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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Little Side Trip on the Way Home!

Instead of going straight home from camping we  decided at the last minute to go to Smallwoods!  I did get some more marianades and salad dressings. We got some apples too!
Mark feeding the geese. I don't like feeding the geese. I just keep remembering Karen feeding the geese at the marina and they are not nice.  I think I did get it in the photo of one of them biting Mark!
Llama! Pretty and they are so gentle in taking the feed from your hands! I fed a little to them. I turned around to a goat and an alpca on the other side of the path to feed them. The goat and the alpaca were talking to me. Mainly, give us more food, but make sure you give less to her! As I was feeding a little handful to the brown alpaca, the goat girl tried to eat my sweatshirt!  I really liked that sweatshirt too!  Lon was a little out of sorts at the petting zoo. Not sure why, but after we left that part, he worked it out and was much better
I took Lon inside to wash our hands. On our way out of the bathroom we saw the store cat. I think her name is Maggie or Katie. Not sure which. She is a very nice cat. Lon petted her  gently.
At the other end of the field, they had a small birthday part going on. As part of their entertainment, they had the pumpkin cannon fired twice! SO much fun! Little pumpkins fly HIGH and go very very far.  It was fun to see
We walked through the pumpkin patch barn into this lovely landscaped area. It looked very familiar. It was landscaped by the people from The Fruit Stand on the Corner. Across from the 59'er Diner!
I made Lon pose for a tremendous amount of pictures with the pumpkins!
LOVE this one!
One more good one!
Lon loves those cut out things. Do they have a real name?
We drove into Cashmere to have lunch before going home. We tried the Mexican place, Casa Grande. We won't be back. It as okay, but not really good. We will try another place next time! Brian's Pizza is still a good.

Last Campout of the Summer!

Summer was officially over on Friday, so we went camping! We enjoyed the Pine Village KOA in Leavenworth last time, so we went back up there! The weather was only slightly cooler!
Waiting for Brian and Kayla to come and play! 
Putting up our new gazebo. This one was very very cheap. Mark wants to get a nicer one for next year.  (oh, and if you did not realize it, Karen that was a Christmas hint)
Our campsite all set up.  I liked the gazebo!
Watching the fire as the sun set
Brian and his smore. He loves Smores!
The weekend we picked was also the Autumn Leaf Festival! How much fun is this going to be! Instead of the KOA breakfast, I saw the Lion's Club was holding a breakfast at their park in town.  Gotta support the local charities! The breakfast was great. 2 large pancakes, 2 eggs, ham, sausage, coffee and milk!  all for $5!  Lon ate his pancakes. To top it all off, parking was free. I asked if we had to move the car when the breakfast was over, the very nice Lion told me he would not tell, leave the car here. Save yourself the 10 dollar parking fee! extra special nice!
We were walking down the main street of town, we heard a voice. Young man, would you like to water some of the flowers? Water! Lon was so happy to help! He really enjoyed that. When he was done he wanted to know if G.G. would have been proud of him. Of course she would!
At the other end of the main street of town, they had bouncey houses set up. LOTS of them. Lon had a wonderful time bouncing with Kayla and Brian.

They had a climbing wall set up too. Brian tried it. Lon said he wanted to wait till he took the class at the Y.
There were two tries up the wall for your money. Brian did not want to try it again, so they let Chong try it. It is harder than it looks. Uncle Chong did great!
Waiting for the parade to start. I really wanted to see the parade! I had to get a hat for Lon and some sunscreen. I should have been a little better prepared. 
Color Guard and marching band from Fort Lewis (or is it Joint Base Lewis McCord now?) Lon saluted them since he is a tiger scout now. He was so proud of himself
It can't be a Bavarian Village without those long horns! They paused every so often and blew them. I can imagine they are very heavy things!

A remote control dog!
We were all hot and tired and decided it was time to go back to the camp site for lunch.  Kayla is studying the tiger cookie. They were yummy!
While Michelle and I went to the grocery store to get some more water and garlic bread for dinner, the Dads and kids rented a cart! They had a great time. It was a serious workout for the Dads! After we got the groceries put away, we all went for a swim in the pool. That was fun.  I got into the hot tub!
Playing in the grassy common area!  We did not bring the ice cream maker this time. (sad)
Just roasted marshmallows after our pasta and meatball dinner!  Marshmallows are so yummy! The clouds were starting to roll in, it made it a warmer night. Sleeping was good that night.
While the Dads were breaking camp the next morning, we took the kids to the KOA breakfast. Lon and Brian are climbing the big hill while they wait.
Pancakes still rule! 
Can you find Brian and Lon! Playing in the woody area behind the campsite
We had lots of fun camping. We are sorry the summer is really over.  Looking forward to next summer. Our first camping will be back in Leavenworth in June while Mark goes rafting!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tiger Scout

Lon is a tiger scout! His new uniform, we need the hat yet, but he is all ready to go to his first meeting! He was so excited
Oh! And anyone want to buy some popcorn?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good Fest

After Kayla's very fun party we went home, thinking we were going to have a quiet night in. Well, no.  Meagan called and said she heard there was something called Good Fest happening at Redmond Towne Center.  So I made a triple latte and got Lon redressed and off we went to meet Grace, Meagan and Gernot! 
Spinning the wheel at the REI booth. Lon won a sticker. It was towards the end of the day, so there were not so many prizes left. But Lon was very happy with the big sticker
Mini Golf. We really need more practice. Toward the last of the 9 holes, Lon was getting better at holding the club and swinging.
Waiting for Grace at the fountain
Meeting one of the dogs in the reading with Fido booth. Lon loved spinning the wheel.  He got a grocery bag. We were waiting in line for the train. Grace, her Mom and Dad and baby Samantha (who was visiting) met up with us in line. Lon REALLY wanted to go on that mini train.
Meagan and Baby Samantha
Samantha was very interested in Lon's balloon. Lon was so happy to finally be on the train. The kids got the car they wanted to be in. It was fun. All around the shopping area.
Grace got a temporary tattoo. it was pretty cool. They put on the outline and colored it in with markers.  Lon did not want a tattoo. He saw the Geodes. THOSE are way cooler than any tattoo! 
Lon was so proud of himself for opening it by himself!
The crystals inside his geode.
The show was pretty much over. We went to look at the toy store. Lon and Grace made a new little friend at the play table. They were all so nice and polite to each other. I was proud of Lon.
Grace and her parents (and baby Samantha) came home with us for dinner!  Meagan got the kids some very interesting plastic modeling compounds.  If you let it out in the air, it will dry hard, but if you keep it covered it should stay moist enough to remold.  The kids were having fun with that stuff! I got out the big box of cookie cutters for them to use.
Playing Airplane. Lon was the pilot taking Grace anywhere she wanted to go!
I made beef stew and macaroni and cheese for dinner. The macaroni and cheese was a new recipe, cook the pasta slowly in milk, add cheese and bake a little bit. Really tasty. 30 minutes total! We always have fun with Grace and her family.

Happy Birthday, Kayla!

Saturday was Kayla's third birthday party!  SUPER fun time!
Brian was VERY interested in the cakes.  I wanted the cake to be pink, but it turned out more of a peach color.  It worked.
Sneaking a taste of the frosting!
King of the play structure!
Climbing trees!
I think this means summer is over.

So much fun! The parents got a great workout!
Princess Kayla, getting ready for cake
Blowing out the candles
Chatting with friends.
We had a great time in the park celebrating Kayla's third birthday!  It was alot of fun!