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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had an amazingly busy day! We had so much fun. We started out with pancakes
Lon ate his pancakes in only his diaper. We have baby gym on Wednesdays -- I did not want to change him after breakfast!

Lon wore his costume to gym.

His friend, Ava, wore her costume too! So did most everyone else, but I did not get good photos of everyone else.

One of the best parts of gym this morning is we had our old teacher, Miss Alana today! It was good to see her.

After gym, we went to Party for Less, well, actually we went to Sweet Caroline's, which is in Party for Less. We LOVE Sweet Carolines! Caroline is SUPER nice, and the chocolate is wonderful. The coffee is the BEST! Even though we have three starbucks near our house we walk a couple extra blocks to get the better coffee at Sweet Carolines. Enough of the ringing endorsement! Caroline gave Lon a crabby patty, a french macaroon. Lon calls them crabby patties. He was crabby one afternoon and Caroline gave him a macaroon, and ever since then we call them crabby patties. Lon wanted to eat his crabby patty in the store, he pulled up a chair, got some apple juice, the Caroline brought us out some grapes. We had a great little snack. One they way out, Caroline gave Lon a little Halloween box. Inside were two chocolates, a little notebook and some stickers. Lon LOVED it, of course he ate the Chocolate right away!

After that we went to Albertsons, and got a cookie and a car. That was fun.

Since Lon went to bed so early yesterday (4:45)and was out for the night, I thought he should take a nap so he would be up for Trick or Treat. Well, I should not have worried about him being up for that! We drove around for over an hour. It was a fun drive, but no nap.

Our Ginormous pumpkin! When we got home for our drive, we put him up. We love our pumpkin.

Our new doormat! It is going to last forever, since we only use it one week a year!

Our little pumpkins for inside.

Daddy! Let's GO. I am not sure for what we are going for, but let's GO!!

In front of our pumpkin.

I did not take photos of him going door to door. Daddy got to stay home and give out candy. I thought we would be back pretty quickly. HA! We did the three cul-de-sacs on the other side of the street, we went back up the hill and were in front of our cul-de-sac. When we were turning into our house, Lon was telling me NO !! NO HOME MOMMY. Keep going. NO HOME. Okay, so we kept walking! We went up the hill and down the next street into that cul-de-sac. Lon got some great candy, and he got to pet ALOT of dogs. I think he liked the dogs more than the candy. The candy was pretty good. He had to carry his own treat bag. Mommy, no, Lon carry it.

The little man's candy haul!

We had a great time! Lon eventually did get into bed, about 9:15! He was so tired, but he did not want to miss a thing.

This was a super fun Halloween. Or as Lon now says, SUPER DUPER!

Fourth Haircut

Last Saturday, after the pumpkin patch Lon had a haircut.

Lon plays with the toys they have at Bel-Red Barber.

Was that our number? Are they ready for ME? I am slightly nervous...

Okay, so I am ALOT nervous now...

Mommy, they had scissors close to my ears!!

All done and LOOKING GOOD!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Back to the Farm

This morning we went back to the South 47 Organic Farm for another hay ride. Lon loves those hay rides!

The first hayride of the morning (11am) was already full when we got in line, the next one was 25 minutes later. We then went to explore the farm.

A wheelbarrow ride was in order!

Exploring pumpkins. Which we just looked at, we did not get one. We will get one or three as I LOVE roasted pumpkin seeds!

Moving the pumpkins around, before the fall

Lon tried to handle the wheelbarrow all by himself, and fell in the mud. He was fine. Just dirty. Which is good for a little boy!

Pointing out the dirt while we wait for the hayride!

Finally we got on the tractor and went around the farm. Learned more about the farm, even though we had done this a couple weeks ago, we still learned more about the farm. Lon and I went on the ride. Daddy's knee hurt too much to get on the tractor. Lon really does love those hayrides!

Friday, October 26, 2007

PeeWee Monster Bash

Today was the PeeWee Monster Bash at the community center. We signed up for it two weeks ago, which was very good. It was SOLD OUT! 180 kids!

On out way to the PeeWee Monster Bash! Lon was so happy to wear his costume.

We started off at Story and Song time. Very fun, we saw Miss Alana again. Our new teacher Kathy was there too! SUPER fun! We sang some Halloween songs (who knew there was such a thing) and there were two stories read to the kids, then they got to pick a toy or some stickers. Lon went to the toy, this surprised me a little cause he LOVES stickers.

It is a weird little toy, I think it is a finger puppet monster. Orange with spots.

In our regular Wednesday class room they had all the gym equipment out in a Monster Mash Maze. Lon did all the stuff! Went through the tunnels and over the obstacles. The only downside to that fun, was that he could only do it once. It was not like baby gym! That is 45 minutes in that room!

He did not want to take his coat off. He kept it on the whole time, it did go with the costume.

We met up with some people from our baby gym! Both of them were monkeys!

Last tunnel! Then we went to the music room, did a little dancing, after that it was upstairs!

Handing Lon the eye to play pin the eye on the monster!

We also did some Swamp Fishing, played feed the monster, did the monster dunk, Lon loved dunking the basketball monster. We did the cookie monster walk. Twice. Lon would not do the Monster Tattoos at all, and the monster puppet craft was not going to happen, scissors, glue, all sorts of things that I thought we should skip this year. Next year, he will be all over it.

We saw our favorite Princess from Holy Family Play Group.

Lon did take off his coat and hat so he could eat his cookie properly.

Covered in cookie we made our way home. Lon had lots of fun! So did Mommy.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Playing with Drew

Drew and his parents came up for dinner. Our original plan was to play outside, but that was NOT going to happen today. The boys had a grand time as our dinner cooked.
They shared the learning tower.

They shared hugs. That was sweet.

They did alot of driving!
They had fun riding the fire engine.

Lon got into his toy boy and wanted to be covered with all his toys. Lon thought this was funny.

As the evening was winding down, the boys were hiding under the blanket. They thought this was VERY funny. The boys had a great time together. Lon was sleep about 23 minutes after Drew went home.

Family is good.

Superman Runs the Sweeper

Living proof that Superman does housework!
Lon was having fun, he turned the sweeper on. He really wanted to use the sweeper too, we let him. Have fun! I am sure that he won't do this when he is a teenager! But I can hope.

Happy Birthday Marcus!

When we lived in Poulsbo, we had some very nice neighbors, we moved here and they moved to Arizona. Well, Marcus is back up here to study. He is staying with us for now. His birthday was Friday. Lon wanted to help make his cake.

Lon unwrapped the butter. It was VERY early on Friday morning, Lon had just finished his bath.

Lon broke up the chocolate, and he pushed the button on the microwave to melt it.
The finished product! A very nice, and super tasty German Chocolate Cake. Lon also helped me make him LOTS of chicken enchiladas. I think Marcus had a good birthday.