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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Fun at Home Depot

This morning I helped a neighbor get some bookcases at Home Depot.  When we pulled into the parking lot there were fire trucks, balloons, pallets of plywood for work stations, lots of booths set up.  I knew I had to bring Lon back for this!
We brought Jack with us too!
After getting their aprons, they got their kits. The build this morning was an ambulance!  This was why all the fire engines, ambulances and police cars were there!
The boys built their ambulances mainly by themselves. I had to fix some bent nails or start a nail, but not too often. They had a great time with this.
There was some one handing out cups of treats, a big plastic cup with candy, stickers or tattoos in it.  When they got done with their ambulance, they got their certificate and pin.  Lon saw one kid with an entire apron covered in pins.  This is something he wants to do, the first saturday of every month.
Working hard at it
Putting the stickers on !
Then it was bouncey house time!
Checking out the fire engine
Lon realized that he had grown too big for the jr fire hats and gave his back.  He also noticed that some kids were taking 4 or more hats and wearing them at the same time. He did not think this was cool.

Checking out another engine

Checking out the back of the ambulance.
After playing the games, the pyramid was for target practice, the boys went and got a hot dog

What a fun way to spend the morning.
The boys had a great time!

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