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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

YoHo YoHo! A Pirate's Life for Me.

I am making sure that Lon knows Mommy keeps her promises.  I also need to make sure I don't make HUGE promises I can not keep!  While Lon was struggling with Headsprouts and jumping in the pool, I promised him a BIG Lego if he did both.  Well, he did both. Maybe I was thinking he forgot, but no. There is no forgetting the BIG lego promise.
The Queen Anne's Revenge. The great part about this Lego is that it is a real ship. They have confirmed the find of the Queen Anne's Revenge off the North Carolina coast.  This is going to be a teaching tool! 
Putting the finishing touches on the ship. Lon built it all by himself. I helped him with one part he could not wrap his hands around, but that was it. He did it all !
SO proud of himself. And rightly so!
Looking at the ship. Most Legos I let him rebuild and re purpose. This one I am keeping up, intact on his shelf.  He said that would be good since it was alot of hard work. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blackberry Picking

Today I was hoping the blackberries would be ripe!  Well, they sort of were.  We went to Big Finn Hill Park. We had never been there before, it is a nice little park.  We will have to go  back with a picnic lunch.
This was the most ripe blackberries in one place in the whole park.
Lon is not impressed with the thorns. It was fun to get out of the house and do something, but this thorn thing, not so much
But he did get into a rhythm
8 cups of berries! Yummy!
and what we did with them.
We went up to Albertson's to get some cilantro we forgot to get for dinner. One of the nice ladies that work there suggested we go out back of the store, the berries there were ripe and pretty good. And very easy to get.   We did not have a bucket with us, so she gave us a bakery bucket! Super nice. We were having lots of fun getting super easy berries. The canes just hang over a ledge. They looked great, we got another 8 cups of berries in about 1/4 of the time.  Lon came up to where I was picking and said he was really sorry.  For what young one? He went over to the car to get a little snack, and as he was getting out, he accidentally locked the door behind him.  So we were locked out of the our car.  We walked back into the store and told them our car was out back till we could walk back and with the spare key (yea! Spare key!). The super nice lady who told us about the blackberries (Terri) offered to give us a ride home. How nice was that! I took her up on it, and Mark was already home and cleaning his car in the driveway.  He gave us a ride back to the car. It all worked out. And now we know an easy place to get berries where I won't get so chewed up by vines!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Update

