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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Azalea Park

Mark had a day off from work and instead of just picking Lon up and coming home we thought we would check out the azaleas in Azalea Park!  We missed seeing most of them last year since I could not walk!
The azaleas are HUGE here!
This is such a cool tunnel! If I had boots on, I would explore that!   I am thinking if  I was not there it would not have mattered if he had boots or not

I am going to take lots of pictures in front of as many azaleas as I can

Tossing some bread bits in the pond. The tiny fish were loving the bread!
Turtle Island
Let's go this way, Mom!

Piggy backing turtles seem to be a thing

The tiniest turtle I have ever seen

Skinks! We love them

Lon is thinking the Sculpture in the South should put a troll under the bridge. I think that is a great idea

red and purple.

My favorite is the peach colored azaleas

No Daddy was not really going to toss him in the creek

It really was not deep enough

Tall trees

A little bit more goofing around in the park

It was nice to see all the flowers, even if it was just a touch past their peak bloom.

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