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Monday, September 28, 2015

September Pack Meeting

Tonight was pack !
The pledge

After a talk about Popcorn, it was time for games. Lon was the first one out the door!

After pack, it's ice cream time!

We introduced the Yis to ice cream after pack!

We love cub scouts!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Boeing IT Picnic

Today was the Boeing IT picnic.  They changed the venue to the Citadel Beach Club. What a wonderful place!
We had to sign in and get name tags. They wanted to know how many of the team showed up. Which is good to know.

A candy buffet? How amazing is this?! I let Lon get one bag of candy. They had little bags and twist ties at the end of the table.

Dad was getting in on the candy action too

The view from the beach club.  The tents are all games. The adults could play too.

He got it in the pink bucket!  He is getting better at this stuff!

He did not do so well at this one.

Still loves the bounce house

They had a photo booth set up !
It was fun being serious in a goofy hats, then being super goofy in our goofy hats

Overloading the dessert buffet!   Lon looks so silly because he has an ice cube in his mouth.

We could not go to a beach club without going to the beach!

Isle of Palms is so pretty

The Citadel Beach Club


Lon loves being in the ocean

 He was having so much fun out there

Walking back up to the beach club, I noticed this hole. I wonder what lives in there. I did not put my hand in there to find out. It's still a mystery

Beach grasses

Sadly it was time to leave. It was a fun day, the rain held off
On the way home we raced the big plane. He won.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Octoberfest and Grand Openings

Lon left the Vietnamese feast early, he was exhausted.  I had to go with him. He took a little power nap and felt much better.
We had a little time to kill before church tonight so we went down to Hutchison Square in downtown Summerville.  Rotary was putting on an Octoberfest. In September.

A pumpkin patch we should check out!

The latest grocery store to come to Summerville. We got some popcorn samples, and a coupon for 5 dollars off of 35, not that we were going to need it.
Spin the wheel for candy!  What ever number you land on is the number of pieces of candy you get!  Lon landed on 6.

Face in the hole.

It was fun seeing people we knew,
 There was a contest to see who could hold up two pitchers full of water while standing on one leg. The lady who won made it look easy.
It was time to head off to church.

After Mass we went to check out the grand openings of Petco and Earth Fare.

Lon is still trying to get another cat.  Probably won't happen.

Lon found the Star Wars displays. These are dog toys.  This does not deter Lon, he wants to get the extra small dog costumes for the cats. He wants to get an R2D2 costume for Ranger and maybe a Vader costume for Scout, or maybe a Luke.   So many to chose from, but Ranger is R2.  That is not changing.

We left the store without the costumes, but we did get the cats a new scratching post.  (the liked it)

Right next door is the new Earth Fare Store. It is a small store and even at 7pm, it was crowded. Could not imagine what it was like on opening day in the morning!

First thing I saw!  The best cheese EVER!

Lon checking out the bulk food wall. He was really interested in the make your own fresh peanut butter machine.  There are dispensers for honey, agave, and maple syrup too!

The Candy Corn popcorn we tried at the Octoberfest was in this display.  I put some of that in the cart.  Lon wanted more candy. We said no.

Dragging Lon away from the baked goods display. They have French macaroons. Lon still loves those!  They will let you sample them too.

Lon informed us that we had skipped dinner and he was getting hungry.

They still had some pizza by the slice. It was huge!
It is a good little store, there are things we will shop for, but we won't be doing all our grocery shopping there.

and yes, we used that 5 dollar coupon.

Vietnamese Feast!

This afternoon we were honored to be invited to An and Judy's for an amazing Vietnamese feast!  Mark took me out once for Pho and I thought I did not like it, but the pho that Judy made was amazingly good!
She made each bowl individually.

Mark and I both enjoyed the pho. We also made spring rolls with rice wraps. Judy made a wonderful peanut sauce!

We ate these fruits. They have a hard skin and they have funky hair like things on them.
They were really good. They tasted like a cross between a pear and a grape.
I think they are called Rambutan.  I will look for these in the store.

Theresa being goofy.  We had flan for dessert.

No, Lon did not eat the Vietnamese food. Judy and An made pizza for the kids.

It was a wonderful feast. We enjoyed the food very much!
Thank you !

Popcorn Show and Sell

Today was Lon's first show and sell at Harris Teeter.  A show and sell is where the boys are at the entrance to the store, trying to get popcorn sales. Not blocking the door.

There were 6 other boys there this morning.

They had lots of fun

The boys would also ask if people needed help out with their groceries, even if they did not buy popcorn. Some people said yes.  You can barely see Lon in the picture, but he was there, helping!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kayla's Birthday Party

We had Kayla's birthday party at our house ! It was a lot of fun.

 Mark got out the chopsticks, since we had sushi, fried rice and egg rolls to eat! Chelsea really wanted to learn how to use them. She is doing a pretty good job with that potato chip ! She impaled her strawberries.

The Pink Creeper Cake!

Spoon and Egg game. These were plastic eggs with a little weight inside them to make them a bit more wobbly.

They are having fun

Cake time!

Then everyone went outside for some water balloon fun!

Back inside, Scout was being such a good cat.  He let the little girls pet him and pick him up.   He did not complain, not even when one of the girls found a cat brush and brushed him!

It was a fun party.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Movie Night at St. Theresa's

Tonight's movie was Mulan! I love Mulan.  I am still trying to figure out why there is such a small turnout.  It is really fun.

Not the best photo of Lon, but it was the only one I took during the movie. We had popcorn and pops. I made s'mores bars for everyone!  There were not any left of those !

After the movie, we went to the Tastee Freeze.

Mark being goofy when Lon is not watching

Back to being not so goofy.

It was a fun evening.