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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I think it just might be SUMMER this week!

Today was nice! It got up to 86 at our house. A little too hot as we did not turn the air conditioner on today, perhaps we will do it tomorrow.   I brought up Lon's blow up pool to blow it up and fill it, and somehow between the last time we had it up and now there got to be a big rip across the bottom!! OH NO! We had to go up to the drug store and get a new one RIGHT NOW.  This one is not as nice, but it holds water and that is the most important thing. When they go on super sale in a couple weeks, I will pick up a couple more blow up pools for next summer.
While Lon was waiting for the pool to blow up he was talking to his Dad about the fishing pole he got in Oregon. It was pretty flimsy. I then remembered that Aunt Karen had given him a great fishing toy when he was very little. I took it away from him cause he used the fishing pole as a stick to hit people with. I got it out for him and he seems to understand the rules this time. We never hit people.  The fish still works! The mouth opens and closes and it swims around the pool, waiting to be caught

Hmmm, planning the fishing strategy

I am going to catch him this time! 

After a few unsuccessful times trying to catch the fish, he decided it was bicycle time!!  He loves to ride his bicycle!

Daddy was washing cars so he sprayed Lon to help keep him cool!

Lon got in on the car wash action!

Why is Lon running so crazily?

Perhaps this is the answer

And back on the bicycle!

Loving every minute of this. I have to find a bicycle riding park for him so he can ride a little bit more than just in front of the house.  OH! I just noticed he is not using his hands!! Oh, this is just a little early.

I put the bell from the trike on this bicycle. He loves to ring the bell!
All better and ready for more riding!  He rode a little bit more and then we came in for dinner.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Trip to the Leavenworth Area!

Today we decided to take a day trip over to the Leavenworth area. While I remembered mostly everything to make the trip fun, I forgot to pack a toy for the car. Won't do that again. Our first stop was the fish ladder, but I left the camera in the car. Fish were jumping. Note to the Grandmothers, Mark has movies of it. We drove down the Chumstick Highway to Plain and the Beaver Valley Lodge. Mark found it and wanted to see what we thought. We liked it. They did not have any rooms to show us as they were all full, the grounds are pretty.
Lon in front of the Wind in the Willows Fountain

A sculpture and another fountain in front of the lodge.

A shot of the river. Pretty

We went back into Leavenworth and stopped off at Rudloff's Pizza and Wunder Dog!  Lon and I split a pizza, and Mark had a Wunder Dog. The server was so nice, and remarkably honest. She came by with our pizza and apologized to Mark. She accidentally dropped his Wunder Dog on the floor, so she would be making another, but it would take a few minutes. She came back with the money for his Wunder Dog. Wow, this is a place we will try to eat at again!

Being Goofy!

We stopped at Prey's Fruit Stand and got some honey and then we went to Smallwoods. Lon wanted to go to the petting zoo. Until he saw the cow ride. He loved the cow ride, it was a good breeze, and they went through the sprinklers!  He went twice. We shared our sun screen with some of the fellow passengers.  It was getting HOT out there!

Large chicken in front of Smallwoods

Putting food on top of the roof, but sadly, it was way too HOT for the animals  they were all trying to find the shade or the sprinkler.

Lon tried to feed the miniature cow, it was still a little scary. 

Our next stop was Lake Wentachee. It was a great place. A State Campground too!  We will be looking into camping there.

Daddy tossed Lon into the water. Lon was not as pleased as we expected him to be

Out of the water for a few minutes. Then we were off to our next adventure stop

We stopped by the Fruit Corner and it was so beautifully landscaped!  The fruit stand was very small, but they had water. We really were going through lots of water. When we pulled out of there the car thermometer said it was 101. Whew! It was a little HOT
On our way home, we went through Gold Bar. They were having the Annual Gold Dust Days!  Party like it's 1910. That was their motto. We got Lon a snow cone. Which we all shared!

On of the exhibits was the Gold Panners. We, of course,  had Lon try. He was pretty good with some help. We got to keep his teeny tiny vial of gold.

There was also a Civil War encampment. The lady showed Lon how to work the spinning wheel. We took some of this labors home.  This Civil War encampment was not as authentic as the ones we have seen in Virginia. Little things that were not used in the 1860s, but  it was still fun to see.
Then the park beckoned. Lon played on it for a little while.
He is getting taller and braver
After the park we made our way home. We wanted to stop at Bentos, but they were not open, so Lon got his wish. We ended our day trip at Pizza Hut.  It was a great day !

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lon's Rather Large Jammies

I finished up Lon's footy jammies, the first ones I have ever made.  I had him try them on this afternoon. They are ridiculously big. The size 5 in a pattern is way bigger than from the store. At least they were not too small!
Just a little growth room!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Three Boys is Three Times the Fun!

After swim lessons, Ben and Ty came over to play! They just could not stay out of the water!

Lon had his turn with the hose and then it was Ty's turn!  Lon got into his swimsuit before he got wet. We called Ty's Mom and had her bring over extra clothes!

We turned on Mr. Wiggly Hands -thank you Uncle Vasu-  The boys played with him for a while

Sometimes they would just stand there and watch themselves get wet

Other times, they would run. Lon changed out of his other swim suit because it kept falling off as he ran. Skinny Mini Man that he is

Lon got into dry clothes and they all got popsicles! Orange Guy got Orange, Red Dude got red and Ben picked Yellow.

And then we tossed in a puppy into the mix! Toby is a great little pup. He was more interested in his bone than playing with boys at least for the moment.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Halfway Through Summer Swim!

Today was the half way mark on swim lessons. This session we have a new coach. Lon listens to her! Lon has now seemingly figured out that if he listens, he learns. This means he can do all the cool things he sees the bigger kids doing! 
You only get a half wave this morning since I am busy here

Coach Jenna really is not holding me up too much

Learning to turn over in the water
Are you looking? I am putting my head all the way back into the water. This is exciting! I have never been able to do this before!!

There was a video that was supposed to go here, but it is not working. I will keep trying!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thank you Uncle Rahul and Auntie Prachi!

Today was the day. The day Lon had been begging for since his birthday. We built the wonderful bike that Uncle Rahul and Auntie Prachi gave Lon.  It is a 16 inch BMX spider man bike. It ROCKS!  Lon was over the moon.
Daddy builds the bike! He did a great job!

Lon wants to help. Desperately

Lon is actually helping

FREEDOM here I come!

I am doing this! OH MY!! I am riding a bike!!!

Thank you so much Uncle Rahul and Auntie Prachi, this is the bestest present!! I am loving it!

I want to do this all day. Maybe I can convince Mommy to let me go out in the street (not). I am getting really good at this!