasing Lon that I am going to get a tattoo. It makes him crazy, but I really am going to get one one of these days!
Looking at all the flavors of popcorn.  The shops were not open yet.

Never did figure out what this was for. But it looked pretty cool

City Market Skyline

These lovely Belgian Draft Horses, they were just waiting for us to take a tour! So we did.
Their names are Guinness and Jamieson. They are retired Amish working horses from Ohio. Just like the ones we met earlier in Charleston.
The next pictures are of the architecture of the historic district of Savannah!
Away we go!
I love seeing all the Ghost signs

Detail from the Federal Courthouse

Ogilthorpe's Square! He was the one that designed the city squares
I love this downspout! I want to find one for our house!

This was originally a stable for Arabian horses.

Beautiful Doorway

Upstairs balcony

Our tour lasted an hour and it was over very quick! Time to say goodbye to the horses!

We poked around the shops a little bit.  This was outside a gelato shop

Since it was National Pretzel Day (yes, it really was)
we stopped by the Savannah Candy Kitchen. Lon and I each got a chocolate covered pretzel with sprinkles.  We like National Pretzel Day!

Daddy showing Lon all sorts of yummy candies. Gummy sharks, gummy fried eggs, wax bottles, yummy stuff

Southern Chainsaw Art

In front of the  Savannah Candy Kitchen

Watching them make the candied popcorn at the popcorn shop
Lon's first taste of pralines.  Lon said he liked them!

Bike rentals. Swipe a credit card and they charge you until you bring it back.

Thought this was fun. At the end of this block is Paula Deen's store and restaurant.

We found this fun and funky pizza place called Sweet Melissas. They put an Italian herb blend under the crust before baking it.  It was very good!

Nathan Greene's square.
He got heat stroke in Savannah  and they bled him, which killed him.

Daddy teaching Lon how a sundial works
At a toy store

Thor! The Mighty Thor!

I want one of these! What I would do with it, I am unclear, but isn't that a cool little truck?

Boats on the way to Tybee.  Lon wanted to go back to the beach. So we did. It was 83 degrees and a Saturday afternoon.
Another Tybee Turtle!  I had to drop the boys off and let them have fun, while I had fun poking around some of the shops of Tybee Island.  The parking area was jam packed.
I was hoping there was some very fun things, funky, handmade things I would like. But they did not have much I wanted there. darn it
I had goofed around long enough that the parking lot should have emptied out a bit, so back to the beach I went!

I did find parking! And I saw Lon in the waves, having a great time! He was jumping waves like I used to do in Florida!
He saw me and thought we had to go back to the hotel. I told him he could go play some more. I was not ready to go back yet!

Water boy

Lon and some beach friends dug this hole. It is up to Lon's waist

water and sand, together!

Then it truly was time to go.
The boys went to change into clothes. Since we planned to go to the beach, they had swimsuits, and clothes packed. The one thing they did not do was put sunscreen on each other's backs. They are both lobster back red. Poor boys

The Cockspur Light house

We realized we were very hungry. So when we saw this place on the way back, we stopped!  It was good!

Lon and Dad dig into the combo platter appetizer.
It had fried shrimp, conch fritters, calamari, and something called shrimp salad. Think of macaroni salad, and put shrimp in instead of macaroni. I tried it. I would never order it.  Everything else was so good!  Lon had the adult flounder, I had shrimp and Mark had Low Country Boil.  It was all yummy!
We thought we would go to Bonaventure Cemetery. But it closed at 5pm.  Something for next time.

Krispie Kreme! Super Yummy
What a fun day! We had a great time. Lon talked about wanting to move to Savannah.