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Monday, June 18, 2018

Disney Day 3! Hollywood Studios!

Hollywood Studios is growing! It will add a new land, Toy Story,  at the end of June.  We are looking forward to seeing it next year or so. 

Every so often you will hear the Star Wars march and Captain Phasma will lead a group of Storm Troopers down Hollywood Blvd. They also have a short show at the end of the march.

Waiting to get on Star Tours. 

After Star Tours. We really liked the new updated version.

Time for lunch! Lon loved the peanut butter buttercream on this cupcake.

Burgers and fries were the main course. We did get Vader cups. These were pretty cool!

Then it was time for the Beauty and the Beast show. We had to wait a bit in line. Not too long.

Thanks to the most awesome ice cream man ever, Rico, we were able to get VIP seating.   He set that up for us. The seats were fantastic!

We had not seen the show before, and it was amazing!

Gaston.   It was a very enjoyable show!

Mickey Pretzel!

Early dinner at Hollywood and Vine. 
The best part of the buffet!  It was a good buffet, shrimp and roast beef!

We so love Goofy
We did get passes for Fantasmic, and it is another great show. However, Lon and I were tired and hot. We picked out a nice looking couple and gave them our tickets, they would not go to waste. 

After a little while in our room, we decided to to back to the Magic Kingdom. Night time jungle cruise.

Fireworks from inside the park!

Mine train! 

I will add the photo pass photos tomorrow.

There were not as many photo pass photographers out.  I think it was due to weather, the rain was not helpful to photographs.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

DISNEY! Day 2, Magic Kingdom

Lon was up early. We had to wait till the park actually opened, but we were in line, but missed the rope drop fun beforehand, as we did not get the early bus

Lon wanted Splash Mountain as soon as possible. The lines would only get longer as the day got hotter, so we caught the train over to Frontier Land.

Lon got a bit annoyed with me because I took the camera out to take pictures while we were ON Splash Mountain.  He thought I was going to ruin my camera. I put it in the plastic bag and back in my bag after this.

We rode the train around to get back to Main Street.

Lon was getting hungry, we did not grab a snack before we left, so off to Pinocchio House for Lunch!

While we were on Main Street, I got Lon a set of Mouse Ears with his name. I realized that this is his fourth trip to Disney and this is the first time he had personalized ears!
This was also our first of many Mickey Straws. Yes, we brought all of them home.

We were exploring parts of the Magic Kingdom Lon had never seen before.  We do not see everything every time we go.

Lon had also never ridden Dumbo before !  We had to do that!

Well worth the wait

After Lunch it was HOT.  Lon had the brilliant idea of heading back to the resort and swimming for a little while, then coming back. Perfect.
Sadly, we ran into a problem. We made it back just fine, but once we got there, there was an ambulance in front of the hotel. We walked back to our room and noticed all the pools were closed and the life guards were in a large group, talking.  We did not ask what was going on, we just went to our room and cooled off a little bit.
I wanted to get an Orange Bird purse. the one I thought I wanted, I did not like in person. But this one, I did like and I was able to get a Seven dwarfs wallet. I love them both!

It was not too long before we were back at the Magic Kingdom. We had a fast pass for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Fast Pass line

Getting taller

We were leaving the Magic Kingdom right after we rode the Mine Train, because we had another adventure waiting for us!

Checking in !

For the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage!

Neither one of us had a clue on what was going to happen.  We knew it was a dessert party before hand, but other than that, we were going to just  have fun!

We had a ton of desserts and Mickey Bars!
Meeting Captain Hook and Mr, Smee was so much fun.

We got our boat assignment, we were Smee 10. So we were Smeeple.
The group was divided into two groups,  The Captain's boat and Smeeple.  Our pirate guides, as Mr. Smee and Captain Hook could not go with us, were both named Patch.  Easy to remember. They were both very funny.

View from the boat

The Electric Light Parade on the water

The fireworks were amazing from the little boat. 

Lon and Patch. It was a fun cruise

At the end, we got to meet Peter Pan, and have pictures taken with him. 
The cruise was fun, and we would do it again.

