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Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Siege of Charleston Hike

On Saturday, December 17, Lon and Mark did an 11 1/2 mile hike through Charleston with Lon's Boy Scout Troop.  It was called the Siege of Charleston Hike. They will get a medal for it.

They started in the Battery.

Mark took pictures for me of  the beautifully decorated historic homes

The Cathedral


The jail

They say it is haunted

they were so good posing for pictures

taking a rest about half way through

The town is so nicely decorated

Marion Square.  Mark saw the Saturday market and thought it was something we should check out together

They are at the museum now, a long way from the Battery

I love what they did with this house !

I think this is the Aiken Rhett house

Detail. LOVE this!

The Carriage ride!

The boys did not go on this

This is a cheese shop.

The boys had a great time. They are a bit stiff and sore today!

The James Island Lights

On Friday night was went to the James Island Lights.  One of our favorite holiday traditions.

I am just going to add pictures of the highlights

This year, even though we tried to stop for cocoa and smores, the parking lots were full both trips around.   Next time we will go on a less busy day!

I'm Gumby.

We had a wonderful time seeing all the lights. I enjoy this every year

Summerville Christmas Parade

December 10 was the annual Summerville Christmas Parade.  We found a fairly decent spot, even if we were a little late getting there

Yay! It is starting!

Summerville High School Band

The theme was an International Christmas.

I am pretty sure that is why there was this elephant

Cool cars, there were lots of them!

Fun floats

Our old cub scout pack

Petting a dog makes any day better

Loved the leggings on this horse

Lon enjoyed getting candy that most of the entrants tossed at the kids. He liked the getting better than the eating. Since we did not have a bag to keep it in, when Lon's hand got full, he ran it back to us and we gave it to the kids behind us.

Santa!! Yay!

The parade was an hour and half long.   Lots of fun things to see.

We walked back to our car parked in front of Alex's diner.  We had dinner there, and when we were done, the traffic had thinned out.

It was a good day!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Lon and I decorated the tree !

I love our tree

Ornaments going on

Taking this seriously.

As soon as I get a picture of our completed tree I will post it.


Lon made the Robotics team for the Alston Tigers. Their name was Tiger Fury !

Their display

Fixing up the manatee

Lon taking video of the robotics part of the competetion

This is where it all went wrong for the Tiger Fury

One of the wheels locked and they could not complete the challenge.  This put them in the bottom of the rankings, but not at the very last.

T shirt cannon!  Brought in by the high school robotics team

Lon tried to get a t shirt. Not really even close.

Getting the Best Cooperation Award.

They had fun, learned a lot and will try again next year !