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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Trunk or Treat

October 28

Trunk or Treat night at St. Theresa's!
We went to 530 mass and while the boys were eating hot dogs. I was decorating the trunk of my car. I did not have a lot of time to do it, but I had an idea.   This was a first time for all of us at a Trunk or Treat event.

My trunk. Not bad for a first time. I think.  Lon liked it.
 Snow White's forest.  I dressed up as Snow White. Mainly because that is the only costume i have!

Some of the other cars

This one was the people's choice winner

Golfing trunk.


Costume judging.

They were all too cute.

Lon won his age group. Thank you, Mr. Joe.  He won a Dairy Queen gift card.

Mark playing Plants Vs. Zombies in the Snow White trunk

Pinata time!

The original sticks broke, a gentleman offered his very large ram's horn. He was using it as a cane. It was the coolest thing!

The pinata broke free from it's rope before it broke open. So Ms. Leslie opened it up and tossed the candy out. The kids were having lots of fun

We went to Dairy Queen on the way home. Sadly, there was a mix up of some kind with the gift card and it never got activated. Lon got his treats anyway, and I reported it to Leslie in the morning.  It will all work out just fine.

We are looking forward to a fun trunk or treat next year too!

Paint Ball!

October 28

Lon was invited to Damian's birthday party!  It was a paint ball party. Sounded like fun!

Signing the release forms. I had to sign too

Trying on face masks

In all his gear

It was hot inside that face mask!   Lon had a little bit of a learning curve before it got fun.  He did not give up

Playing the game

This was a great birthday party!

We had to leave after paintball, but Lon wants to do paintball again. Soon. 

He had only 7 bruises (he thought it was 6, but he does not bruise easily and one started up today on the back of his neck)

Fall Fest at St Theresa

October 21

We were looking forward to the Fall Festival at St. Theresa's!

Looking over the silent auction baskets.
Lon was going to win the Lego basket this year. He was determined!

All the goodies. I made two dozen cupcakes and 16 bags of caramels. 14 bags sold, and most of the cupcakes.  I am always proud of that.

Lon is down there somewhere working the games. He was in his class B uniform and he got some service hours in.

A victory root beer!

Lon won the Lego basket and did not go over the budget I set.  He was so happy with the big basket of Lego!

The fall festival keeps getting better every year!

Third Thursday!

October 19.

We had not been to a Third Thursday in a long time. We thought it would be fun to see what they were doing.

Montrose was decorated for Halloween.
It was nice enough to eat outside.

They used to have a giant Jenga game, but we could not find it.   Lon and Mark did find the giant Connect 4.   They played several rounds

Lon thought it was funny that his sprite looked like some sort of light beer in that glass.  It was Sprite. nothing else.  He ordered the 1/3 pound burger and ate it all. He is growing up. sigh.

Mark teaching Lon how to play ping pong after eating

We walked around downtown. It was fun. We went by this little shop, and we went into People Places and Quilts. Mark picked out some new pineapple and flamingo fabric for me. I am looking forward to a new dress!  Lon picked out a new shirt with a Navajo pattern.

Someone was having her bridal portraits taken.

There is a new (ish) shop! Called Simple Treasures. A candy and ice cream store.  The ice cream is amazing.

Lon says the root beer floats are amazing!

I like the trees are all lit up !
Glad we went to third Thursday.

Italian Festival

Also on October 15, was the Italian Festival in downtown Summerville.  Lon needed to go to an International Festival for a Boy Scout Merit Badge.  We dropped off Mark and off we went to downtown!

it is still very small


Prof he was there.  Lon was sad to find out the zeppoli were all made with pizza dough.   He likes the ones made with ricotta dough.

The festival was fun, if small.

Boeing IT Picnic

It was a great day for a picnic! 

We left a bit early, so we took a drive. 
Lon finally got to see a sweetgrass basket stand with baskets. Most of the time when we drive by these, we do not see them with baskets.

marshes can be beautiful places

We made it to Charlestown Landing where we had a private room and part of the park. 
Lon is trying pumpkin  bowling.  I do not think anyone was very good at it.

After a wonderful lunch of turkey and macaroni and cheese and apple cobbler with ice cream (!) we went outside again and saw the big Jenga game! Mark and Lon have lots of fun with this game

They got the Jenga tower up very tall! Almost  taller than Lon, who is now 5 foot 2!

They did re stack the game for the next people.

The tent behind the Jenga had a drinks bar, lemonade and water, and games set up on all the tables.  We had a great time playing Guess Who?

Chillin on the porch waiting for the Opossum presentation.

This is the fluffiest opossum we had ever seen

On our way out we found the pumpkin sand necklace making station.  It was so much fun pouring the sand into the tiny pumpkins.  we did some layered ones and a couple solid ones too. I am going to glue the tops down, I do not want the sand to get everywhere !

It was a great day for the picnic.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Court of Honor

September 10, 2017

Court of Honor was very special this time. It was the 10th anniversary of the Troop 788 charter.  There were people there who helped found the troop. Even a couple of the first five boys (no longer boys) who were on the charter. All made Eagle.

The entire troop was on color guard.

Monsignor talked about the importance of Scouts at St. Theresa's. 

waiting for his turn to get in line

There was so much food, but most of it went. All the fried chicken, most of the pulled pork, the buns, well there were a lot of those left over

The cake. It was heavy and very large.
The bottom layer was chocolate and vanilla, the middle was lemon and the top was orange. I used a sparkly gold sugar sheet for the fleur de lis.  The small fleur de lis on the side are molded chocolate. 

I had some worry that the cake would not transport well.

It made it. ! There was some left over, but that was a lot of cake! I would rather have too much than not enough cake.

It was a good Court of Honor.