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Monday, October 20, 2014

Middleton on a Day Off

I think we already used the title Middleton on Monday!  We had an in service day at school today, we thought we would go to Middleton. We needed to renew our membership!
He is much happier than he looks

Looking for turtles!

He is beautiful

No fun critters in the Spring House, but we have to look every time!
the only alligator we saw today!

we had fun in the stable yards.
The carpenter was there, the potter and the weaver.  We, of course, talked to all of them!
I was wondering why we did not see the peacocks around the grounds
Mary, one of the three cats, the other two are Arthur and Henry. Arthur was in the indigo and Henry was hiding. Henry is not as social as the other two.  I did get a picture of Arthur in the Indigo, but it was a very busy picture that was just too hard to look at.
Our Friend, the cashmere goat.
The goat wanted to eat the rice that Lon gathered.
Lon was not wanting to share it!
We had a fun  morning walking around Middleton.
Looking forward to going back!

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