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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Meet Tim

Our Tiki Tim! The latest addition to the family.

Happy Happy Halloween!

I tried to capture the entire day for Lon. He was so excited all day! About everything.
We started the day with pancakes!
Pumpkin shaped chocolate chip pancakes. He now thinks all his pancakes should have mini chocolate chips in them.
He really does eat them!
Lon wanted to go to Pizza Hunt (Pizza Hut for those who do not speak Lon) We met Daddy at the one near his office. Lon ate most of his personal pan pizza. He really enjoyed the whole experience of meeting Daddy for lunch at Pizza Hunt. (yes, that is his latest shirt, a snoopy Halloween shirt Mommy made for him)
When we got home, we decorated the yard! I could not find the strings and pickets for the giant pumpkin! Took me a while, but I did find them, near the blow up Christmas Snoopy. Whew. I have to get another set of those so I don't keep doing this every year
Lon thinks the new cat is very cool. His eyes have lights in them that flash different colors. It is very cool!! Thanks Mom!
We now have a skeleton! Very fun, next year we should find a couple tombstones... I love all the stuff in my yard for Halloween!
Lon got a little bit cold when we were outside decorating, so when Daddy changed into his jammies, so did Lon! But unlike Daddy, Lon did not take a nap! We carved our pumpkin! There were only about 45 seeds inside that pumpkin! Which is simply not enough for me! Since Daddy was still sleeping, we took off and bought two more pumpkins to get more seeds to toast. They are drying out a bit, in the morning, I will toast them! Yummy!!
Pumpkin carving can be fun, and Lon can be goofy modeling his pumpkin face!
Lon's sugarpie pumpkins! We still love these pumpkin picks! I was not going to do them this year, just cause, but Lon really wanted to do them! So we did! They are super cute!

More pumpkins
Mini pumpkins! I had to get him in regular clothes to go to the store.
Our ketchup and mustard dip for dinner
We had Mummy Dogs! It was fun
Looking at our porch pumpkins
I took Lon out Tick or Treating! We went around the entire block. That would be about a mile and a half. Lon walked the entire way! We did most of the cul de sacs, and boy did he get candy!
Lon had one piece of his candy haul, then we went upstairs, he had some milk, and was asleep in about 3 minutes. His final words before going to sleep was to tell me he was not at all sleepy and really he wanted to stay up to sort his candy. I promised no one would touch it. Then he went out.. He had a great day, alot of fun and I hope he will remember it.
P.S. The reason for the costume:
I thought I had already put in why Lon is the UPS man for Halloween. Lon wanted to be the UPS man because: He only brings us things we ordered or presents. He never brings any bills. He is like a year round Santa. Those are his reasons.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Last PeeWee Monster Bash!

Yes, this was our last Pee Wee Monster Bash! Next year, Lon will be in Kindergarten. Take a minute, let that one sink in. I am still in shock.
The Swamp Fishing is something Lon talked about doing all week, and it was the first thing Lon ran toward!
Pin the Eye on the Monster. It was interesting to see where the kids put the eyes, lots of them went on the hands.
I could not decide which one of these photos I liked best. He is so cute in each one. At first he was not interested in having his picture taken, then I told him a joke and got these priceless photos.
What a cutie!!
Lon and Pirate Captain Laura! Lon spent most of his time down in the obstacle course room. Run run run! Jump jump jump
Run down the mat, push the round things down. Flying leaps were the best fun!
Cookie Break!
What? I can't do all these things again and get more prizes? He could play more, but no more prizes.
Making a baby spider
Another photo op!
Look Mom, this is cool.
Lon took this photo
Jump Jump Jump!
All this running, jumping and the flying leaps did NOTHING to help Lon go to sleep early. He finally fell asleep about 45 minutes late!! Perhaps he will sleep later, HA!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Making cookies with Little Sarah

Little Sarah came over to help us make our Wednesday cookies! We made Chocolate Yummies! A no bake, super fast cookie! I thought that would be the best for the little ones..
Lon was being his best goofy self

Little Sarah and her Mommy count out the cookies. They did turn out yummy, and chocolate-y!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Feeding Ducks, more or less

Saturday, between raindrops, we went with Ty to Goosepoop park to feed the ducks. It was alot of fun, even though Lon wanted to play in the park more than feed the ducks
He did feed the ducks a little bit
Then the bread was gone and both boys went off to the park
Swings!! Little boy style
Lon telling me stories.
Lon telling Ty stories
More talking
Time to go home, the day is done. We had a great time!

Monday, October 19, 2009

What happens when I am not on Facebook

This is the quilt I made for our new cousin! She is so cute, and she has the same toes that Lon does! Those curled over toes, so it must be a family thing.
This is the quilt that I made for little Vishnu, I hope they come home soon. We really miss them.
Lon's new Halloween Jammies! They are very soft and comfy and I think they are big enough that he may get to wear them next year! What you might not be able to see, is that the buttons spell BOO! Love that!

Lon in his new Snoopy Halloween shirt. We love Snoopy! And yes, he is eating a Ding Dong. Which is very silly.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Day at the Beach!

Lon loved the beach so much, we went back on our last morning so Lon could enjoy some serious beach time!

The dump truck stayed at Grammalyn's house, along with all the beach toys. They will be there waiting for us on our next visit!