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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Disney Springs

After Animal Kingdom, it was only 7:30. We thought that checking out Disney Springs would be fun. The last bus left there at 2am, lots of time to check it out!
It was so pretty!

We had our picture taken in front of the big tree and I will try to add that soon

Our first stop was the LEGO store!
Lon's new favorite is the Orange Bird

Soliders on stilts were walking around

We ducked out of the LEGO store to watch the new drone show. It was very cool.   Very impressive, they had different colored lights on the drones and theywould trun them on and off to make different patterns in the sky. The drones were silent too.

Back to the LEGO store! These Toy Story figures were made entirely of LEGOS.  Lots of kids had their photos taken with them.

The Castle. I know Lon would love to have it, and I would love to give it to him, but at the moment, it is a dream.


Giant LEGO sculptures were all around the LEGO store!

Even in the water there were LEGOS

This one was amazingly big

This is the largest Disney Store in the Universe. Or at least that is what they told us. Stitch will spit water at you!

We walked over to the Trail of Trees

It was very fun! All blue lights and trees inspired by Disney movies

this one is Lilo and Stitch

They made it snow!

A couple more trees

This was a fun photo spot.

We wanted to get a hot cocoa, or something fun, but everything was so crowded, we could not get into any place.

While we enjoyed the drone show, the LEGO store and the Trail of Trees, we decided that Disney Springs is probably not for us.  Too crowded without any of the fun of the parks for us.   We can say we tried it and had some fun, but we would rather do other things!

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