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Friday, November 30, 2007

Santa Pictures!

On Monday, I was all set for a quiet day. It was not to be! Lon wanted his Santa pictures TODAY Mommy! TODAY!!!!! So off we went. We got Lon a new Christmas sweater and long sleeve polo to wear under it. At Talbot's Kids, which at Easter, did not have much for boy's dress up. A Children's Place had tons! This time it was reversed. After our photo, we went power shopping! We got home by 2 in the afternoon, and at 4:45 Lon curled up in my lap, told me he was a sleepy boy and went to sleep. He did not wake up till 7am!

We are just about all done with our shopping! I just have to wrap, address, tag, box and mail.. and BAKE!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Feast!

We had a wonderful feast! We had a full house, 14 in all. Uncle Vasu was able to come for a little while too. The people in this picture are Meghan, Maddie, Gracie, Lon, Ben and Meghan's Dad.

Lon likes his milk, which I am not going to get too upset about. I just found out today that rickets of all things is supposedly on the rise. Rickets? It's a lack of milk and exercise. I think Lon is not in any danger.

Lon liked playing with Gracie. He also chased Ben all over the house. Ben wanted a little brother before he met Lon, I am thinking he may have changed his mind!

We load up our plates in the kitchen, my table is not quite big enough to hold all the food we had at our feast! The turkey had 6 legs, we had Waldorf salad, cranberry chutney, squash bread, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, Cesar salad, rolls, butter in leaf shapes, jellied cranberry sauce straight from the can, gravy, apple raisin stuffing and the pies I mentioned in the last blog! (pumpkin, pecan and the mini pumpkin cheesecakes)

The big people nice table.

The kids table! Yes, I made the little table cloth, it is snoopy and friends dressed up as Pilgrims. The table cloth I made for the grown up table is too short for our new table. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Lon did for sure. After everyone left, he got into his jammies, I told him I would read him one story then he had to go to sleep. I read him one story, he said thank you mommy, night night and closed his eyes and went to sleep. What a good boy!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Preparing for the Feast!

The day before Thanksgiving, Lon and I were busy getting ready for our Feast!

I let Lon push the button on the Cuisinart! We were making up some Mock Boursin. Scared the daylights out of Lon when the machine came to life. It is very loud.

While Mommy got the pies ready, Lon was making concoctions in his contraption. I called it a contraption once, Lon's lovely stand from his GrammaLyn, and that is all Lon can call it now. He LOVES this stand. I like it because it keeps him safer than standing on a chair. He has side rails all the way around. No falling off of it!

I gave Lon some sugar, some spices, a little bit of pumpkin, some sprinkles and a little bit of pie dough and whatever else I had a little bit of leftover. The sprinkles, those were key. EVERYTHING has to have sprinkles.

One of our pumpkin pies. I painted the leaves with food coloring.

The mince tartlettes I forgot about and are now in the freezer till Christmas....

The pecan pie that seemed to evaporate.

Showing Daddy our concoction.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Brian!

On Sunday Afternoon we went to Brians! He turned ONE! How fun is that?

Don't you just LOVE Brian's hair? He is the CUTEST one year old around!

I leaned over and then raised up fast, Brian still liked that. I first did that at Gracie's party.

Speaking of Miss Gracie, there she is! With Uncle Vasu.

This is Miss Sarah and her Daddy. I found out she reads our happy little blog. What a cutie she is!

We had some GREAT food. Lon tried a little bit of some things, he really liked the sesame noodles. There was Korean barbecue. Mark told me the Kim Chee was really great! Super hot. I did not try it, I am a whimp. Lon smelled it, but gave it a pass.

She is adorable, I am not sure who she is. The little lady went around collecting all the balloons she could!

Brian in his traditional Korean clothes. Chong is so proud I think he is going to burst a button.

A Birthday Cake!

In Korean custom, a tray is laid out in front of the one year old. It has a bunch of items on it. Money, rice, a ball of string, a ball, a blood pressure cuff and a pen. Those are the items I can remember. Each is supposed to represent a possible future. The pen represents scholarly activity, that is what Brian chose.

The Cookie Monster Pinata was a BIG hit!

Lon LOVED his piece of cake! Yummy! There were also traditional Korean sweets. They had one with bean paste in them! Mommy LOVES those. I have to find out what they are called! We got a box with rice cake, and the bean sweets in it as a take home favor! Yummy!
Lon got his own little goodies bag too. It has some bubbles in it, some candy and a super bouncy ball.
Lon had a great time, as did we all. Lon was asleep, out for the night, just as we hit the freeway.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas Finery Preview

At the PEO Holiday Auction, Lon wore one of his Christmas outfits. Okay, so far I think it is his ONLY Christmas outfit. The Auction was a success. Lon was well behaved, and when he told me it was time to go home, we did. I did not want to push him too hard.
The shoes, are from last year. I ordered the wrong size last year. Instead of trying to send them back and mess around with all that in December, I figured that they would fit him this year. They do! Wonderful! Lon calls them his fancy party shoes.
Thank you Matt for the great outfit! We love them!

Fall Leaves!

Last Sunday, the fourth, the Sunday it was NOT raining! Daddy and Lon raked leaves. Lon can now use the rake we got him last autumn.

After working really really hard, it was time to play!

The Amazing Tummy Cam came back!

A Tummy Cam picture of Lon's tummy!

Two Weekends, Two Parks

I know I have not posted alot, we have been busy! Lon and I went to Juanita Beach Park (now known as Goosepoop Park)

Lon still loves to climb. Ladders are now the thing, a little more of a challenge!

On the *rock* wall. Okay, Mom, you can stop taking pictures anytime. It is time to play!

MOM! Push me!

For the rest of the time at the park, I played with Lon.

The next day, we played with Daddy too, at Peter Kirk Park.

Slides! Slides! Slides!

Run Run Run!

It is kinda cold, but I am NOT about to admit it!

I'm Driving!

Driving is the most fun EVER

Just hanging around!

Do I look tired? NO,NO NO

After we spent a super duper fun day at Peter Kirk, we went to the Acropolis for lunch. We ordered, Lon started to get a little upset. By the time the food was there, he had reached his limit! Mommy and Lon went out to the car, Daddy got the food all boxed up and once we started the car, the little Man was out like a light. A RARE nap.