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Monday, October 20, 2014

Middleton on a Day Off

I think we already used the title Middleton on Monday!  We had an in service day at school today, we thought we would go to Middleton. We needed to renew our membership!
He is much happier than he looks

Looking for turtles!

He is beautiful

No fun critters in the Spring House, but we have to look every time!
the only alligator we saw today!

we had fun in the stable yards.
The carpenter was there, the potter and the weaver.  We, of course, talked to all of them!
I was wondering why we did not see the peacocks around the grounds
Mary, one of the three cats, the other two are Arthur and Henry. Arthur was in the indigo and Henry was hiding. Henry is not as social as the other two.  I did get a picture of Arthur in the Indigo, but it was a very busy picture that was just too hard to look at.
Our Friend, the cashmere goat.
The goat wanted to eat the rice that Lon gathered.
Lon was not wanting to share it!
We had a fun  morning walking around Middleton.
Looking forward to going back!

Fall Festival at St. Theresa's!

Saturday was the annual Fall Festival at our Church, St Theresa's!  This year it's name changed from Octoberfest to the Family Fall Festival.
We had a great time!
Lon still was good at the balloon pop!
Jack had a great time fishing
The boys loved the game truck The man running it did not charge the kids to use the truck! He would rotate them out every so often
Lon is getting some pointers on how to improve his dart game
Lon did better at the ring toss this year!
Test of Strength.  He will get better next year!
Snuck a peek inside the games truck.
Cotton Candy!
It was a wonderful day! Perfect weather!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

October's Third Thursday

Today was the third Thursday of the month.  We picked up Lon from Spanndroids and off we went to Downtown Summerville. First stop was Off the Wall framing, we dropped off the last two prints to be framed.  Then I have all my art in frames!

Let's see what this is...
I think Lon had another idea.
It's Ashley Ridge High School's ROBOT!
It is the high school lego robotics team!
It throws frisbees
Lon is getting lessons on how to drive the robot!
Lon is driving!  He drove it for a while until he almost ran into someone. Granted, she did not even try to get out of the way, but still he had is driving privileges revoked
We were all getting hungry. We went to a pub called Montreux.   We sat outside in the back.  It was a nice evening.
They had all sorts of games back there.
Lon tried golf.
They tried ping pong! Only a couple serves
Out door sized Jenga! The boys had a lot of fun with that!
They also had a corn hole game. Then our dinner came, it was good.
After we ate it was time to do more exploring of Third Thursday!

Inside the tower is a snow man blow mold. never noticed that before!

We went in to look at some South Carolina art.  They had cake! Lon got a little slice.
We walked around and looked at everything.
We even got a dentist appointment scheduled!
We are liking the third thursdays!

Scout Meets the Hamsters!

Just a couple pictures of Scout with the hamsters.

This is fun
It would be more fun if they were out of the balls.  Can we do that? The answer is no.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kitten Update!

We want to post some newer pictures of the kitten. His name is now Scout.  Even though it has only been a few days, he looks so much better. We are getting the litter box situation worked out, he was not using the box, piles of random clothes and fabric were his preferred box. We think we worked it out, but we are still keeping all the doors closed.
Getting a little bit fluffier
A little bit of cream
Scout likes to cuddle now. He will be with people and is not so shy and skittish.
Hanging out in his kitty condo. He loves it !
can we stop taking my picture now?

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

How We Got A Kitten

Monday was a cub scout den meeting!
Our activity for den was soccer!
We had a little difficulty figuring out who was on what team!
The boys went to shirts and skins. Only those boys who wanted to take off their shirts did,
There was no clear winner, but the boys had a great time

While they were playing, I saw something move in the open shed beside the boys
We found an abandoned kitten!
The kitten was staying where we could not reach him.
I went back with Lon the next afternoon, but no luck. We saw him and fed him but he would not let us get close enough to catch him.

We went back on Wednesday after school, with some more food.
Finally, I was able to grab a hold of him.
We went to Pet Smart. I knew they had a vet on duty and took walk ins. And we could get a carrier, food and a litter box there.
They told us he was a boy, he did not have worms, ear mites, or lukemia, or feline aids. All good things to know.
He is 12 weeks old  and probably had not been outside too terribly long.
He does have some fleas, but otherwise, he is healthy.

We brought him home and gave him a bath.
He did not move from my arms for a couple hours.
After bath picture
Sleepy boy.
He has had some food and a nap. He is now exploring his new domain.
Lon wants to call him bunches, but we are still open to another name.

Yes, Mark knew all about this from Monday night. This was not a surprise.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Playground Dedication

Today was the dedication of the new playground !
We all were supposed to bring a side dish to share. It turned out that we had hot dogs and desserts. I brought banana pudding, but Jen out did everyone with candy sushi! SO COOL! It was really tasty too!
They boys played on the new equipment
There was a paint your pumpkin table. Sharpies and tiny pumpkins. The kids LOVED it!
Mark looks over the table of desserts and hot dogs!
Lon loved the sushi Ms. Jen made!
Then it was back to playing
The weather could not have been better for this dedication party. We all had a great time!