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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Magic Kingdom

I had thought that since we had a late night at Disney Springs Lon would sleep in a little. It was not to be.  He was up at 7:30! Ready to get this show on the road! The park did not open till 9.  I had to slow him down. I moved at a snail's pace to get dressed and he kept walking out the door up and down the hallway.  At 845 I was ready and we got the bus to the Magic Kingdom. While we did not make it rope drop we were in the park by 9:15.
Lon looked at the Disney app. Splash Mountain only had a 5 minute wait.  Let's get going. I was all set to walk across the park. No, mom, that would take too long. Let's hop the train and get off in Adventure Land and we are right there!

Smart boy.

We rode the train back after getting soaked on Splash Mountain.  He wanted to get his Sorcerer cards.  Which we did.

This tree is amazingly tall.

and beautiful

A quick Dance Party parade!

Lon got to meet Stitch.  and it was so fun.  This is our Christmas card photo. One of the things I wanted to accomplish at the Magic Kingdom taken care of!

More of the Dance Party Parade. I think it went by three times on Friday

Main Street!  SO Happy to be here!!
Lon and I were getting hungry. Lon could not find something he wanted, so we walked back to Tony's.  We got right in!

Lon had a pizza and I had shrimp scampi. No desserts since we were going to be walking around getting yummies along the way

We loved the window displays on main street.

Still loving the LEGO castle.

The Jungle Cruise turned into the Jingle Cruise. All decked out for Christmas.

There were Christmas touches all over the ride.

more of the Jingle Cruise
Last one, I promise

Aladdin's magic carpet ride. Lon was doing crazy up and down moves. He was having a great time!

He liked to have the carpet up as high as it would go

Pirates! We love this ride

Ice cream break!

If there is not a show in front of the castle you can still walk through.   YAY!

I love that Lon takes his time and looks at what he thinks is good.   We do not rush around trying ot get everything in. We have a list of the most important things to do and we try to get to those

Duck Butt

BIG bunny

Dinner reservations at the Crystal Palace.

Winnie the Pooh and friends were there !

I looked all ove the park for a winnie the pooh book for a friend to get it signed and they have very few books of any kind.  We were sad about this.


We love him!

Giving Piglet's ear a scratch.

Tigger walked right by,  missing Lon. He was not happy about that. SO since we had already been there 90 minutes, I went and talked to the handler and asked her when he was coming back. I was polite, I was nice.   She just shook her head and said probably not.  okay.  so we paid our bill. Our waitress Karen was great!  So nice

The staff was making a fuss over Lon and his great shirt and was saying how great it was. Then they asked him if everything was good, well Lon said all but Tigger, so the manager went and talked to the handler about when would Tigger be by, well she got really upset about this. Looked at him and said WE have to TALK. and turned on her heel and went to the back.  I just looked at the manager and told him we would go look for Tigger in the Hundred Acre Wood Spot. I have no idea what we did to her, but she was not happy with us.  Even with that, we had a great time at dinner. The food was wonderfu at the buffett.    We were about to start the Very Merry Christmas Party and it was going to be a great time!

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