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Monday, August 31, 2015

First Pack Meeting!

New school year, new year for Cub Scouts!  Tonight was the first pack meeting. Our first den meeting is not until mid September!

Mr. John, packmaster!

Listening to all the dens being introduced, there are lots of new boys!

There are two new boys in Lon's Webelo 2 den. This is going to be a fun year!

The boys all went out side to play games while the parents learned more about popcorn sales.

Lon is starting to look like he is not feeling well.  Poor kiddo, by the time we got home he had a sore throat.
I hope he feels better soon

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Saturday Market

Saturday morning we showed Uncle Chong and Auntie Michelle around the Saturday Market. Brian and Kayla too!

Lon found this very cool old car. The sign tells a little about this car. The one thing I remember is that new this car cost 490.00.  That was a lot of money !

Fountain stop, and donuts!

Uncle Chong already planning his landscaping.

We got to take Brian home with us, but no market day is complete without a trip to the train store and some dreaming!

It was a fun morning!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Showing Off The Car

The car needs a name!
Tonight to celebrate we went to the Italian place near the pig.  It is called Summerville Italian Cucina. It is very good. I enjoyed my meal and so did Mark and Lon!   The portions are huge, so we have enough for a meal tomorrow too
Lon liked his pizza, Mark had Fruita di Marre. I had the veal parmesan. Everything was very fresh. She picked the basil for Lon's pizza from the out side garden!

After dinner we went over to see Uncle Chong and Auntie Michelle's new apartment, and to show off the car!

The kids were playing in the yard while the grownups looked at the car

Looking at the ambient light, watching it change colors.
It is pretty cool.

A beautiful sunset to end a wonderful day

Daddy's New Car!

The PT Cruisers are no more. We are now a Ford family!

Daddy bought the car on his birthday, and picked it up this afternoon!

A 2015 Ford Focus, with ALL the bells and whistles!  He can talk and the car does his bidding!

Looking at the ambient lighting. It can change colors.  Red, purple, blue, white, green and orange. Maybe a couple more.

It is a nice car!   We have already been for a drive.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is Daddy's birthday!  While Lon had school and Daddy had work, we managed to do a little celebrating anyway!

We went out to 5 Loaves. What a yummy place! Lon had the grilled chicken, Mark got mussels and a steak!  I had a bowl of soup and the chicken marsala. It was very good.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Swimming After School

After Lon got his homework done we went over to Auntie Michelle and Uncle Chong's hotel.
They ordered pizza for us,  Then the kids went into the pool!

He loves the pool

Playing Marco Polo

Using his snorkle.

One last jump into the pool. I am so happy he learned to jump into the pool!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tea with Mom

I bought two tickets for the Downton Abbey Tea at Time Well Spent. A local tearoom. I found my dress that I had made years ago from a 1918 pattern.   It still fit well.
We got the last parking space in front!  They had our names written down and checked them off before they lead us to our table.  It was all prepaid, so we did not have to mess around with that. I liked that part.
They had Downton Abbey playing without sound in the background.  The china was charmingly mismatched.
Each table was a different character from the show, ours was Lady Cora.

I snuck in a picture of our server.
We had dejarling tea. We started out with she crab soup, then little sandwiches. 16 courses of little sandwiches. They were small, two bites at the most.  All were very good.

Our final course was chocolate and a french macaroon.  A tiny cupcake, and an eclair.  Then they brought us a glass of champagne and a chocolate dipped strawberry.

I will see about when the next tea is. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My FIFTIETH Birthday Party !

This Mommy has now had 50 trips around the sun!  It was so much fun to celebrate with everyone!

The flamingos will be gone late tonight but they were great all day today!

While I was getting my hair done this morning, the flowers my sister ordered for me arrived! They are gorgeous and they smell wonderful!  Thank you KK!

Everyone was having fun!

The kids were playing outside but it was too hot, so I put in a movie, Home, and they were all enjoying it!

Another party shot!

Singing Happy Birthday to Mark.  Everyone sang the song to me first.

Darling Miss Emma. She went to get a cupcake twice and was caught each time. The third time was the charm!   She got her cupcake. She ate each sprinkle one at a time.  Victory was sweet!

The boys LOVED the flamingos.Everyone thought they were great!

Mommy is in the blog! Wendy did a great job on my hair this morning! I love it !   It looks great

Thank you everyone for the great birthday!

I Have Been Flocked!

I woke up this morning  to this

How cool is this!

Mark did this for me!

It came with a sandwich board so everyone would know!

Then in all the humidity this morning, my camera started fogging up.

Thank you Mark for doing this for me!

Korean Dinner

Last night Michelle cooked my very favorite Korean meal, Shrimp pancake and mandu!

Michelle did everything from chopping the veggies!

She cooked it all too

Scout was waiting for dinner, but he did not get any. Poor cat.

After Michelle fried everything up, we ate it all!  I was too busy eating to take any pictures !  It was so good!

Thank you Michelle