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Sunday, April 02, 2017


Today we had the opportunity to go to a Sting Rays hockey game.  Lon and I had never seen the Sting Rays play, actually I do not thing we have ever been to a hockey game!

Getting ready to go in!

Great seats. More or less at center ice.

Zambonie! Love them!
Lon is down there, he signed up to pick up pucks at the second intermission.  You can buy a bag of rubber pucks, and if you chuck them  (puck chuckin) into the center of a target they bring out, you win a large cash prize.
Kids sign up to go pick up the rubber pucks on the ice.

The reading of the winning puck number.  I am not sure if they actually hit the center, or were close enough to win another prize.

Walking back across the ice,  Lon very quietly and very quickly put a rubber puck into his pocket.  It will be his souvenir.

All tied up.
The t shirt wagon, I got hit with a t shirt, and we decided to give it Dad!  We won a t shirt! This almost never happens.

The game went into three on three sudden death over time!

The Rays WON!! 3 to 2!  This is a fun way to have our first live hockey game end!

Leaving the Coliseum,  Lon and I had a great time. It was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Making Sausage

On Friday night, I bought all the ingredients to make Polish Kielbasa!  The butcher at Harris Teeter had casings!
I chopped up all the pork into bits, mixed all the other ingredients in, covered it with a wet towel and it went into the fridge to chill overnight.

Ready to stuff! I have my coffee, we got this thing!

Here we go!  Lon was a master on the crank!

The result of our labors!  Ready to hang for a bit, then into the freezer.  It was good to make sausage and to start passing down that tradition.