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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not really an update, yet

Due to some technical difficulties, I am unable to post a blog while it is happening! We are having a grand time at the beach, the Rocky Hill State Dinosaur Park, various parks, dinners, lunches, an amazing amount of fun is being had on our stay in Connecticut and we have yet to make it to the seaport or New Hampshire. I have all the phots safely on my camera and I will download and blog as soon as I can!
Thanks for you patience!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Evergreen State Fair, Part 2

Thursday, the 3rd of September, Lon and I went back to the Evergreen State Fair. Miss Sarah joined us. It was very fun.
This food booth is just wrong. Fried twinkies, redneck sushi - it's a bit of pork barbeque wrapped in rice and deep fried. ew. ew. ew.
Grange displays. We love those
They had a bird show, to me it was reminiscent of the shows they used to have at Busch Gardens in Florida. The show was put on by Jack FM, so we stopped by the booth to see what they had. They gave Lon a cute picture book. A real bound book, not a pamphlet. It is called Micheal Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug. It is cute, the illustrations are bright and colorful.
In the tractor area, they had some other fun things. Like wheat grinding. Lon had fun with that. I can imagine that if you had to do that every time you wanted bread, and for a long time, it would get old very fast!
Did you really think I was going to have a Fair blog without something about goats?
Ice cream face plant!
mmmm Ice Cream!
Lon's favorite game! He played alot. It was great fun.
Petting Ben the donkey.
I think the pigskin in with the piglets is a bit odd.
The last photo of our Fair adventure. It was a fun day. We had a great time. Next year we will have even more fun!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Evergreen State Fair!

Sunday, the 30th of August, we went to the Evergreen State Fair. The first booth we saw was the KIRO TV 7 booth. Have your photo taken with an on air personality. Lon thought it might be fun, so he did. Everyone liked his Scooby-Doo shirt. He would tell everyone who said they liked it, my mommy made it cause she loves me. Is he not the sweetest boy in the world?
I like carousels. The cat is wonderful
Fall displays...
There was not a sign that said do not get on the cow. I think they put up one later
Lon likes the put your head in for photo things
Lon rides the ponies again. Where he got the hat, I have no clue. When he got off the pony he was no longer wearing it. His pony this year was named Honey.
Lon loves riding the pony. If they would have let him, he probably would have rode all morning
Watching the chainsaw carvers
And the logging show. They had ax throwing, log rolling, the whole nine yards
Roast Corn!
The most photographed babies at the fair. Everyone was taking LOTS of pictures They were highly entertaining. The white one wanted up on the platform, the black one was the king of the platform and kept butting the white one off. But the white one kept trying.

Goat baby stepping on the mommy goat
I could not resist one more photo of a goat.
On the top of Lon's fair favorites is riding the pedal tractors. He loves riding them! I entered him to win his own farm-all pedal tractor, so keep good thoughts!
Talking to the cows. Another fair favorite. He met a cow named Princess, a black Angus, and still talks about what a good cow Princess is.
This game Lon plays for as long as we let him. Get a basket, gather an egg, milk the cow, pick an apple, dig a potato, and then sort out the items in your basket, put basket away and go on the the petting zoo. Lon kept doing it over and over again. It was so much fun for him.
He names the cow Princess. I did not try to explain the differences in the cows.
Finally on to the petting farm. The piglets were eating shoes.

Sheep are soft and kinda lotion-y feeling
Petting piglets. I have no clue on why this photo is turned wrong. I had deleted it and added it again, but to no avail.
The hammer. It got just a touch smaller than I remember
More rides!
We got Lon enough tickets to ride 4 rides.
The pirate on stilts. Very fun.
Patting Daddy's head.
End of the day at the Fair. Lon is tired, but he did not want to leave. He wanted to stay longer. It was time to go, Mommy and Daddy were exhausted. I was surprised that Lon did not fall asleep on the way home, but he was awake till his normal bedtime. The Evergreen State Fair was a very fun family time!

Mom and Dad's Birthday Party

August 29th we had our birthday party! It turned out to be a gorgeous day, we had lots of wonderful people over. It was very fun and I only took 3 pictures. This is it!
The spread, plus barbecued ribs and grilled teryaki chicken. Mark had his spicey cake and I made a key lime raspberry cheesecake for my cake. It was all yummy!
Kids playing inside, they were mainly outside. The cars were inside and I was not letting the cars go out into the sandbox
Brian was just waking up. He got into the thick of it soon after this picture.
Everyone had fun, everyone ate well. It was a good day.

Amusing Myself at the Bank

Friday, the 28th we had to go do some paperwork at the bank. Lon was more than bored. Lon found my camera in my purse. These are the highlight photos of the 87 he took.
Guess whose foot?
Imagine, a tree at the bank!

Love that cute little face!
ooh samples..

I am so bored. Get me out of here, Mom! Pleasepleaseplease.
Next time, we bring a car to play with.