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Sunday, July 30, 2017


Our last day in Connecticut was spent hanging out. It was a nice day.  On Thursday we packed up the car and headed south.
We saw a billboard for the Pez Visitor's Center.  Mark and I thought it might be fun to see what it was like!  Exit 42 in Orange Connecticut.  It really was fun!

Can't miss the turn!

The entrance fee was not huge. 5 dollars per adult and Lon was 3.
 This is the GIANT pez near the front doors.  It actually looks as if he will dispense a Pez, but he closes back up before dropping it on your head.

Looking up at Mr. Giant Pez

That day was Bingo Day! You did not have to do a black out bingo, just one row. Once you were done with your bingo, you could turn in it to get a chance to spin the wheel of pez dispensers to see which one you won!

Santa Pez!!  Aren't these great?!
Working hard on finding all the fun Pez

Mark pointing out that the pistol Pez may not have been well thought out.

Filling up a Pez bucket with all sorts of fun flavors. Sour Apple, Cherry, Lemonade, Watermelon. !

They did not have peppermint. Mark was disappointed.

The Pez Visitor's Center was a great place to get out of the car for an hour or so.

We continued in a southerly direction over the Tappenzee Bridge.

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