We just had the best weekend!  We were invited to spend the weekend in Leavenworth with Grace's family at her Grandmother's house.  It was so much fun. We started out Friday making Lasagna for our part of the weekend cooking. I also made a pan of brownies. What is dinner without dessert. Sadly, because I was so busy making food for the weekend we did not have time to eat lunch! So when Daddy came home to pick us up after work, we were hungry!  Since we needed to be on the road sooner rather than later, we stopped at McDonalds.
mmmm, chicken nuggets!
Quickly back on the road! When we got closer to Leavenworth, we saw some free range turkeys. I like turkeys 
We stopped in downtown Leavenworth since we were a little early. We found some places to visit next time that we had not seen before. Lon and Daddy washed their hands. It says it is not safe for human drinking. Maybe it is for the horses
That night was fun, we got to Grace's Grandmothers. Lon and Grace were up till 12:30am. Yes, 12:30 am. I was tired. Lon did not seem tired at all. He said he could have stayed up later and why could I have just put in another movie and let them watch it? It was time to sleep. Really.
The next morning we got up. 5 of us went for a morning walk. Megan, me, Grace, Lon and Grace's grandmother. We walked to the club house. We did not know it was the First Annual Upper Wenatchee Watershed Festival.  What a great time the kids had! The river truck was so cool, the loved that. They loved learning about fish habitat and catching little smelts. 
Fun with the river truck
Then we found the very best part! Down by the river, two fish and wildlife biologist were down there to show the kids the bugs that live in the river. They were fascinated. They looked at bugs. Being the only kids there, the biologists spent all the time in the world with them. It was private lessons! The kids were thrilled!!
Looking at some bug and getting to learn more than Lon ever thought about river bugs
They gave Lon the big net, he had his socks and shoes off already, and he caught more river bugs.
Looking for little fish. I am not sure they found any.
We walked back up the trail to the club house, went through the clubhouse looking at the little informational booths, we got a rain gauge! Then outside we got a book for a woody scavenger hunt. Find alot of what was out there and get a prize! Since Grace and Lon were some of the first kids, they got their pick of prizes. Grace got a Strawberry Shortcake coloring book and Lon got a monkey hat. We all think it was a bear, but Lon thinks it is a monkey. SO it is a monkey.  We then heard they were having a free salmon barbeque for lunch. We had asked the guys to make us sandwiches for lunch, but decided on the way home to eat the sandwiches for lunch the next day. It was a free salmon barbeque! They had grilled salmon, watermelon, potato salad, spinach salad and cake! Did I mention it was FREE? amazing. The food was all really good too! 
We went home and got our swim suits, after lunch Megan, Gernot and Mark went on a hike to Hidden Lake, and Grace, Lon and I went to the pool.
SPLASH! We had a great time in the pool. I got in the pool with the kids. It was very much fun. Lon and Grace both learned how to jump into the pool. With and without their life vests. They jumped in at the 5 foot level without life vests, just so long as I was there to make sure they were okay. It also clicked with Lon on how to do his torpedoes from the edge and start swimming! I was SO proud of him!
By the time we were done swimming, the festival was over and they dumped the ice on the grace. Lon and Grace thought it was really fun. 
We walked back to Grandma's house and about 15 minutes later, Mark, Megan and Gernot came back from their hike. We talked about it, and decided to go down the river in a tube.  I had never done that before!  It was very fun. Although I think next time I would like a small paddle so I can make it to shore just a touch easier. I relied on Mark to get me to shore, and he did a good job when it was time to get off the river.  It was supposed to take an hour to get down from the bridge, but it was more like 45 minutes. I enjoyed it very much.  Lon and Grace were playing well with each other and Grandmother.  They cleaned up their messes when they were done. Grace and Lon did not fight at all the entire weekend. It was impressive. 
We put the lasagna in the oven when we got back from the river. I am glad I made two pans of lasagna. There was barely any left. Same with the brownies.  We played Apples to Apples after dinner, it was fun.  Then it was time for bed! The next morning we went to the pool again and Lon showed off what he could do. Daddy was impressed.  Then we had to get on the road and go home so Mark could get to work the next morning.  The engine light came on and said the coolant was too hot, but we think it was because the car was baking in the sun and not moving for two days. The light went off after we were driving for a bit, but we will get it checked out in the morning.  Mark will take my car to work and I will take his to the shop.  It is going to be a busy week!  School starts next week! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lots of Lasts

This morning was our last day of swim lessons for the summer.
We made mini cupcakes for the life guards and instructors. They were so much fun this summer. Lon picked out the blue sprinkles.
Lon is looking good! He may get this swim thing yet!
I did bring a couple of extra cupcakes to share with the kids around the pool. The verdict came back yummy
TY!! Ty was able to spend one last afternoon with us. He goes back to China this weekend. We are going to miss the little guy!
Lon announced that he and Ty would be my minions for today. They are sorting out the birthday confetti, taking out the 50! from the mix so we can use it again. This was Lon's idea.  I let him run with it.
I sent them outside! It was too pretty a day to stay inside. With much giggling they tried to be sneaky, quietly turning on the water hoses.  They did not think I would notice once they both got soaking wet. They were having so much fun spraying each other, spraying everything. I did get them to water my blueberries, roses and raspberries.  That was a win for me!
Talking about the finer points of spraying water
Back inside to dry off for a bit. Playing Legos.
We heard the ice cream truck, twice.  The boys waited. And waited. They played in the front yard. They found the holes for the old fence. They waited. We still could hear the music, so they waited. Then we could not hear it anymore.  It was highly disappointing to them that the ice cream truck did not come.  I am disappointed too.
I made the boys impromptu pizza. I had two pieces of Na'an and some sauce, a little cheese and we were good to go! Na'an pizza is really yummy! 
Back outside for more sunshine and water fights.
Lon and Ty hugging goodbye.  We will miss him greatly.  I hope he has a great time in China! Looking forward to seeing him next summer!  

