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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow Day!

I did think we would get one last snow day before the end of February. I was right! Just barely. I had Lon pick up his toys, and as a reward, we went outside to play in the snow, together!

The view from the front door.
Moving snow into trucks.

Getting snowed on!

After filling up the truck with snow it was time for Mom to put away the camera and PLAY. We made snow angels, we threw snow at each other, not snowballs, just handfulls of snow. Lon pushed me over in the snow. We tried to make snowmans but the snow was really terrible to make a snowmans, it would not hold together. Art class was canceled today. When am kindergarten is canceled, so are am classes. School for the big kids was only two hours late! We had a good time playing the snow. Then we went to the pizza store at Costco for lunch, and a little shopping. Instead of a toy, Lon wanted a personal watermelon! Which is good, cause Mom was not buying him a toy, a personal size watermelon we could do!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Feeding the Birds

Today we met up with Ty at Goosepoop park! Auntie Theresa had a bag full of old bread that just had to be fed to the ducks.

Lon made sure he brought two of his shovels! He tested them since we got there a little early.

The weather was warm, almost 60, so I was not too worried about his coat being on or off or halfway on.

Ty with his stylish new cut!

It was mainly seagulls that got fed, but the boys had a good time.
Then they were off to the playground! All the boys were having a great time


Digging in the sand, with Seattle in the background.
They moved a little down the beach, but were still having a great time. Just as the rain started, we packed it all in and went home. It was a good day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Red Robin 3rd Birthday for Ty!

On Ty's real birthday we all got together for fun at Red Robin! An extremely kid friendly place.

We had coloring pages, dot to dots, and painting with water. Thank you Auntie Theresa, the very prepared!

Ty got a present!

Tonka is the best!

After Lon ate all his grilled cheese and a few fries he got ice cream!

The birthday boy got ice cream and balloons! Welcome to 3 Ty!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Persian Feast

The day after Ty's party we went to his house for a Persian Feast! His Grandfather made alot of fabulous food! My favorite was the chicken/tomato/squash thing~ I am going to learn to make that!

I was too busy to take pictures while the food was out! This is the remnants... and those left too. I made baklava and halva. I had never made halva before, but I was told the flavor was right on. It was pretty good!

Lon hiding under the table. Ty wanted more cake, and he wanted Lon's second piece. So Lon was hiding under the table. It was pretty funny.

Of course there was Rock Band! Q plays so well!

I think Rock Band is in our future. Lon was getting into drumming! He loved it!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Ty!

Ty's birthday party was at Jump Planet! How cool is that?

There was plenty of jumping by everyone! Even me, I slid down the big slide with Lon about 4 times! It was really fun.
Daddy taking movies!


party time!

Cold stone creamery cotton candy ice cream cake! Lon loved it, he wanted two pieces!


Watching Ty open his presents! Lon did great. I was so impressed that he did not rush into help. He did tell me on the way home he was SO looking forward to playing with all Ty's new toys.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Furniture!

A furniture is going out of business here and we took advantage of the sale. I have wanted new night tables for a long time, and Lon needs a big boy bed. We got all that, and a new bed for us too!
I moved our furniture around so the new stuff could come in. Natasha was desperate to sleep on the bed, so she did.
Lon's room, prepared for the new bed and night table!
Lon brings his tool bag to help set up the new furniture!

Bringing in the new furniture! Yes, that is snow.

Our pretty new bed and night tables. Lon has already figured out how to climb up on the bed.

Lon's new room. We need to get him a twin mattress tomorrow. There are drawers under his captain's bed. He has already put a toy in one of the drawers.
Hanging out on Mom and Dad's bed!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Disney Playhouse LIVE!

Super Bowl Sunday started out great! We went to see Disney Play House LIVE! This was very fun. Theresa was able to get front row center seats! Gracie, her mom, Lon and I, and Theresa, Ty, Monique and Q were all in the front row. Amazingly fun. I was hopeful that Lon would like it, since the Rice Krispies at Ralph's World concert was not the best thing for Lon. I should not have spent the worry. Lon was mesmerized. I am seeing more Disney shows in our future.

Lon, Gracie and her mom.

Ty and Q

Little Einsteins


Handy Manny's Tools

Lon enjoying the Disney magic.

Happy Birthday, Theresa!

The parties just did not end on Saturday! Theresa was having a birthday too! This is great fun! When we got home from Drew's party, we put the stuff we were taking to Theresa and off we went!

Ty, the ham!

The red velvet rose cake I made.

Getting ready to blow out a bunch of candles

All the kids help out.

ROCK BAND! I didn't get to play this time, because I was playing a spatial relations game that I can not remember the name of. It was really fun. The whole party was fun. Lon and I did not get back till almost 11. I was switching radio stations in the car, trying to find something that was not annoying. I came across the Bay City Rollers! OMG! S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. NIGHT! I was signing and laughing and from the backseat I hear. Mommy, what are you doing? Mommy, this is weird. Which made me laugh even more. Yes, Lon was not sleeping. He did fall asleep as we pulled into our street. The radio station must have been having doing some show as the next song up was Village People's In the Navy. I am still laughing and I can not get the Bay City Rollers out of my head! I have to find a new song, and quick!