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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Today we went to Chuck E. Cheese for a Sam's birthday! Lon was SO excited to go! He was up before 6am.
We had pizza! Okay, the boys had pizza, the adults got sandwiches. The sandwich's were surprisingly good. They had three kinds, chicken, ham and Italian. The Italian was my favorite. I was impressed.

The mouse himself comes out to greet the birthday groups. The boys thought that was SO cool

The birthday boy getting his crown

saying goodbye to Chuck

Blowing out the candles

okay, time to play

Eating ice cream cake! Yummy!

Opening presents.

Thanks for a lovely day. It was really fun.

Photo of the Year

If anyone out there has a suggestion for the best photo to use for the Christmas Card Photo, please let me know! We are trying to figure it out !!
Here are some choices:

Lon has the Camera

After school on Friday, Lon got the camera and took some photos as we were shopping.
First, he took a photo of his school. Lon likes school!

Ah, the shoes are off !

Halloween Decorations. Lon thought they were interesting. He did put his shoes back on when we went into the store

He liked the label. He does not like gum.

He had fun with my camera, we were able to get in some great shopping. We may be on to something here

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Boys, part one!

This afternoon Ty came over to play!
We played trains!

Trains are fun!

Mark was getting silly with the boys. Lettuce Head Ty

Lettuce Head Lon!

They are playing Tiger Cub. They are in the tiger cage. Which is the back of Mark's car.  Mark had fun with the boys. We had dinner together. (the boys had Mac and cheese, and chicken nuggets)Ty and Lon had a bubbly splashy bath together and then Ty got to go home. We had so much fun with Ty we are going to get to do it again tomorrow after school!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dropping Off Toys

We went through Lon's outside toys on Saturday, cleaned them all up. Put most of them away for the winter, those we no longer wanted we dropped off at St. Edward State Park. Two reusable shopping bags worth!

Then it was all running!

We got doughnuts to munch on while we were there. Lon did not really eat his doughnuts till he got back in the car. There was simply too much to do and play with to take time out to do something as silly as eating

Playing airplane. Most things are airplanes now.

A new friend to play with!

I like that picture, if only I could make it just a bit more in focus

The preferred way of swinging

I like the way this photo turned out. We were then on our way to visit Uncle Rahul and Auntie Prachi!

The look on Reyanch's face is priceless

Getting to hold the baby!

 I am sure that Lon can understand.

Super cuteness!

Okay, I am going to teach you to walk. Take my hand and we are outta here!

Getting to hold Reyanch again!

Lon took my camera to take some pictures. He took this one ! He is getting pretty good at this!

After our visit, we went back home. Lon and Daddy used the wagon to put all the toys away in the shed. Lon said he wanted to pull the wagon, so Daddy got in it. Lon was less than amused!

The Daddy pulled the wagon with Lon in it. Lon was back to being amused

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Show!

The past week or so I have been sewing. There is more to come but we had a fashion show to show off Lon's new clothes.
First is the little bits I made for others
A new pink coat for Cousin Milana-- a little closer to her size

With a little winnie the pooh jumper

A shirt for Vishnu, who is not a baby anymore!

And now for Lon's new clothes:
Seahawks pullover fleece jacket and pants. He did not want to take the pants off

Jammie Time !  First up is the Cars Cars Jammies-- around the bottom of the pants is little round black circles that Lon thinks look like tires

Candy!  Vintage Candy labels. He is being so serious.

New England Summer Jammies.  The bottoms have embroidery around the bottom in single color nautical flags.

Bento's Sushi Jammies. Around the bottom of the pants is embroidery that looks like netting.  Now he is being silly. All of these jammies match the ones I made for Mark.

We are at the end of putting on all the new clothes. This is the shirt that matches little Vishnus.  Lon had to put on his seahawks pants. They are warm and wonderful