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Thursday, January 26, 2017


Well, at least that is what we are going to call her so far

How could you say no to that face?

Someone posted in our neighborhood facebook page that they found this baby and she needs a new home.
We said yes.
They told us that they were at a storage unit and she just walked right up to them. Someone dropped the kitten off to fend for herself. They did not want to leave her there, so they took her home to find a real home for her.  I wonder about the people who left her.
She is very clean, no fleas, only hungry, but she is a kitten so she is always hungry

She LOVES Scout's toy. Scout is not so sure she should love his toy.

Scout trying to tell her she is not the boss, as she thinks she is

Lon is having a great time with the kitten.
If it was up to Lon her feet would never touch the floor.

Ranger still is in hiding. He has not let us know what he thinks yet

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Folly Beach

Today we thougth we needed a bit of an adventure! We are not summer beach people, it is just too hot and crowded during the summer.  But we do LOVE the beach in winter. It rarely gets cold here, so it is always a fun time at the beach.
Love the light on the water this morning

Surfers. There were a few out there.

We wanted to try out the metal detector, we need more practice on how it really works. We did not find anything with it this time.  We will get better!!


Lon found a young beagle to play with!

Lots of people were out hunting shark teeth. I found one man who had found an entire baggie full. One was gorgeous, one still had it's serrated edge.

He helped me find one, showed me how to look for them.

We went to lunch at Rita's. Nice lunch. The fried shimp basket was very good, lightly breaded fresh shrimp. They were BIG and 14 of them in the basket!
Lon played with the dog who was behind us on the patio.

We walked down the street at Folly, seeing some of the fun things!

The shark tooth. While techinically this is the second one, the first one I lost. This one is now in one of my plastic jewel boxes.

On our way home we stopped at two new places, Sweet Belgium Waffles, in the Roper St Francis parking lot on Folly Road.  It was wonderful! We loved the waffles. Looking forward to coming back and trying more!

The second place was on 61, called Euro Market. An Eastern European grocery. It was a good thing we had lunch already, three were so many yummy things there ! We will be back before Easter!   The lady behind the counter wanted to sell me periogi and I said, I am sure they are delicious but I make my own. I think my grandmother would not be happy if I bought them!  But I will be back for the very nice borscht she told me about.
It was a wonderful day for an adventure.  It was great to be out on the beach!


Christmas starts with Christmas cookies
This year's biscotti!

Baklava! I have not made this one in a while,

This one is a new on this year, Black and Whites. Yummy!

And it is not Christmas without Poppy Seed Roll!

Our latest and greatest new decoration! A 28 inch high T Rex in a Santa Hat! RAWR!

Our annual photo in front of the Nativity at Church!

I was so proud of Lon, when St. Nicholas came to church, we were staying to help decorate the church. He stood in line to talk to St. Nicholas. When St. Nicholas asked him what he wanted he said, I am not here to ask for anything this year, I am just going to say thank you for all you have given me already. I think this is the first time our St. Nicholas has ever heard that.  He was speechless!

Christmas Eve after Santa came.  

starting to open presents!

Floofy Scout's favorite part of Christmas!

Presents from Seattle!

Ranger enjoying his Christmas presents
Catnip mice

Playing with BB-8. Remote controled by the phone!

Our dinner!

And all our pretty dishes.

We had the neighbors over for Christmas dinner.  A good time was had by all!

Sorry about the lack of posts

I am sorry I have not taken photos in a long while or posted any of the few I did take. I am going to try to do better in this new year!  Two new blogs coming up!

I am still trying to figure out why Windows 10 will not download ALL the pictures from my camera.  It is frustrating but I am going to try to figure it out, but until then, I will use what I have.