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Thursday, April 16, 2015

April's Third Thursday

We are very much enjoying our going to third Thursday!
We could not think of a place for dinner, we went to Graze but they were not open yet. We went to Kickin Chicken. We had tried it once before and it was just okay. It is still just okay. We probably won't be back.

We parked the car downtown just as a train was coming by. Mark guessed there would be 41 cars. Lon counted them, there were 134.
I had heard about a lecture at the Summerville Dorchester Musuem on the history of Summerville. Lon was very very good for the hour we were there. The talk was informative, but he was a disjointed speaker.  I think I need to try to learn a little bit more before I go again.
mmm Lemonade!  We walked around Hutchison Square, seeing who was out.  The band was not bad. Mark looked into getting flamingos.  I hope we can get a flock in August! :)
We got Lon some ice cream at the pharmacy, then we went to the fabric store. Mark even went in! I got Lon some periodic table fabric to make him a new shirt!
We looked at some new restaurants.  Allesandra's just moved down the street and changed it's name to Italian something, but the menus still say Allesandra's.  We stuck our heads into the space that was Allesandra's and it is going to be a seafood place.  They will have lots of good food. The place looks bright and cheerful.   They open up next weekend!
Of course we had to stop at the train store!  Lon is getting together a list of train cars he wants to his HO scale train.   He has so much fun with the train!

Even though he was shutting down for the evening, he turned the trains back on so Lon could have one last look at them before we went home.
It was a good evening!


Last weekend, Mark and Lon went camping with the cub scouts.   They had a great time.  Fishing, the rain gutter regatta and hiking!  Sadly, no one brought a camera.
These photos are taken by a friend, Jessica! Thank you so much for sharing them!
The boys with the rain gutter boats

participation ribbons.

Lon's favorite part is fishing. He could fish all day!

Super cute!

Thank you so much for sharing your great pictures, Jessica! :)

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Azalea Park

Mark had a day off from work and instead of just picking Lon up and coming home we thought we would check out the azaleas in Azalea Park!  We missed seeing most of them last year since I could not walk!
The azaleas are HUGE here!
This is such a cool tunnel! If I had boots on, I would explore that!   I am thinking if  I was not there it would not have mattered if he had boots or not

I am going to take lots of pictures in front of as many azaleas as I can

Tossing some bread bits in the pond. The tiny fish were loving the bread!
Turtle Island
Let's go this way, Mom!

Piggy backing turtles seem to be a thing

The tiniest turtle I have ever seen

Skinks! We love them

Lon is thinking the Sculpture in the South should put a troll under the bridge. I think that is a great idea

red and purple.

My favorite is the peach colored azaleas

No Daddy was not really going to toss him in the creek

It really was not deep enough

Tall trees

A little bit more goofing around in the park

It was nice to see all the flowers, even if it was just a touch past their peak bloom.

Monday, April 06, 2015


Tonight was a den meeting to work on the engineering badge.  They built bridges out of straws and tape
Each boy had a partner who built the exact same thing, two sides of a bridge. Each group got a bag with the instructions, a picture,  and the straws needed to make it. The tape, scissors, and ruler were already on the table.

Working hard

Getting some expert instruction
Finished bridge!

Adding pennies to see how much weight it would hold. At 100 pennies they had to stop.  That is all the pennies they brought!  The boys built a great bridge.
Lon wants to build more at home!

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  Today was a wonderful day!
The Easter Bunny came!!

Scout peering into Uncle Jeffy's Easter Basket.
The cat's did get their own basket with a laser mouse, some pounce treats and a friction mouse.  They have enjoyed them all

Getting down to business!

Double Cellophane! Really?
So much cool stuff! Lots of toys, three new lego packs, pirate toys and the Penguins of Madagascar movie!

Daddy checking out his Easter basket. He mainly got jerky and pistachios.

Scout wants to be an Easter basket treat!

The main table!
There was a nut free table too!
Hot food central! We had a ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus!
There was haroseth, Italian egg bread, Pashka, Kulich, Placek, Babka, chocolate dipped strawberries, ambrosia, rice kripie treats, sugar cookies, smoked salmon, carrots and ranch, candy egg, a butter lamb, orange honey butter, deviled eggs and bunny cake!  Our neighbor Judy brought some wonderful spring rolls!

Getting to the REAL reason the kids were here!
The littler ones got a head start! They were all about gathering as many eggs as they could!
We had them candy filled

While they were outside we filled a golden egg for each child and hid them around the house.
They had so much fun finding all the eggs
The feast was winding down. We all had lots of fun and lots of food!

We hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!