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Thursday, July 27, 2017

First Day in Connecticut

We left the house on Saturday the 15th of June for a trip to Niantic. Our original plan was to stop in Hazleton, PA and spend the night. It did not work out like that. There was a huge car show in the Hazleton/Wilkes-Barre area and there were no hotel rooms to be found.  We decided to keep going, by the time we got to the New York border it was only a few more hours to Niantic. No sense in getting a hotel room if we were only 3 hours or so away.  It was a good drive.
That left us a full extra day in Connecticut!
Our first stop on Sunday was, of course, the Book Barn!
The Goats! We love the goats!

Lon loves feeding them

What a great idea to have a games table and chairs, so the family could relax while i was looking through all the books.
We went to all FOUR book barns, the main one, then the travel barn, and the two downtown.  The last one Lon found most of his books. That one has maritime books and cookbooks. I found a cookbook I had been looking for, Renoir's Table.  It is a beautiful book to look at, but I have not made anything out of it yet.
Then it was time for lunch. We went to Charlies.  We had read the headlines in the newspaper saying there was a major clam shortage, but Lon was able to get fried clams.

Godfather invited us out for dinner at the Beach Club. Since my foot was just healing from my previous beach injury I opted to soak up the sun on the deck and read one of my new to me books.  The boys were having a great time in the water!
Out to the raft!

The deck was not a bad place to hang out!

Lon and Daddy getting his kite in the air

It was not very breezy, Lon was determined to make that kite fly!

And he did! He had a blast flying it all over the beach.

We had a wonderful time at the Beach Club, dinner was wonderful.  The company was good too.

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