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Friday, January 27, 2012

A Birthday Celebration After School

 Today was a birthday celebration for a kindergarten classmate. It has been awhile since we saw him, but once we were there, everyone remembered everyone!  It was so much fun!
Playing in a real playroom before the main activity!
The main activity was the Reptile Man! From Monroe. (see previous blog from last summer, when Lon and I went to the Reptile Man's place). This is the amazing peeing turtle!  The turtle had a small accident, and a few minutes later, a giant accident! I was in awe that the turtle could hold so much!
Moving to the back of the room as the snakes come out
Birthday boy with the little crocodile! I petted the croc.  Lon would not. 
Did you see that, Mom? A crocodile! A real crocodile!
Lon saying he would volunteer to hold the albino python, and telling Issac that he had seen that snake before!
Lining up to hold the snake.  Lon then realized what he volunteered for and very quietly left the line. He did NOT want to touch the snake.
Riding the turtle. Yes, this was an approved activity!  All the children were allowed to sit on the turtle as he moved around the room.   Lon thought it was really fun
CAKE! Lon's most favorite part of any party, right next to the ice cream!
Opening presents! 
Lon loves to help clean up!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Melt

Today was much warmer. In the mid 40s!  The snow is melting fast, flooding is possible in some areas.  However, the roads were clear, and we got out of the house! 
Getting ready to get out of the house. What is that small boy doing in the background?
Trying to make a snowball to hit his mother one last time. He very much enjoys pelting his mother with snowballs. His mother on the other hand, is not so thrilled with it.  Our first stop, and seemingly everyone else's too, was to the grocery store. We are nicely restocked.  Lon is trying new things again. Broccoli is a current favorite! 
Our next stop was to get haircuts for the boys. Lon was reading a younger boy a story while he waited for his cut.
Getting his shaggy hair under control!
Lon hates his hair in spikes. We all think he looks great in spikes
When we came home, Lon and Daddy thought it would be a good idea to shovel out the snow left behind my car. What nice boys!
It was wonderful my car got shoveled out. We got a call from Megan, she wanted to get out of the house! We met up in downtown. We got there a little early. The town tree is still up, and I finally was able to get Lon's photo in front of it!
Lon thought it was a good idea to pass the time at Eastside Trains! We looked at N gauge trains. They are tiny trains. They would be wonderful to have on Lon's bookcase. To get started it is not too expensive. The power box is the most expensive part. It looks pretty fun! 
Waiting. Lon hates waiting.  He got to kick some leftover snow.  He likes that.
Horray! King of the Hill! We were walking with Grace to the waterfront
A little too close to the water for his mother. I did not bring any other clothes for him
King and Queen of the Rock!
We walked back through town. We stopped at Sur La Table. My regular pattern holds true, if I am looking for something specific, they will not have it. Either it is sold out, or they never had it. But if I got into browse they have super sale items that I can not pass up!  They had a Christmas woopie pan for 3 dollars. Who can pass that up? Very fun.
The Gelato place we love is closed till the end of the month. We love Sirena Gelato. I am looking forward to it reopening! Megan had some coupons for free small Ben and Jerry ice creams. So we stopped in there.The ice cream was good.
Grace being goofy
Lon and Grace played music for us. I made dinner of cheese raviolis, with homemade pesto or meat sauce. We had cherry pie for dessert. I love being able to put together a good dinner on the fly!
Lon wearing Daddy's glasses.  We played a game of picture telephone.  Someone writes down a word or phrase, the next person draws a picture of it. Not showing the original word or phrase. The next person writes down what he thinks the picture is, and passes it to the next person who draws a picture of that. It goes on till everyone has written something or drawn a picture.  Then we show the progression! It was really fun!  It was a great day, I think we all had fun.

