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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mepkin Abbey

Today Mark got home from work, inquired about Lon's homework. Since it was done, we decided to go for a ride!  Mark wanted to show me Mepkin Abbey.  Even though reception area would be closed, we could still see some of the gardens.
A little information right before you turn in to the Abbey.
Most of the blog will be beauty shots of the Garden.

It is still a working Abbey, there are Monks here.
These trees were felled by Hurricane Hugo (1989) and an artist from Texas came and turned them into art.

This is where Henry and Clare Booth Luce are buried. They owned Mepkin and donated it to the monks.

Lon is looking for immature frogs. Not tadpoles anymore, but not frogs yet.  He found a couple and was so happy

These signs are pretty much on every pond
Running, cause he needs to run!

Love the church birdhouse!
Lon and Daddy doing the last walk around the labyrinth.  It was being cut down today, but Lon wanted to walk it anyway

I love the red clover on the side of the road.
We were getting hungry,  and the idea of ham again, um, no.
We saw a new place next to the pig. Scotto Grill.  
The food was very good. Portions were huge.  We had to take some pizza  and some of my chicken parmesan.  We will go back and try some more of their menu.
It was a fun adventure for a Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures and giving us captions. Looks like such a wonderful treat, homework done, spontaneous treasure shared with family...I have been searching for the hurricane art to show my friends. You have found it for me. We will be taking a trip in just a few days for the crèche festival. Merry Christmas to you!