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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Field Day and Awards

Two and a half days of school left in this school year.  Today was Field Day for the 5th grade.  I was able to volunteer at the sno cone stand!

 I was in the multi purpose room.  It was inside and air conditioned.

The kids played a game with rubber band around their legs and they shot rope knots at the other side.

Lon's class was the last class to come through the multi purpose room

The next game was musical chairs.  I was there for all the other fifth grade classes, Lon's class was the most sportsman like with the musical chairs.  No one yelled or screamed or got upset when they lost.  The kid just ran over and got their sno cone.  I was impressed

Since Lon's class was the last class through, they may or may not have gotten a little extra sno cone

The Awards Ceremony was tonight at 6pm.

Lon got awards for Robotics and Quiz Bowl.

It was good to see everyone.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Fifth Grade Wax Museum

Today, the last Monday of the school year, is the day the Fifth Graders give their wax museum presentations. They have been working on them for about three weeks.  I thought there was a written report also but it was just a rough draft for their speaking parts.
Each child had a famous person to work on, after much back and forth, Lon was able to go with Jacqueline Cochran.     He worked hard on knowing his stuff.  He was unsure how he was going to dress up, but he finally figured out he could dress up as Floyd Odum, Jacqueline's husband.

The scene of the wax museum.
The fifth grade gate class was the only one who participated in the wax museum

He was doing very well giving his presentations.

And he loved being in a suit and tie. He does have school clothes he is changing into for the Reading Carnival later today

Only a few kids did the poster board. I think Lon did a good job on his.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Today we had the opportunity to go to Velocity air sports to celebrate Danny's birthday.  We had never been there before. Lon can not wait to go again.

Jumping bean!

He is having a great time

He is wearing himself out

He went over to the Ninja section. He was loving that

Group Party Picture

 Waiting for Ice Cream at Brusters. It was a nifty place. We had never been there before.  They were a bit overwhelmed, only two people were on staff.  We will try it again

It was a very fun afternoon.     We were so honored to be invited.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Fifth Grade Dance

It sounded awkward.  It was not as bad as I thought it would be.   Everyone danced but it was just a large group, no painful, would you like to dance with me?

The pandas were all decked out in masquerade attire.

That was the theme, Masquerade

Here he comes!

Class Photo


Taking a break from the dance to look at the big map.

It was fun. Lon said he had a good time.

Monday, May 16, 2016


Early Saturday evening, we had reservations with the Yis at the new Korean barbeque place.  The only time we could get was 4:30. That worked out perfectly, the food did not start arriving till about 5:30.
Brian and Kayla had the California roll, Lon waited for his steak

The server would put some of the meat and veggies in the grill,  and we would take it off when it was done.

This was the bulgogi

Grilling it up.
The grill did not smoke at all.

Lon had fun there.

However, both Lon and I did get sick later on that evening. Not sure if it was bad beef, or we did not cook our steak long enough or something completely different

Will we go back? yes, but we will not order the prime steak again.

Leisurely Pursuits and Grand Entertains: Sport and Leisure at Middleton Place

On Saturday Morning, after a successful time garage saleing, we went to Middleton Place for the annual Leisurely Pursuits.  I enjoyed it last year, this year, we went as a family.

The front yard.

I just missed him showing off.

Signora Bella!

She was very funny.

Lon got to be one of her brave young men, tossing the clubs to her while she balanced on the flaming globe of death.

walking the slack line

I walked over and talked to the cashmere goats. Love those girls.  One of the caretakers walked up and said I have never seen her smile like that the whole time I have been here.  Yep, I talk to this goat every single time I come.  I like to think she was smiling at me because she remembered me.

Lon showing Dad the chicks. I think they counted 12 chicks in there.

Arthur, the friendly cat.

Lon found Mary the cat also, Henry the other cat that lives at Middleton was hiding.

Mary started chasing a lizard, she caught it and then had a snack. We moved on just before her snack.

 We went to the games tent. Lon is much better at hoop than he was last year! He had that thing rolling pretty well

He also got much better at Graces.  He was having fun playing with Nate

He got up on stilts! He did three steps, he tried about three times to get better. Dad was helping him get up on the stilts.
There is an alligator sunning himself down near the bank.

there is an alligator motoring along in the pond by the bridge

the spring house was wafting cool air out, just like having the refrigerator door open!

looking at the two alligators in the big rice pond

there were so many dragon flies buzzing around

yes, I used the zoom feature

Very southern looking.

Learning about porcupine quills. the one he was showing Lon was very large

Trying his hand at lawn bowling. Lon did knock down a couple pegs, but he did not get a strike.  One good thing, none of his balls went into the pond. No one was going to recover those!

Teaching Lon how to do the whirling coin.

They were also sampling shrubs at this tent. Pomegranate was very good. Next time I will make another flavor. We have three bottles of ginger shrub in the fridge.

Patting the little cone head shrub

last photo of the afternoon.

It was a really fun day. Happy we could go as a family!