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Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Tradition!

This year, like last year, we started off our New Year's Eve Celebrations by making mandoo! Mandoo are Korean dumplings and are oh so yummy!!
The boys are more into Legos this year than last!
Mark getting into the folding and sealing! Auntie Michelle had the filling all ready to go, so all we had to do was fill and seal!
Uncle Chong being silly with the wrappers
Auntie Michelle showing off the plate of Mandoo that Uncle Chong and Daddy made
The plate of Mandoo I made! I am pretty proud of myself!
Out of the three containers of wrappers we had, only 5 were left and Uncle Chong was trying to convince Kayla that they should be filled with nuts and dried fruit, but she was not having any of it!
Auntie Michelle made a dinner for the kids, chicken dinosaurs and pasta. Lon ate all his dinos.
The adults has soup with rice coins, and mandoo. Michelle made the broth this year. It was so good, but those rice coins are super filling!  She also made us some wonderful spinach with soy sauce and sesame seeds. I need to find that recipe!
I brought dessert. A small black forest type cake.  Homemade cherry sauce and a sturdy whipped cream!
We watched the kiddos play with the new hot wheels track. It was loud and fun!  Cars running into each other, going loop de loops!
Kayla hugging Lon good bye. She was not so sure she wanted Lon to leave!
It was a fun night of good food and good friends!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Impromptu Play Date!

Today, Lon was working away on the Death Star Lego and I was taking down some Christmas decorations when the doorbell rang! It was two of Lon's friends wanting him to join them as they flew a glider. They were going to a field with a hill.  At first Lon said, no, he was busy on the Death Star. After they left, Lon looked at me and said I was not very nice, was I? Legos are fun, but friends are more fun. SO we got dressed properly and we went to find them!
They were not there too far ahead of us. The boys climbed the hill to launch the glider!
Sometimes, it went well! Flying great!
Sometimes, not so well. But it was always fun!
All the boys got to launch the glider. It was nice they shared!
The boys also went for a small hike in the woods, the moms following behind.
They found some big rocks to climb all over.
It was getting colder and the playdate was over. The other boys had something they needed to go do. It was so nice they included us! It was good to get out of the house into the fresh air. I am happy Lon changed his mind and we caught up to them!
Lon was cold, so we stopped by Starbucks! We got a little warm up treat.  When Lon asked for the peppermint cake pop, the lady behind the counter looked at him and told him they were out. Lon pointed at them and asked her what are those? They did have them!  Lon liked them. He got a kids size hot chocolate.
Enjoying his cake pop.
Thank you Aunt Karen for the nice treat!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas!

Tonight we had a small fondue party! We have not had one of those in a long time, and now I am wondering why!
I found little tiny potatoes, and we roasted them. Wow, what a great addition to that was to the cheese fondue!  We had chocolate fondue too! Leftover Christmas cake and cheesecake!
Gernot and Grace figuring out something on the kindle fire
Lon building a small lego. One of the many he got today!
The first game that was played was Find the Pickle!
Samantha is very cute but too little to play the game
We played Pass the Present! It was a game we learned in cub scouts. Right and left. Someone reads the story and every time there is a left or right in the story, the present goes that way.  It was alot of fun! Then at the end, you keep what you have or you  can arrange a trade.
The next game, Meagan taught us! It was the paper late draw on your head game. That was fun too!  You had to draw a floor, then a tree, a star on top, ornaments on the tree, a fireplace, with a stocking hanging on it. All on top of your head. I think we will play this next year too.  It was a hoot!
It was time for the little one to go, she is so cute!
Miss Sarah came over and Lon talked her into building a Lego with him! Another Hobbit Lego
Grace got in on that too
After Grace and her parents left, Miss Sarah stayed and Lon had her playing with his MTT. He got that from his Grandma!
It is big and LOUD!
Lon has everyone wearing Marty's wig.
It was a fun and very merry Christmas!  We are looking forward to doing it again next year!

A Merry Christmas Morning!

Lon woke up at 3:05, he wanted to just go peek to see if Santa  came, then he would come right back, her promised. Mommy and Daddy convinced him to go back to bed. Took us about 1/2 an hour to get him to sleep.  Then he was the last one up in the morning!  He did not wake up again till 8:30!
Coming down the stairs
Is this really what I think it is!?!
Lon is waking up, hugging his present, he is sure he knows what it is!
IT IS IT IS IT IS!!! THE DEATH STAR!!!!!!! SANTA IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! He was talking so fast he could almost not breath! He was so excited.
Lon wanted to make sure that everyone else had presents too. He made a set of candles for Grandma when we were in Mystic Seaport.
Ty Fighter from Auntie Karen!
Aunt Karen spoiled us all! Mark got a new video camera that is wonderful! He is already taking movies with it!
Lon got some Prep and Landing gear, a hat, guides, and goggles.
Grandma getting into the fun

Mom! There are other presents to open! LET ME GO!!! please...

Playing a game with Daddy!

Playing with Mommy, Star Wars Angry Birds the Jenga game! I liked this one!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa Was HERE!

Santa arrived!
SO many lovely packages!
And around the corner it goes!
This is going to be lots of fun and Legos!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Tonight we had our big family feast!  YUMMY
Uncle Rob, Uncle Rahul, Daddy and Lon! We had Roast Beast, Broccoli and cheese sauce, rolls, and twice baked potatoes! Lon was too excited to eat!
Not pictured, is Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa Andy
Daddy enjoying the bones, those are his favorite part, and I may have to take this picture down soon, so enjoy it while you can!
Lon and Grandma having a good conversation
Uncle Rahul spoils this boy!  Lon asked him if he could open the present from Uncle Rahul! Uncle Rahul said of course if you want to!
Lon got his Christmas Eve wish of opening a present!
Seriously spoiled  boy!  BIG lego set!
While the adults lingered over coffee and dessert, Lon was in the family room building the Lego crane!
He was being very good!
A double bonus Christmas Eve wish!  He got to open his jammies!  They are Disney jammies. Mommy bought them in size 7/8 and they are huge! He has years to enjoy them
A Christmas Miracle! Lon is brushing his teeth!
Selecting cookies for Santa!
Looks good! Now off to bed to wait for Santa'a arrival!