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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two Videos from St Edward Park

Today we met up with Ty and Jacky at St. Edward.

There was playing in the sand box. Which is always fun!

There was music! You can make good noise by hitting the thing with sticks! COOLNESS!

We brought Lon's trike! He had fun with that! Ty had his too. It was fun.

When we were ready to go home, we had some snacks!

Yes, Lon's very first Twinkie!

Wow! it's creamy

Ty's first Twinkie, too

This thing is really yummy, Mommy!


Twinkies are a special treat!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

When we got home this afternoon Lon and I carved pumpkins!
We started with the little sugar pumpkins, putting in the decorations from Fredericksburg. The bat, the cat and the witch!

Lon is working on the cat

Ta-Da! The cat is done! Next up, the cat and the witch! Lon did well with those

He wanted a carved pumpkin too, like the ones in New Hampshire. So I asked him if wanted to draw one or pick out a design. He picked out a kitty face for Mommy to cut out. He was a bit miffed he could not use the knife to cut out the little pieces. He got over it when Daddy gave him some candy corn.

He did get to pull off the paper, which he really liked
Oh my goodness! What has taken residence in Lon's room! It must be big!

Meeting Kayla

Today we met Kayla for the first time.

Isn't she a beautiful princess?

Brian and Lon played together.

Lon pushed Brian

Brian pushed Lon

Lon sneaks a peek at Kayla. She was just waking up.

Brian helped to feed his little sister. He was very gentle with her.

I got to hold her for a bit. I forgot how tiny 5 week old babies are. She was so light!

It was good to see Auntie Michelle and Uncle Chong. Lon did not want to go home, he likes playing with Brian.

We will go visit them again soon.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Diwali!

Tonight Uncle Vasu and Auntie Harshi invited us to a Diwali party. Diwali officially starts next week, but this is a nice way to get it started.

We played charades, with movie titles. Hindi and English. Mark and I did not any Hindi movies, but it was fun watching everyone act out the titles.

There was a little girl there who was just turning 3. Lon liked playing with her.

We got to see Uncle Rahul and Auntie Prachi.

We had some very good food. I am happy to know that homecooked Indian food is not as spicey as the food you find in restaurants.

It was a very fun evening. I am glad we went.

South 47 Farm

Today we went to South 47 Farm with Auntie Harshi! It was very fun.

Playing while we wait for the hay wagon!

Here comes the hay ride!

This is fun!!

In the pumpkin patch

Riding hay bale horses with Auntie Harshi!

Next time we have to remember quarters to feed the goats!
King of the tractor tire.
It was a very fun time!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Auntie Harshi's Birthday

Last Thursday was Auntie Harshi's Birthday. Lon, Mark and I were on an airplane back to Seattle. On Friday I made her a cake, and a picture bracelet and we had a small celebration.

Okay, all this hugging is good, but can we have cake now. I made a chocolate cake, with chocolate mouse filling, chocolate frosting and some crushed chocolate cookies for decoration.

It turned out well.

The last miles

The last miles of the Mohawk Trail

Couldn't resist one more roadside graveyard.

We at lunch at this Dairy Bar. It was good. Lon liked it, Lon liked the cow. So we got him a little squishy cow.

The frog bridge in Willimantic. Thread city.
Willimantic is in Connecticut. We were almost back in Niantic.
Dodge Pond, Niantic. There are houses all around the pond. It is very pretty.
We left the next morning. Our flight was uneventful. The biggest thing on the airplane ride was that I was the big winner of the inflight trivia contest. No real prize, just knowing that I knew more useless knowledge than my companions.