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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We will Post soon

Lon has been having fun adventures! I will post them as soon as I can. Lon is looking forward to sharing his mini vacay on the Oregon coast and eating cupcakes! Mommy is just a bit behind and needs to catch up!
Thanks for your patience!
Suzy and Lon

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day!

Oh BOY! I got a valentine! Just me! A valentine!! It is so much fun! I wonder what it says!

It is such a nice card! And it has Ms in it! Ms for ME! Oh BOY!
Yea, about the pants, I am chosing not to wear pants if I can help it. Mommy has no idea why I take my pants off at every opportunity, but to me, it is SUCH a good idea.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mamma's Got a Brand New Toy!

When we got home from our walk today, there was a rather large box on my front porch! Hmmm, I wonder what it could be. I know I did not order anything! It was a nice heavy box. Lon helped me push it into the kitchen. He is such a good helper. I opened the box and the bestest present in the world was inside! My mother said she was thinking about getting me a new mixer, perhaps for my birthday (in august). This is SO NICE! This is a great mixer. I have already used it, to make a marscapone filling for little valentine tarts.
I LOVE this mixer. It is several steps above the one I have/had.
Thanks Mom. Lon likes it too, it is RED! Perhaps I should get some flames for the side...

The Park for a Swim

After the party we went to the park! Happy Happy Day!

Lon just looked at going down the slide. He likes climbing the stairs, but not going down the curly slide.

Sand is not all that wonderful, but it does lead to the water.

Come on Dad I'll show you the water, and the ducks. Ducks are really fun.

Let's go get a duck!

Okay, Daddy got me out of the water, but I am on my way back!

This is fun, but you can let go now. I won't slip!

Well, it was time to go home anyway. Lon got a nice hot bath when we got home. Washed the duck right off him!

A Birthday Party

We went to Miss Victoria's 2nd Birthday Party! What fun! Lon had a marvelous time. Good Company, Good Food, Good Toys, but watching opening presents was really tough!

New toys are always so much fun!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Doctor Update

We took Lon in for his weight check, and a flu shot. Lon gained a pound! I am very pleased! He did great, of course, with his flu shot. Very brave.

One thing I am sorry I did not mention in the previous blog, Vasu's mother made sweets for him to bring back. Vasu presented me with a box of them. They are/were so very yummy. I have enjoyed them very much.

Welcome Home, Uncle Vasu

Uncle Vasu got back from India. Alas, no bride yet! But soon. He came over to dinner last night, with gifts for us all! Lon really missed Uncle Vasu.

Uncle Vasu brought mommy some gorgeous white silk with silver embroidery on it that I will use to make something wonderful for myself, and a matching shirt for Lon. He brought this lovely outfit, a Kadhai kurta Pyajama.

Vasu is such a nice man.

Uncle Vasu helps the little prince get dressed properly in his new outfit! The workmanship on the outfit is incredible. There are beads and sequins. It is fully lined. Gorgeous.

The properly dressed Prince. The things that look like dots on the material are the beads and sequins.

We are so glad Uncle Vasu is home. We missed him.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Super Sunday

Sunday was super, of course! We went down to have family photos taken! Lon met a new friend. I have no idea who this child is, but Lon and he splashed in the puddles for a while.
I had to get Lon a pair of sunglasses, it was SO bright. He looks like a *rad* boarder, at least that was one comment I heard as we passed. That and How Cute! What a sweetie! cool dude! Lon seems to have a public.

After family snow photos, Lon played in the snow fort! How much fun is that-- they built a snow fort!

It was too warm to wear a coat anymore! But those sunglasses stayed on!

Then we were off to the Gondola. We rode up the mountain, got off and rode back down. Lon fell asleep shortly after we *took off* and stayed asleep till we were off the mountain and almost back at the mountain house!

Top of the mountain.

Leaving the top of the mountain.

The incredible view on the way down. Okay, I did not mention this to my sister, however the gondola thingy terrifies me. I did it, I enjoyed the view, but I did indeed feel better once I was on the ground.

Lon wants his dinner! Pizza while we watch the Colts win the super bowl! He is wearing his apres-ski slippers from Grandma Phis! He loves them! Warm and comfy! The boys got a bath after the game. Lon went to sleep after his bath, while his cousin watched the puppy bowl 3. He loved that! Then he went to sleep too!

The next morning, Monday, Lon and I had to leave. It was sad.

My beautiful sister! yep, I made her jammies. Aren't they sweet?

Can we have breakfast now?

At the Moonlight Lodge waiting for the Karst Stage to take us to the airport. I have a ton of beauty shots of Montana...

More bronze bears! These are in front of the Moonlight Basin Lodge.

Lon fell asleep. That good mountain air!

The view from the Bozeman airport.

We had lunch at the Overland Express restaurant at the airport. Oh man! it was GREAT! Burger, fries and iced tea. Cherry pie and ice cream, it all came to 11 dollars! Usually airport food is tolerable at best and expensive. I highly recommend the airport in Bozeman. Actually, I highly recommend Montana. We had so much fun. I am so glad we went. Thank you, Karen!

More of Montana!

After our shopping expedition, we went inner tubing. Lon went down the hill once. He sat in the middle, and I rode over him. He did not like it one little bit. Thanks, but no. However, Ing, LOVED going down the hill with the wind in her face. The rest of the family went down the hill several times while Lon and I took pictures, played in the snow. Lon had fun playing in the snow.

The view from the inner tube hill.

We got back to our Mountain House a little before sunset. Another beauty shot from the house.
Saturday night was good. The kids all played, I cooked. I made a vat of homemade spaghetti sauce, a all from scratch pizza (crust, sauce, the works) and chilled that uncooked, so it would be ready to go for the Superbowl the next afternoon, and before going to bed, I made cinnamon rolls--with walnuts and craisins and an orange glaze. I think everything turned out yummy

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Saturday in Big Sky

We are having so much fun!
This is the view from our mountain house. Pretty darn impressive.

Lon watching the little guys having ski lessons. He wants to join them. Next year I think he will be old enough to take directions and learn to make chocolate cake and french fries.

Are you sure I am not old enough Mom? I think I want to try! It looks like so much fun!

Doing a little shopping! Lon wanted Fritos and berry skittles. He got the Fritos. He never had them before, he really liked them.

We will continue blogging the rest of Saturday and super fun Sunday tomorrow.


Lon and I had the opportunity to go to Big Sky Montana for the weekend!

Lon is trying on his new snow gear before we go! He got too hot, and was not happy about the new gear. The jacket is a size 3, so he can wear it for at least one more winter, maybe two.

This is the bronze bear that greets you at the Bozeman Airport. He is a nice bear.

Lon and I took the Karst Stage up to Moonlight Basin Lodge. Checked everyone in, and then got the shuttle up to our mountain House.

Lon is at the front door. It is snowing, it is one of the prettier places I have ever been!

This is from the *side* yard.

Makin tracks.

It is cold up in the mountains!

Time to go in Mom!

Thus ends our first day in Montana. We had dinner, and the rest of our party came in about 2am. (Delta is not on our happy list!)