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Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's a Pirate Party, Matey!

Today Lon and I had to go to Sears to return some weed eater cable that was the wrong size (ARG!). We drove by the North Kirkland Community Center, and the Pirate Party was going on. RATS I forgot all about it! We went home as fast as we could, we ran in the door. I got a clean shirt for Lon, tossed it at Daddy, for him to put on Lon, grabbed my shoes for me to put on and we were off in the stroller! I already knew there was NO parking.

Lon's best pirate face!

Inside the Pirate Museum. They had an actual pirate group manning the games. They had a band up from Portland called Captain (someone, I will fill this in soon) and the Salty Dogs. They were lots of fun. Lots of Pirate looking people, both scurvy dogs and wenches, walking around!

Of course, there was running. I told Lon he could run around, but he had to stay in sight and on the grass, and to come back when I called him. He was a really good boy! He did all those things!

As soon as the band was over, it started to rain! We loaded up, I put the rain shield on the stroller and off we went! We did see some friends, that was fun! We saw Reef from Baseball, Lon likes Reef alot. They play very well together at baseball. There was a new friend, Daniel. Yesterday, we met Daniel at the park, and again at Target and today! This must be some kind of sign, so I gave her one of my Mom cards. Daniel is adorable. I hope we stay in touch. I am very glad we were able to make it up to the Pirate Party at least for a little while. Oh! I will let you know how Lon's professional Pirate photo turns out. They had a professional photographer there, all set up, a nice background, props, light diffusers, everything and it was free! Next week we have to go into the studio and pick out ONE of the three shots and we will get a free 5x7. If we want more, we have to pay for them. A nice photo of Lon dressed up as a pirate is going to be really fun!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Farrel McWhirter Park

Strange name for a park, but what a great place it is!
Lon, Sam and Mitchell are running to get there! They have animals, a sow who is about to have piglets, two goats who will have kids next month, some chickens and turkeys, calves and horses too! They also have a nature trail, long or short, and swings, regular swings and two tire swings. It is an amazing park. The park also offers horse care and riding lessons, ages two to four in the first class. I think we are going to call about that!

Lon with the turkeys. They were gobbling and Lon gobbled back. I just was not fast enough with the video feature on the camera to capture it.

Cute, calves are just so cute!


Hello Calves, I am back from my run. How are you? I am great!

The boys found sticks are were poking at the great root. This is a toppled tree!

Sam and Lon feeling the bark.

The boys sharing a little tiny snack. Everyone had fun.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Good Haircut

I think this is Lon's 6th haircut.

He crawled right up in the chair, and was ready to go! He did look like a little moppet.

Lon did not cry, he did not fuss. He actually GIGGLED!

The wet look!

Spikey Man!

A good looking boy, even if he is making a goofy face!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Summertime, I think it really is here!

The pool lasted just a few hours, there was a leak somewhere in one of the short sides. Well, I blew it up, and rubbed it with soap and could not find anything! I refilled it, thinking that might put enough pressure to make the side leak again. I did find ONE leak.

After deflating it, and patching the leak, Lon helps me refill the pool.

A little live action of Lon and the hose!

A little break from filling the hose to bring the car down. I did not let him put the car into the pool. It was full of sand.

Back to the pool, with Natasha supervising.

OH RATS! The side is leaking AGAIN! Time to drain the pool.

Lon splashes!

Look at me!

I am dunking my head! My hair is wet! This is fun, Momma.

The water removal crew moves in to help drain the pool.

Rocky, Kitty in the tall grass, warm sun. Perfect.

While Momma found the TWO other holes, and patched them, the boys played in the tent! Lon loves the tent.
The pool is refilled, and is staying filled! Whew! Lon likes to take out the toys, and put them back in. I tried to tie down the slide, however Momma was unaware that this year it is NOT a slide, it is a boat. A little later, Lon and I had a snack on the hammock and we fell asleep. Momma got her Vitamin D for the day, just slightly sunburned! I did put SPF 345 on Lon, the waterproof kind. I will do myself from now on too. We had a really fun day. Memorial Day itself was cloudy and we did not go into the pool, but we did a 2.5 mile walk.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Could it be Summer?

Today was a wonderful day! It was warm and sunny! After we ran our Saturday errands, Lon and I went for a walk. We went to Goosepoop park.(2 miles)

Lon played on the swings, the slide. There were lots of other kids there too!

And of course the rock wall, which is now completely mastered!

Running, always running!

It was still nice and there was alot of afternoon left when we got home. I thought it might be a good idea to get out the pool! I washed it and blew it up and Lon helped me fill it. He ran down the stairs and took off ALL his clothes and jumped right in!

The pool was still filling up but he had to be in the water!

He was having so much fun in the pool!

It was tough to get him out, he told me he was shivering but he was going to stay in the pool. We got him out, and put him in his jammies, wrapped him in his cars blanket, got him warm. The day ended with Lon watching the Aristocats, and the first half of Toy Story. Lon had a good day.

We did not forget Daddy! I pulled out the hammock too!

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Blanket for Lon

The front is one of the panel thingys you can get at the fabric store... but I did heavily quilt it!

Lon seems to like it, and that is all that really matters.

Can you tell, Lon REALLY likes Cars?!?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Garden Party at Uncle Vasu's House!

Vasu, Home Warrior!
It is a pull weeds, plant plants and eat pizza kind of garden party! We had a great time, worked hard and got to see the newest baby!

Prachi and Rahul learn to use the power washer. I did not know this, but that area is a filled in pool.

Lon, Chaitanya and Archana. Lon is very fascinated by the little guy. 41 days old!

Isn't he a sweetie? SO very cute.

Lon was good around the little one.

PIZZA! Lon took off all the veggies from the Veggie Lovers special, but he ate TWO slices! WOW!

On Uncle Rahul's shoulders. Lon was having fun.

What we did today! 49 marigolds were planted, two roses, a white and a red, two mini red roses, 20 allisyum, a white geranium and two white ground cover plants I can not remember the name of! And all the weeds and the holly were taken out, we filled up the yard waste bucket with just this front patch. The primroses that I planted back in February were still there, and doing okay! I am happy they survived.