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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

The weather finally is cooling down, it was in the mid 70s today! Lon was not going to roast in his costume!
Lon is showing off his new shirt!  His semi secret pen pal sent it to him!
Our front door
The annual picture with the great pumpkin!
and with the black cat. This costume and the cat reminds me of How to Train Your Dragon.
Lon and his Long Boat!
Ready to go and fill the wagon!
The most adorable wonder woman!

Then it got very busy and I did not have time for pictures of the great costumes.
We had about 130 trick or treaters who came to the door!

Lon's candy!

Our house at night.  We put lights on the tie downs this year so kids could not trip on them.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Preview

The costume was posted yesterday, today we worked on the wagon.  It needed to look like a long boat.  Hopefully we have made something close

I have yet to figure out how to draw on the sea serpent head on the bow sprit. I am working on it! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cub Scout Halloween

Tonight was the cub scout halloween meeting!
Lon wanted to wear his viking costume.
we made it together.  The boots are his muck boots with
the fake fur hot glued onto them. This was a shake down to see how is costume would wear
We have to fix the belt
watching the Tigers earn their badges!

games! How fast can the scouts wrap one of their own in toilet paper! Lon's team came in first, with the fastest time, but team two won with the second fastest time but the neatest wrap.
Pretzel on a string. A little faster than apples on the string.
Lon won his round of the pretzel eating!

Fun night with the cub scouts!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scarecrows on the Square

Since we missed seeing the Scarecrows on the Square last night, we went today! We went to church and then to Italy for their Sunday Buffet.  It was wonderful!   Salad, meatballs, tortellini alfredo with shrimp,  chicken parmesan, and lasagna.
Then we really needed the walk around the square!
All the information you need to know about this event!

Mark and Lon walking to see the displays
I am not going to post a picture of every scarecrow. There are a LOT of them!!

This one actually says Photo Op!

I like the pants coming out of his head
Some of the displays were very fun
Face in the Hole!
Testing if the tin cans and string actually work!
It does!
Lon's new dentist had a display!
Another face in the hole !! We have to come up with a new name for those
Lon was not sure about the ultra sound display.
He did not understand what they were doing.
Not sure they even did the trick or treat for unicef anymore!
Pretty cool
He gave it a good try!
It was a fun afternoon downtown!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ghost Walk and Harvest Moon Festival

Tonight was the Ghost Walk and Harvest Moon Festival in downtown Summerville.  I am not sure how we missed it last year!
Jack was able to come with us!
The first thing we did was the Ghost Walk. We did the G rated version, since Mom scares easily.
Train stories were told!
A great story teller.  The boys were paying close attention!
Another stop, another story!
These kids were great, they told three stories. They were adorable
The last stop was fairy stories.  She was great, we saw her on out way home. The crown and the wing had lights in therm

Waiting for the hay ride!
On the hayride! It was fun.
Hay! With Prizes buried in it!
So much Fun!
Jack's prize.
We got some pizza and the boys started dancing in the street.
Jack can really dance!

We then went and played a lot of the games, met up with some friends and did some more dancing
We even saw Lon's lego robotics teacher! It was nice to chat with him for  a bit.
We had a great evening!


Today was a scrimmage for the Spanndroids.  That is the Lego Robotic league at Spann. Lon had to apply an be chosen to join. They take 20 students from the fourth and fifth grade.  Lon is loving it. Every Thursday after school, the club meets till 4:30. There is one scrimmage a month, getting ready to compete against other schools.
Lon is programming the Mindstorm robot they built today.
Showing off the robot
Going through it's paces

The parents were only invited to the last half hour.
It was fun watching him do his thing with Legos.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Middleton on a Day Off

I think we already used the title Middleton on Monday!  We had an in service day at school today, we thought we would go to Middleton. We needed to renew our membership!
He is much happier than he looks

Looking for turtles!

He is beautiful

No fun critters in the Spring House, but we have to look every time!
the only alligator we saw today!

we had fun in the stable yards.
The carpenter was there, the potter and the weaver.  We, of course, talked to all of them!
I was wondering why we did not see the peacocks around the grounds
Mary, one of the three cats, the other two are Arthur and Henry. Arthur was in the indigo and Henry was hiding. Henry is not as social as the other two.  I did get a picture of Arthur in the Indigo, but it was a very busy picture that was just too hard to look at.
Our Friend, the cashmere goat.
The goat wanted to eat the rice that Lon gathered.
Lon was not wanting to share it!
We had a fun  morning walking around Middleton.
Looking forward to going back!