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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Camo Cake!

I made a camouflage cake. Inside and out. I promised I would share how it was done. Here goes.

First make two batters, one chocolate and one vanilla
divide the vanilla into two bowls, tint one yellow/tan keep it very light, the other green. You could divide it out further but I wanted to try simple first.

 Now you have three bowls of batter

I did not get a chance to take a photo of me plopping batter into the pan. I added the chocolate corner, just a cup, then added the tan next to it, just a little, and I filled the bottom of the pan, just a little at a time, then I built up those colors if they over lapped a little on top it was not a big deal.

I baked it according to the directions of my recipe. Came out great

Then I did a crumb coat of tan.

I drew a random pattern on the edge of the crumb coat, and filled it in with light brown, dark brown and two shades of green.  I smoothed it out with parchment paper.

I added the edges to make it look finished. I put the soldiers on the top, and then sprinkled graham cracker crumbs in top to make it looks sandy

I did not get a chance to take a photo of the inside but it turned out camo!

I am proud of this cake!

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