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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Technical Difficulties!

My computer has been in the repair shop for the last two weeks. I have photos to post and a blog to write as soon as I can get my computer back, or a new one as the case may be. The last message I recieved was that it has been a real challenge. Um, okay.
Lon, Daddy and I went camping over this last weekend. It was great fun. Even if it was almost 100 degrees... but it was cold at night! more with pictures coming soon as I can!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

May 10
Lon and Daddy surprised me by getting me a wonderful big yellow begonia hanging basket. I love it. (insert photo not yet taken here)

Then they cleaned out, vacuumed and washed my car. I love my boys!

I had a good Mother's Day.

National Train Day

May 9
I heard some where that it was National Train Day. We had not seen Brian and Kayla in a long time. We invited them over to play trains and for barbecue. I pulled a pork on Friday afternoon. We had sandwiches, pickles, chips and chocolate train cupcakes for dessert! It was a good afternoon of visiting.

Kayla and Auntie Michelle (Kayla and Brian's Mom) watch the boys play trains.

Hey! is there someone under there? Where is Lon?

The boys had a great time playing together. It was nice to see them again. We are so glad they came over.

Nepali Wedding Reception

May 8
We got an invitation to Neil's wedding reception. Of course, we said yes. It was great fun.

Lon still fit in his Nepali outfit that Mrs. Kalpona gave him! All but the hat, the hat was too small.

Mr. Makunda was manning the bar for a little while.

Lon and some of the little girls adding straw decorations to the pole

The Bride and Groom, and I have no clue on who the gentleman in the suit is.

More decorating!

Aren't they gorgeous? the ladies and the clothes! I was the only lady not in a sari. I really need to get one that fits me!

Mrs. Kalpona and Lon.

Lon was having so much fun!

The little boys watching the little girls dance on the stage.

We stayed till about 9:45, we had some dinner. It was catered by Raga, an Indian restaurant near the hall. They had goat. Who knew goat could be tasty? Lon only wanted something to drink, he had his dinner before we left. Lon was still wound up when we got home, he wanted to play! When I finally got him into jammies and into bed, he fell asleep almost instantly.

Leaving California

May 1

When we got back to the fort, we loaded up the car with all our stuff! When we got up in the morning we were able to leave. Lon was not happy about leaving Grandma, but she was doing so much better! Lon would help her with the walker, he was a very good boy in California.

Reba wants in the picture too!

Lon was a great traveler on the way home! He stayed up the entire 13 1/2 hours in the car! He wanted to keep Mommy company. We stopped alot to go potty and stretch our legs. We made it all in one very very long day but it was good to see Daddy again! I think he missed us too!

Sutter's Fort

April 30
When we were at Fairy Tale Town, I got the garmin back out to tell us how to go home and it said something about Sutter's Fort. I thought it might be interesting, but had no idea about it.
We could not go earlier in the week, the only day we could go was on Thursday. This turned out to be the very best. They had several school groups there and they also had re-enactors mulling around, baking bread, demonstrating how to make rope. It was all wonderful. Had we gone earlier in the week as originally planned, we would have missed this!
The Fort put on a cannon demonstration for all the kids, they narrated how to load the cannon and proceeded to fire it off! How cool is that?

Do you think they know this is going to be loud?
Yep, it was loud. Everyone cheered.

Behind the fort was this lovely fountain, as we wondered around the pond we found out the building I thought was a house turned out to be the California Museum of Native Americans. They had some very interesting artifacts from the area, but no photographs allowed.

The back of the fort. We had a great time at the fort, we are glad we went. Lon found a very old nail on the ground. He wanted to turn in it, so we did. They thought that was very nice of the little guy.

Washing the Truck & Sprinkler Fun

April 26

The truck needed washed, Lon wanted to help and Andy let him!

Lon did a good job, he listened and he even thought it was fun. But he did not last too long at the job.

When the sprinkler went off, he wanted to play in the sprinkler!

Backyard Critters

April 26
Lon and I were out on the patio, and we saw these guys!

Lon had his toy binoculators and I had the camera.. He liked the pictures.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sacramento History Museum

After Fairy Tale Town, Lon and I had to stop by Old Town Sacramento again. I forgot to get a very important T-shirt! We did not go back to the Railroad museum, we just went into the store. We did got into the Sacramento History Museum. A HIGHLY under viewed place. It is a wonderful little museum. I very much enjoyed my time in the museum. I learned alot about the history of Sacramento.

Some of the fruit crate labels they had on display. They had on a video about the labels running in that area, so while Lon played I learned more about the labels. Which I thought was great. I even have a couple of the ones on display.
They had a table set up, with farm animals and tractors. Lon was a happy happy boy!

Fairy Tale Town

April 26
Sunday we decided to go to Fairy Tale Town. Lon had been talking about it ever since we saw it on our way to the Zoo. He loved it. 4 Acres of preschool fun. We stayed for over 4 hours. Lon was so excited, so happy to be there. He ran all over the place, saw everything 5 or 6 times!

The pirate ship was a favorite!

Cinderella's coach, it has horses you will see soon.

Jack and Jill's water pump at the top of a hill. Yes, water actually flowed from the pump.

The barn slide. On the other side, where you actually enter the barn, go up the stairs and down the slide. They have the Irish Dexter Cow, which is a mini-cow. But he looked big enough to me, and they had a donkey, name Eyeore. Eyeore was very fun, I got to pet him and he played, ran, kicked his legs up, and some people ran by the fence and he chased them! He was having a very good day. so were we.

Cinderella's horses!

Moo-lan and Eyeore.

Look, animals! It's the cow I was telling you about.

Lon spent about 45 minutes playing on the tractor. He put gas in it, he changed the oil, he drove it like crazy!

The old lady who lived in a shoe, now it is a slide.

We got a key, and there are places we could use it. Although most of them did not work. Lon would listen for a little bit, then off he would go. We gave the key to another little girl on her way in. We were not going to need it again this trip!

More barn sliding!

Owl's slide. They were big on slides.

King Lon in King Arthur's Castle. He loved running in and out of the castle. Okay, he loved running around the entire place. We did have lunch inside the park. It was not expensive, it was hot dogs and uncrustables. It was great!

Chugging apple juice inside Hiawatha's tent.

I loved this water fountain, and Lon did too.