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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Animal Kingdom

The picture is a little fuzzy but we were leaving the driveway!  We were going to Disney World, on December 1.

Almost 7 hours later  we arrived!  We are really really here!

Out hotel was Pop Century!  I had not heard the best things about it, but we were going to give it a try.
This is Lady and she is HUGE. Staring down at us.  Lady was closest to our hotel building.  We could see  Lady's head from the third floor.

Tramp was on teh other side. He was equally as big.

We got all checked in to the hotel, with a great cast member named Barb. She was so nice to us!

Then we were off to the Animal Kingdom! Lon was so excited!

There are so many pretty spots

On our way to the first ride Lon wanted to do. The Kali River Rapids.  I knew he wanted to go on this ride, I packed some quart zippy bags for my camera and phone. Worked out very well.

After the Kali River Rapids we were on our way to Everest!  Lon's most favorite roller coaster.

The monkeys were very fun to watch. Swinging from pole to pole.

There it is! Everest!

Waiting in line.

Sadly, it was not meant to be, we were just about at the cars, the excitement was building. Then the announcement. All guests please do not leave the cars, a cast member will come to assist you. Those of you waiting in line, please exit.
The ride was down.  No word on when it would be ready to ride again.  Some people were upset that their fast pass was now gone. That struck Lon as odd.

A Mickey sandwhich was helping with the dissapointment of not riding Everest!

Playing in the fountain

On to the Kilamanjaro Safari Ride. Looking at all the animals.

We did see the Lions, but they were sleeping and did not photograph well. I did manage to take lots of pictures of antelope butt

We were getting hungry, but we had about an hour till our dinner reservaion at Tusker House.  I asked the hostess if we could get in early and she said Yes! NICE

We saw Donald, and Daisy, Mickey and Goofy. Lon was having a blast.

They were not putting out the samosas. Those were so good, but they had an African chicken in tomatoes that was very good.   Lon had corn dogs and dessert.

This light show is projected right onto the Tree of Life in the center of the park. It was amazing to watch the tree transform into all these different images

A little further out, so you can see that it is the  tree

The big tree at the entrance all lit up! It was a little before 7pm

Fire works!

Back at the hotel.  Lon is perched inside the 1980 sign!

I like Pop Century! it is a fun place, the price is right and they have dedicated busses, from the hotel, to the parks, etc.  The room is on the smaller side, but it had two queen beds. It worked out great.

It was a lovely warm night.  Lon and I were both happy

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