Photo pass pictures

I wanted to meet Edna but it was so hot and there were so many people waiting we decided to move on. I will always be sad about it.

I will keep looking to find some more great photo pass pictures.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


June 4 at 4:53 am Lon and I pulled out of the driveway for a 5 day stay at Disney World!  I worked all year to make this a magical trip. 
I even got some Minnie Mouse nail decals for this trip.  A cast member later came up to me and asked me if I thought Minnie had people on her nails under her gloves.

Lon took this photo as we arrived! It was a bit before  noon. We made great time!  They are still doing construction on I-4.  I need to find a way that does not include I-4. 
Our room was not ready but they would happily hold our luggage in a climate controlled room. They even deliver to the room!

 Getting ready to go to Animal Kingdom.  The trading pins are going on the lanyard!

Lon's favorite park!

Beauty shot

Looking out at the River

Lon thinks the cat at Pizzafari looks like Scout.

Pizzafari is one of Lon's top places to eat in all the parks

We both got pizza. I sort of ate the salad. sort of.

Even after all that a Mickey Ice Cream sandwich was enjoyed!

We got in line for the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. It said 35 minutes on my phone. The wait ended up being 75 minutes. We would have not done it then, it was HOT.  I sent Lon out of line twice to get waters for us.  Cast members let him back in without any problem.

Finally we were on the Safari Car! It was cooler once we started moving.

Spring Boks. I love this guys. They jump !! It is called Pronking.

Yes, this giraffe was that close.  We could not reach out and touch him, but almost. Gorgeous.

Lon listens to the driver tell us a lot about the animals


candy shop stop! Lon showed restraint and got the 18 inch tube of flavored sugar. They had a 9 inch and a 36 inch.  The 3 foot tube of sugar was not going to happen.

We have no idea what Fichwa! means.

Lon is having a great time

Tusker House for dinner. 
Lon did like the characters coming around.

Lon, the waiter Lee and Goofy were looking up something good on the phone. I have to ask Lon if he remembers what it was

I told Daisy that Lon was turning 13 and LOVED hugs and kisses.

Dinner was yummy and fun! But now it was time for more rides. At the end of the blog I will put in the Memory Maker Photos of the rides and the random pictures they took of us

Getting ready for Everest!  Lon's favorite ride

Dinosaur Ride!

We got to our seats for the River of Light Show a little early. We saw this beautiful sunset.

As it got dark, the lights started to shine

These people came by and danced around to some soothing music

There were four of these, they changed colors and moved around.

Light on water spray projection. HOW COOL IS THIS ?? The pictures move and change it is truly magical.

For scale, there are people on the boat.

Some animals floated out too .

The lotus then opened up and started spraying water and somewhere the 5th one, the bigger one, appeared

Fire, water, music. It was amazing!

As we were heading out, we looked saw the Tree of Life all lit up. It reminded us that we had not yet seen Pandora!  We still had some time.  Night time is the better time to see it

It was amazing. I know I keep using that word, but it was beautiful. All the glowing pants. The walkways glowed!

As we walked by the Navi River Journey Ride, the cast member said Last Ride! Want to go? YES!
VERY short wait,  less than 5 minutes


The colors were intense and so beautiful

That was the end of our first day.

Animal Kingdom seems hotter than any other park. It might be all the plants making it even more humid.  Once we got enough water on board, we were doing fine.   So happy to be back at Disney

Now for the Memory Maker photos!

These are in no particular order.
Us on the Dinosaur Ride.

In front of Everest.   Yes, we are soaked. We just got off the Kali River Raids. Lon picked the wettest seats for us to sit in on the ride. I had a wave got over my head.  We put all our stuff in the free locker before we got in the line ride. So glad we did

Magic Shot.  They added the snow

You can sort of see Lon.

Tree of Life. We are getting a little tired

After Tusker House.

Another Magic Shot!

The photographer wanted to get a shot of just the birthday boy!

Magic Shot!