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Sunday, July 30, 2006

La Conner, Anacortes, and Mt. Erie

On Saturday we all went on a little trip just north of here. La Conner is a pretty little town. They have art stores, restaurants and Bunnies by the Bay. Which is a wonderful place. They handcraft bunnies and their friends and all sorts of accessories to go with them. I love the shop. It is now shops. They have expanded. I like it when a place I enjoy is doing well.
This is an out door sculpture. It is on a dock.

Lon was getting hungry! We had lunch at an outdoor cafe, the Cat's Whiskers. We had burgers, fries and a cherry milkshake.

Lon had most of the cherry milkshake! He felt much better after lunch. After a good lunch we went to Anacortes. We drove over the bright orange bridge, it is called the Rainbow Bridge. In Anacortes, we stopped by Causland Park. It was built in 1918 as a World War 1 Memorial. It is made up of different colored rocks.

There is a park behind the pavilion it is lovely. Nice and green.

We looked at the little map we had of town and saw a Mt. Erie. It had a road to the top. 1270 feet to the top of the mountain. It is the tallest spot in Skagit County. 360 degree views of the county, and on clear days Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier. This was not a clear day. Nonetheless, it was spectacular. I want to come back when the tulips are in bloom, that would be an amazing view of the fields from up there!

This is the monument marking the top of the mountain.

Mt. Erie lived up to what we read about it. Everyone had a wonderful time up there.

The Week that Was

We had a fun week!
Lon now climbs in and out of his toy basket. He really enjoys sitting on all his toys. I have yet to figure out why! The weather was nice so we had another day in the pool. This time, Lon went skinny dipping!
Now I have a photo of a Naked Baby Bottom !

On Monday, Lon had peanut butter and nutella toast.

Lon got a bath after Breakfast. He was not too sure about the early bath.

Lately he has had company in the bath. Daddy takes a bath with him! How fun is that!

They seem to enjoy themselves. Mommy supervises, gets that little guy out of the tub and ready for bed.

Lon still loves his bath! Lon has lots of toys to playl with. All the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0-9. He also has some fish. Auntie Karen gave him the three fish. The little one fits in the medium one and the medium one fits in the big one. There is no free lunch. The little purple and orange one is his favorite. We call it Poty. (Purple Orange Thing-Y) At the end of the bath all the toys go into the sand pail till the next time.

Proof Positive that Mommy spends too much time on the phone. Lon is sitting on all his toys, talking on a cell phone.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Book Reviews

Now that Lon is getting older, he is actually handing me books to read to him. It is wonderful. There are some books he really enjoys. There is so far only one book that I refused to read to him and threw away! I thought it would be good to *review* a couple of his favorites.
Lon loves to play with his board books. His current favorite is Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boyton. The intro is important. Stomp you feet!! Clap your hands!! Everybody ready for a barnyard dance!! I get to read the rest as if I am calling a square dance. He likes it. He now dances, but sitting down. Super cute.
His favorite page books is called The Web Files. Thank you so much Godmother Carol. It is by Margie Palatini and Illustrated by Richard Egielski.
DUM DE DUM DUM. 6:32 am. This is the farm. My partner, Bill and I, were working the barnyard shift. It was peaceful. Quiet. Then we got the call.
If you have ever seen and loved Dragnet, this is very very cool. Again, you have to use all the right voices. It is difficult to read without laughing out loud at jokes that Lon probably will not get. He thinks it is very funny that mommy is laughing so he laughs. This is a book we love and will keep reading. Over and over until I have it memorized or can at least read it without laughing out loud.
The book I will never read to him is called Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. I bought it in a sealed package. Should have been a clue right there. But it was a tub book, I was bored reading Mimi's Toes. We are still reading Mimi's Toes in the tub. This book is supposed to be about what makes you special is on the inside. Instead it is about a fish that has lovely scales, the book has them all shiny that color shift in the light. But in order to have friends he gives away all his lovely special scales to other fish. To me, it was buying his friends. Every fish was happy now that they all had one shiny scale from Rainbow fish. No one was special. I got the message that you must hide or give away the things that make you special, your God-given shiny scales, in order to have friends and make others happy. This is not a message I ever want to send Lon. So I tossed it in the garbage and we won't ever be tempted to read it out loud.
In the next month or so I will tell you about three other books Lon loves.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Lunch is the best!

This is what happens when Lon has lunch. It is fun. We have spinach dip on crackers and for dessert we have peanut butter and nutella on crackers. He has seems to enjoy all the smearing of the lunch, I am just hopeful some of it gets into his tummy, just not onto his hair.

I am thinking that spinach dip makes hair grow. He has more hair on his head since he started eating his spinach dip. Hmmm, perhaps there should be a study. It could be the garlic, the peanut butter, or the nutella.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

King County Fair

The 144th annual King County Fair is the oldest fair west of the Mississippi. It is not the biggest fair by any means, but it is fun. A nice small, family friendly fair. We enjoy it. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the weather kept alot of people away. The heat. The clouds on Saturday made it not seem too hot out there.
Lon was not too keen on the goats. I love goats. There was no goat that ate any clothing this time.
He was not sure about the cows, either. The baby pigs were fun.

He enjoyed looking at things. He was very curious about everything. The kid's rides looked great he thought, but he has to be 36 inches tall to ride them. Only 4 more inches to go! Maybe by the Puyallup fair. HA! We have already made plans to attend with Uncle Vasu. I am thinking about entering the Christening Gown! That might be fun. I will keep everyone posted.

Pool Boy

This is the hottest weekend of the summer, so far. Friday's temp, according to Mark's car, was 105. Insane. Saturday and Sunday were into the mid to upper 90s. Too Hot! Way too hot. We put up the little pool on top of the patio table. There is no way I am eating outside now, or for that matter, turning on the stove.

Mark fills up the pool and Lon tests it on Thursday afternoon. We put it up in anticipation of the heat.

Lon gets into the pool on Friday. This is so much fun!

Miss Sarah and Lon share an Astro Pop. Lon mainly wears his. Then we get another dip in the pool!

I love spiking his hair. Finally he has enough hair to spike!

Lon loves being in the pool. I try to get him out there when it is not super hot. He is covered in sun screen, he is super slippery!

Such fun!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Vasu!

Friday was Uncle Vasu's birthday! We made him a cake that Mark took to the office. It was a vanilla cake, whipped cream frosting, topped with fresh strawberries that I glazed to make them pretty! It was gone well before lunch. That was nice. We all met up at Muyuri, the Indian restaurant. Lon ate Butter Chicken (YUM!) and Lamb with Spinach (super YUM!) Lon got Uncle Vasu a deck of playing cards with Bullwinkle's picture on them. We all wished Uncle Vasu well. He is such a nice guy. When we went to take pictures of Lon and Uncle Vasu, Lon was getting tired and the pictures were not good. We will try to post some more when we see Uncle Vasu again.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I thought that this lovely duck came from Babcha and Grandpa Bill. I finally talked to them today. Nope, if they would have thought of it, they would have. But no, they sent no duck. It came from Bruce's Candy Kitchen in Cannon Beach. Other than that, there is no note, no letter, no indication on who sent this duck. Lon loves his duck. It is now a mystery. I am clueless on who sent it, but to whom ever did, thank you.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The last of the Random Photos from Virginia

They have a size limit on each blog, so that is why the pictures are in two posts.