Wednesday with Daddy

I needed some help at home and Mark was kind enough to stay home to help me out! But we did have some fun, first we started off at Lon's swim lessons
Lon using the kickboard!
It was great that Daddy got to see Lon in the pool for his lessons.
Lon and Daddy needed haircuts.  Our next stop was Earls to take care of that!
A little bit of nerves for Lon. He is not so sure about a short cut. I am sure about a short cut!

Our next stop was Juanita Beach Park to see what they have done with it. The parking lot is way different, lots more trees and there are meandering paths. It is pretty.
Park pic
We walked the jetty over the water and there were alot of teenage ducks hanging out with their Mommies.  Everyone still seemed happy with each other.
Daddy telling Lon that next summer we could all be out in the water on warm days. Lon was not so sure about all that
Watching the continuing construction. The new company has done so much in so little time! I am looking forward to seeing it when it is all done!
Corn Dogs for Lunch! He won't eat cornbread, but he loves corndogs!
While Daddy went to do his work, Lon did his! Lon finished Kindergarten Headsprouts and started the next set of lessons. 
It was a really fun day with Daddy. We got everything done and got to spend an extra day together!

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's My Birthday!

Yes! I am one year older. Survived another trip around the sun.
The day started well. Lon made me coffee. He put the k-cup in and pushed the flashing button. I love that he knows how to make Mommy coffee now.
Why, yes, that was a belgian waffle maker in the above photo!  I made belgian waffles for us for breakfast. I did not get any fresh strawberries, so we settled for strawberry syrup and whipped cream. I am of the firm belief that calories do not count on your birthday!
Lon and I went to his swim lessons, it was the last bit of sunshine for the day.  Lon did well in his class.
After lessons, I asked Lon what fabric store he wanted to go to. We needed to pick up something special (I can not mention it yet, but soon). He wanted to go to the fabric store with the Cold Stone near it. You got it buddy! Cold Stone it is!  He got the chocolate with chocolate chips, and sprinkles.  Sprinkles still rule
I did get a treat, just not at Cold Stone. I went down the street to the French Bakery. And this is what I brought home. A chocolate almond croissant, an almond croissant, a napoleon, a fruit tart and a brownie. And Lon wanted each of us to have a limonata. I was not against that.  All those treats are not just for me. I got some for dessert for all of us. The croissants, those are all mine.
Uncle Dan stopped by for a very nice visit. It was good to see him!  Before Uncle Dan got there, we heard the ice cream truck and got there just in time!  Lon got a fudge bar, and this time I got a strawberry shortcake bar. Again, remember, calories are non existent for the full 24 hours of your special day!
Even though we have some wonderful leftovers from the party yesterday I did not want to cook. So we went out. I wanted to go to the Mediterranean Kitchen, but Lon was not thrilled with that idea. The idea of of me having a nice dinner with Lon pouting was out, so I went with my second choice, La Corona Mexican.  Mark and I tried new things, Lon stuck with the quesdilla.  I had Camerons Mexicana, shrimp with mushrooms, green pepper, and onion. It was very good. Mark tried fish tacos.  He inhaled those tacos! They must have been good.
Waiting for dinner.  Tic Tac Toe and Hang Man.
Lon told the waitress that it was my birthday and magically this lovely fried ice cream appeared at the table.  We could not finish it all, we gave it a good try, but no.  Since we had dessert at the restaurant we saved the pastries for tomorrow. 
When we got home, this beautiful bouquet was waiting on the front porch! How nice is this?  It was from my wonderful sister! Thanks KK! 
We spent the rest of the evening watching UP! With popcorn and cuddles. It was a wonderful birthday!