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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Adventures in Charleston!

This week, Lon is at camp. Museum Camp. He has three hours in the morning, learning about the museum and what they hold, and the second three hours in mad science camp, building small machines. Catapults and such. He is having a ball
He is having a great time!
 The next pictures, and there are a lot of them, are all what I took on my walking adventure while Lon was at camp

 In front of Fire House 32
At the market. It was early enough I could take a picture of this mural!

Little bird

The garden entrance of the Edmonston Alston House.
This house is part of the Middleton Place Foundation, so I was able to use my Middleton pass! It was a wonderful place.
You were not allowed to take any photos of the inside of the house. If you look closely at the window you can see some of the silver collection. There are several pieces that were made by a woman silversmith. Her name was not given on our tour.
Not sure which one was the better photo, the one before the tour or after, so you get both!

Sailing school.  Lon and I need to do that!
I am not sure this readable, but it tells about the wall around the city.
Rainbow Row

history bit

there is even art in the street
At Fleet Landing where I stopped for lunch
Harbor Tour. Looks like it might be fun to do one day!

One Cruise ship in town
St. Philips

Inside the Heywood-Washington House.  We were able to take photos inside. This instrument was built in the 1680s.   In France.

Looking out toward the kitchen. The kitchens in the older homes were never in the main house. Fire was a huge concern, and also the owners were not troubled by cooking odors. This is what the guide told us
Cat fish row, which was featured in Porgy and Bess.
At the Charleston museum, they have the piano on which Gershwin composed the musical. Even though it was not a commercial success at the time, it has become one.

I love all the gates around the city.
The last photo of my adventure.
The battery in my camera died.
Tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Azalea Park

This morning after a quick trip to the farmer's market to pick up some peaches (jam time!) we went to Azalea  Park
We had heard about it for a while, but we had never taken the time to go there. Today we saw about half of it!

A gazebo!  I am sure many Summerville Brides have had there photos taken there
There are many little statues all over the park
Looking at the fish in the canal
We came up to the turtle pond! I am not sure it is called turtle pond, but it has lots of turtles and tadpoles
Watching the turtles!  There were even some baby turtles

The turtles started swimming over to the boys.
it is nice they have a water fountain! It was getting HOT.
We will explore more of the park, it was very pretty.