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Monday, April 25, 2016

El Galeon!

I read that there was going to be  replica 1654 Spanish Galleon in Port Royal! Of course we went!

On the drive down! It was such a pretty day!

It being such a pretty day, there are going to be lots of beauty shots!

 We arrived right around 10 am. This turned out to be the perfect time! There was plenty of close and easy parking, and the ship was not crowded at all!
 No lines to get in or pay. It was wonderful. Later in the day, that was not the case.

The tent, you bought tickets and souvenirs here.

There she is !

The fishing boats tied up near the bow.

going  aboard

love all the rigging

checking out the anchor.  The weight is listed in Kilos.

Lon is having a great time exploring the ship

The mechanism that lowers and raises the masts, in case they had to do that in a storm

The cannons were never designed to roar.

but they are pretty nifty to look at

The poop deck

This was where the Captain gave his orders

this one is my favorite picture of the rigging

There were lots of history bits, in Spanish and in English on the cannon deck.


Going down into the hold to watch the movie on the building of the ship.  It was amazing to see, I did get a copy of the extended version.

the cannon stamps.

Rigging and sky with the ship's bell

Our time aboard was over. It was a wonderful ship to see!

I imagine this is what the coast line looked like back then too

I am not sure why these people were there, they were buying a ticket like everyone else. It seems they just wanted to dress up in the period clothes and take the tour.  I thought it was pretty cool

There was a shrimp and grits cook off festival going on in downtown Port Royal.  This was an unexpected bonus!

we watched the Galleon bounce house being blown up.  We thought it was pretty funny.

Port Royal Beauty

Lon got to play with some pups.

 A Port Royal Street

We stopped into a little pizza place called 4 Island Pizza. It was good,  we were there early and not many other people were in for lunch.
It seemed like they were just starting and trying hard to make a go of it.

Lon was not sure what to make of this public art display. It was called Amazon.

checking out the anchor in a park

The story of the anchor

I had never seen one of these before !
History Bit about the car:
The original Jeepster (VJ) was first released to the public on April 3, 1948. Offered only in rear-wheel drive, the vehicle had some trouble gaining traction with traditional Willys customers. The 1948 Jeepster was powered by the “Go Devil” 62 hp, 134 cu in straight-4 engine, with 3-speed manual transmission (with optional overdrive), drum brakes, a single transverse leaf spring suspension and rear driveline similar to what was used in the Willys Station Wagon at the time. With rear fenders like those used on the Willys Truck, the Jeepster, while appreciated by design critics, but failed to translate accolades into real sales.

more lizards

He just kept flitting around the fence. He was fun to watch

Looking up

 Lon thought this tiny boat was really cool. We need to get him sailing lessons! 

The kid's playground had a galleon in it ! 

a marsh on the way home
Near Beufort

 without the hint of the car, and speed limit sign, this could have been 100 years ago

back to the marshs

It was a very fun day. We really enjoyed our day in Port Royal.