Friday, January 20, 2012

SNOW! Day6

This is the last day of our snow adventure. The weather has warmed up and the rain has started.
Lon, with a little supervision, made his own breakfast this morning. I plugged in the toaster, but he got the english muffin, (I cut it), butter and peanut butter. He loves peanut butter straight from the jar too! Wonder where he got that from?
The last snow covered Tiki Tim.
The roads were still slick, the kids with sleds were still having fun.  We are getting a sled as soon as I can get one!  We decided to get out of the house, we needed some fresh vegetables for dinner. We walked up to Albertsons. 
Mark and Lon admire this snowman. They used Halloween eyes, they were scary!
The previous Home Depot snowman had been demolished to make way for this beauty.  Dreaming of a warmer climate!
Coming back, Lon was not so thrilled to be walking up the hill.  He was disappointed that Albertsons did not have a sled. 
We walk down the street, and when we left, the tree was still tall. When we came home, the tree was no longer as tall. I am glad it waited for us to pass under it.  This is the biggest problem now, the freezing rain is causing the snow to be super heavy. Trees are coming down all over the place! At our house we are not in any danger from trees falling on the house. At least I think we are okay!
Natasha got her bath today. That was pretty much the fun we had today. The rain started coming down and we stayed inside.  Lon and Daddy played computer games, I made French Onion Soup.   Lon tried it, then had a peanut butter sandwich.  Tomorrow our snow event should be over. The car should be able to get out of the driveway, and normal life will resume. Until the next big snow storm, forecast for about a week from now.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

SNOW! Day 5

Today was not our best effort. The wind was blowing, the temperatures never got above 32 (freezing). It was just not as fun as it was a couple days ago! BUT we did some things!
Lon worked on painting his pinewood derby car. We got word late tonight that the derby is postponed due to weather.  We will have one incredible car!
Tiki Tim, picture 1
Another Epic Lego Naval Battle!
We did do some playing in the snow.  It just kept coming down all day. It finally stopped about 7pm. I think it stopped, I can't see it anymore!
We gave the cat a bath. He was not amused, but he is fluffy now.  It gave us something to do!
The birds are hanging out,waiting for Lon not to finish that sandwich!
Tiki Tim, picture 2. These were taken only a couple hours apart.
The weather is supposed to warm up, maybe on Saturday now. They revised the forecast again tonight. Earlier it was supposed to warm up tomorrow, but they now say  more snow and only up to 36.  As an added bonus to look forward to we are going to get wind, rain and then in 9 days we have the same computer model again, showing more snow coming. Another big storm. Probably the same one that is in Juneau or near there today. We are going to try to enjoy it and have a good time with it. There really is not much else we can do!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SNOW! Day 4

Today was the day of the BIG snow. The weather people have been saying that we would get RECORD amounts of snow! Prepare to be housebound for DAYS! Well, no not really. We did get snow, about 4 or so more inches.  A fun amount, not a crippling amount.
Bear says Hi! Snow is good
Winter Wonderland
Can't tell I shoveled the driveway.
Sweeping snow off the back deck
He is having fun. Really he is!
Such a good helper
King of the Mound!
We came in and warmed up by making cookies!  Lon was in charge of sprinkles.
A little playing with Legos after lunch
Today was the day for packages! Our first package of the day was from Miss Lindsay. She sent us wonderful Moosemeat, and a bit of salmon.  5 pounds of burger and two (TWO!) roasts. All still frozen solid and now happily in my freezer till we eat them up soon.  Our second package was from Theresa in CHINA!  Lon got a t-shirt and candy and a panda trainer chopsticks.  I got a calendar, Beijing Kids Magazine, two decals for New Year and (AND!) a meter of beautiful silk!  I am not sure what I am going to do with the silk yet, but it will be something wonderful! It is so pretty. 
Then it was time to go back outside! We can only stay in for so long before we get a little nuts.
We walked and played a bit then we went back home, the wind was starting to pick up and it was COLD!
A beauty shot
I liked the way this looked.
We got an idea to make real snow cones. From snow. (Thank you Julie Griffith!) We scooped up some snow and added the cherry lime syrup I had left from summer Italian sodas.  It was yummy!
Then it was time for dinner. I made fried chicken. Lon ate some of it! And liked it! Happy Mommy!