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Thursday, July 06, 2017

A Visit for the Fourth!

We had a wonderful visit for the Fourth of July. Mark's brother, Josh, and his family stopped by on their way home!
Cousins.  For Lon's birthday they got him a matchin shirt.  Boston is almost the same age as Lon! They had such a good time playing together.

Fireworks for the Fourth!

It was a nice, relaxing day, burgers on the grill.  

Mark helping Lon light off a big Saturn V firework. Lon had to get that one!

All the kids got to play with sparklers.
Lon is asking to light off a whirling flower.

Family. Except Becky and I.

 We are so happy they stopped to see us! It was wonderful meeting them.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Eagle Court of Honor

This afternoon, we had the honor of going to an Eagle Scout Ceremony.

Lon was tired, but he had a good attitude, and had a good time!

Lon was asked to carry the Troop Colors for the Posting of the Colors.   (yay Lon! )

It was a very emotional ceremony, and then some yummy barbeque.

Thank you for inviting us.

Now He is TWELVE

I am going to let that sink in.
I am going to try to enjoy each and every day and not think of the very short amount of time I have left to have him living at home.

On his own he went and found his Birthday shirt and put it on.  That made me happy. He could have continued to wear his t shirt and I would not have said anything.  My sweet boy.

This  year he wanted to have a sleep over with a few friends instead of a big party.

As soon as his friends arrived for the sleepover, he wanted to open presents. So he did.

His big present from Mom and Dad.  I told him that even though I ordered it, it was back ordered and then canceled. I would try to re order it, but I was not sure I could since it was such a popular toy.
The Saturn V rocket. The same type rocket as the one we slept under when we went to Kennedy Space Center.  The lego has 1969  pieces.  How cool is that?

Pizza! Lots of pizza!

He wanted to help put in the candles in his cake.

He wanted a glaxay cake. That is what I made, the inside was chocolate with a cherry filling.

The boys had eaten a lot of pizza so cake and ice cream waited till closer to  "bed time" .  Bed time really did not happen.

Blowing out the candles.  12 color flame candles, and a 12.  

The sleepover was a success, all the boys had a great time.  It was fun.  Slightly weird for Lon's mother, not to plan a big party, but it was okay.

Last Haircut for age 11

Lon got a hair cut on the 29th, after seeing how shaggy he looked at camp!  The last haircut of age 11.  

iTeams >>Xtreme Next Generation Camp!

That is a mouthful for a camp. Lon found this robotics camp. It is part of the Governor's School for Science and Mathmatics summer outreach camps.  Lon had to apply for the camp. He was accepted for the four day camp! I was proud of him.
On the last day the parents were invited to see what the kids were working on all week.

The Governor's School for Science and Mathmatics is a boarding school for STEM.

The kids all got T shirts on the last day.
We listened to the remarks.  It was good to see all the hard work recognized.  Lon did not get any extra recognition.
He did have lots of fun!

Lon at his work station, he did have a partner.  They had mostly fun together.
They had to make a poster for their group.  Lon and his partner. They named themselves the Iron Kittens.

They even had a flag

Lon's and his partner's project. A light that is adjustable.  they also made a photo sensative light project. A light that goes on when it gets dark, but that one would not show up very well.

Lon had lots of fun, he was learning to work with a partner, and he learned ! It was a great camp!