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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Happy Birthday !!

Today was our neighbor's birthday party!  It was at Monkey Joes. We had never been there.  It was like Jump Planet, but Jump Planet in Bothell is still the best bouncey house place EVER.
The cake I made for his birthday
It was the first time I played with fondant.

Waiting for the party to start
Mark made sure his cup was always just going to be his
Happy Birthday Boy
Inside a bouncey house
Tired Boys.  Lon had a sleepover the night before and was exhausted!
Playing with a mask while he is waiting for cake
Birthday boy and sister
cake time!
then there were presents too!

There was more bounce time but Lon decided he was very tired and wanted to go home.
It was wonderful fun !

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sweet Tea Festival

Today was Third Thursday. It was the Sweet Tea Festival!
At this tent you bought a mason jar glass for 5 dollars. It was refillable all evening with as much sweet tea as you could drink !  There were many booths set up with nibbles and tea.
My favorite tea was from Oscars. It was peach, mango and pineapple. Not too sweet, very nice!
This poor lady dressed as a grape must have been roasting! She was handing out samples of chocolate dipped fruit from Edible arrangements.  She must not have noticed how many times she offered me fruit, I had a strawberry, two apple slices, pineapple (shaped like a star!) and a strawberry. Lon had half the strawberry!
Waiting for the pizza to arrive from Famularis.
We watched some of the artists on short central.
Watched the trains go round the track! Always fun
We stopped for dinner at Zest.  It was not bad. Lon ate panko crusted chicken tenders, even after pizza.  Mark had a burger, it was National Cheeseburger Day after all. I had shrimp tacos!  with a pineapple salsa! They were good.  The service was good, but very slow getting our food out. It was slammin busy!
Beauty shot of our little town
Puppies were everywhere! We got to pet lots of puppies and it was wonderful!
We stopped by the pharmacy. Guerin's pharmacy is the oldest operating pharmacy in South Carolina. They have ice cream, and hot dogs too.   Lon of course got some mint chip! He ate all that too!
On our way back to the car, the train was coming through town!  Lon was nervous that I would not get off the tracks in time, but of course I did.
I had moved off the tracks now and we stood by the tracks and watched it go by.
Fast moving train! Lon was a bit nervous at first when we told him we were going to watch the train go by. After it was gone, it was AWESOME!
 We stopped by a bakery called McKenzies. What a nice place! Lon got a brownie.   I will be back to that bakery.
The best part about tonight was we saw people we knew! That made it so much more fun !