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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Boeing IT Picnic

Today was the Boeing IT picnic.  They changed the venue to the Citadel Beach Club. What a wonderful place!
We had to sign in and get name tags. They wanted to know how many of the team showed up. Which is good to know.

A candy buffet? How amazing is this?! I let Lon get one bag of candy. They had little bags and twist ties at the end of the table.

Dad was getting in on the candy action too

The view from the beach club.  The tents are all games. The adults could play too.

He got it in the pink bucket!  He is getting better at this stuff!

He did not do so well at this one.

Still loves the bounce house

They had a photo booth set up !
It was fun being serious in a goofy hats, then being super goofy in our goofy hats

Overloading the dessert buffet!   Lon looks so silly because he has an ice cube in his mouth.

We could not go to a beach club without going to the beach!

Isle of Palms is so pretty

The Citadel Beach Club


Lon loves being in the ocean

 He was having so much fun out there

Walking back up to the beach club, I noticed this hole. I wonder what lives in there. I did not put my hand in there to find out. It's still a mystery

Beach grasses

Sadly it was time to leave. It was a fun day, the rain held off
On the way home we raced the big plane. He won.

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