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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

How We Got A Kitten

Monday was a cub scout den meeting!
Our activity for den was soccer!
We had a little difficulty figuring out who was on what team!
The boys went to shirts and skins. Only those boys who wanted to take off their shirts did,
There was no clear winner, but the boys had a great time

While they were playing, I saw something move in the open shed beside the boys
We found an abandoned kitten!
The kitten was staying where we could not reach him.
I went back with Lon the next afternoon, but no luck. We saw him and fed him but he would not let us get close enough to catch him.

We went back on Wednesday after school, with some more food.
Finally, I was able to grab a hold of him.
We went to Pet Smart. I knew they had a vet on duty and took walk ins. And we could get a carrier, food and a litter box there.
They told us he was a boy, he did not have worms, ear mites, or lukemia, or feline aids. All good things to know.
He is 12 weeks old  and probably had not been outside too terribly long.
He does have some fleas, but otherwise, he is healthy.

We brought him home and gave him a bath.
He did not move from my arms for a couple hours.
After bath picture
Sleepy boy.
He has had some food and a nap. He is now exploring his new domain.
Lon wants to call him bunches, but we are still open to another name.

Yes, Mark knew all about this from Monday night. This was not a surprise.

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