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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Long Time, No Update!

It is not like we are just sitting around the house! We go to Pirates and art. However, it is only Mommy who is now going to Mommy and Me Ice Skating. Lon informed that it was for 5 year olds. This is why he was not good at it, you have to be 5. I was not going to push him at this point. Mommy is really enjoying it. Lon goes to Ty's house for the morning and Mommy goes skating! We have also been going to the Y's adventure club! Lon goes to that and I work out. Seriously, I work out. Who'd a thunk!
This week we have Ty here every day! This is so very cool. We are having a blast! Two kids are a TON of fun! I am so happy I got to do this.
This weekend, we are going to a birthday party and to Disney Playhouse LIVE! so there will be updates with pictures.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A very cool new blog!

Since I can not figure out how to put a blog link on my blog (on the side, always there kind of thing) I found this great new blog with the most incredible jewelry! Love her stuff! Check it out!

I did get a wonderful garnet necklace and earrings last year from her and they are fabulous!

Breakfast ABCs and 123s

On the way home from church this morning Lon told me he wanted to have reindeer pancakes. The reindeer pancake molds are in the Christmas stuff. But I do remember that I have some ABC and 123 molds. This Sunday morning pancakes are abc and 123!

On the flip side!

Since we were going out again after breakfast Lon is eating without his shirt on!
Lon ate most of his breakfast, he left the 1 and part of the B. We all went Uncle Vasu and Auntie Harshitas house, Lon played for a while. Mommy took Daddy's car to the Y and did her workout. Lon and Daddy went grocery shopping. (I went to the gym today since they are closed this Monday and did not want 4 days off in a row.)

Helping Uncle Vasu and Auntie Harshita

Saturday the 17th We helped Uncle Vasu and Auntie Harshita move some of the things into storage. They are getting ready for the big re-lo to Hershey, PA! We are so sad they are leaving.

Moving the truck in

Stuff in the garage, ready to go into the truck. Mark and I loaned them our big air mattresses so they are not sleeping on the floor.

I think it will all fit!

The Aunties making yummy food

It looks very big in there, but it really isn't!

Lon wants to go with Uncle Vasu or have him stay here.

The boys..

A hug from Auntie Prachi

Talking to Auntie Sonal. Lon and I went home after this. Mark stayed and helped load and unload the truck.

Flying Squirrel

The Squirrel is now figure out how to fly or at least ride the corn! This was on Saturday, the 17th.
This is a very fun toy, and has proven that this will be hours of entertainment for me all summer long!

Urban Renewal in GingerTown

Lon got out his hammers. Ginger Town's last remaining house was ready for demolition!

And here we go!
Lon had fun, the ravens liked all the little bits of gingerbread house! I shook out the table cloth for them outside. For a house that did not want to stay together very well, it took a tremendous amount of effort to take it down!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Friend, the author

This is just a quick blog to tell everyone about my friend, Samantha Vamos. She is going to have a great kids book out on March 19 !

From the book jacket:
"Before you were here, tu papi carved a mecedora from the wood of an old walnut tree so you and I could rock and cuddle together."
The members of a familia lovingly prepare for a new bebé. A tenderly written story, with Spanish words throughout, tells readers how Mami is eating healthy food, Papi is building a rocking chair, Abuela is painting elefantes and tigres in the nursery, and the hermano and hermana are helping with baby names. With its vibrant and warm illustrations, this debut picture book is perfect for expectant parents or children curious about the time before they were here.
Pre-order Before You Were Here, Mi Amor now
It is a great book!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Uncle Vasu's Poker Party!

This afternoon, we went to Uncle Vasu and Auntie Harshita's pot luck and poker party!

Lon and I made rose cupcakes! Lon was in charge of sprinkles, as always.

Making faces for the camera

Lon and his new friend getting into the poker chips. By the time they were done, poker chips were in piles all over the place.

Then, after the chips were put away, Lon opened the box again and they were soon all in one giant pile. One of the fathers was amazed that Lon could open the case.

After we had a yummy lunch, the poker circle formed. Most everyone played, I stayed out to chase Lon!

Lon with cupcake and cookie debris, taking a quick look at mom, but he was watching the poker players

Being goofy with Auntie Prachi

Playing with Mom's jingly ankle bracelet

The poker game went on, and Lon was being silly. We had a great time and had very yummy food, with some wonderful people. As of right now, Uncle Vasu and Auntie Harshita are going to be moving to Hershey, PA. We will miss them, and we hope that they can stay here or at least come back VERY soon.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mommy and Me Ice Skating

Okay, so it really is not Mommy and Me, it is lessons from age 3 to adult. The other three ladies in the class also have their little ones. The ladies and I got used to being on skates today, I need to get some arch support things before the next class to see if that helps with the rental skates. Took me forever to break in my old skates but I have no clue on where they are.
Lon had fun for the most part with his class. He wanted to skate with me, and he wanted me to teach him because as he told his teacher I am not very good at ice skating.

Lon being led back to his class after a Mommy break.

I know it is far away, it is as close as I could get with the little camera. I was not about to being my good Christmas camera to the ice! If I fell on this one, I would not be happy, but I would not cry like I would cry if I ruined my beautiful camera. Lon is standing up on his skates. He can stand very well.
Lon also falls well.
After lessons we did a skate around the edge of the ice together. Then Lon said he was done. So we went and took off skates. We have a full 1/2 hour after lessons to practice. Lon said he would come back to lessons next week. I think he will start to like it as the class goes along. As I get better and can help him during practice I am hopeful he will like skating more and more.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Jumpin' New Year's Eve!

This was Lon's first New Year's Eve Party! Jump Planet!

Ty was having a great time too!

It was not just the kids jumping. The adults got in on it too!
The long ladder up to the BIG slide. Which is where EVERYONE wanted to be!

Getting ready to jump! It is fun to jump into the slide. The boys got good at it

Sometimes you can get turned around a bit

Yes, Daddy got in on the jumping too! Yes, he bruised his elbow. Yes, he wants to go again!

We are having SO much fun!

Wired for sound!
Just in case anyone thought I was only taking pictures. I was jumping too!
Lon stayed up till Midnight and rang in the New Year with us, kisses all around!